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Comics This is what really happens when Superman fights Thor and Hulk

Take on but not beat:cwink:
I respect you and your opinion but i dont think we will ever agree on this:cwink:
You know, in reference to Superman's superior speed, the old Thor comics did describe him as being able to "move as fast as lighting"

Though since the present comics don't describe this, it seems that Thor has since lost this ability.
Why not? Thor has fought and defeated things that would give several groups of heroes ample threat.
So has superman:cwink:
As for the old thor speed thing well at one time supes could juggle planets untill they depowered him quite a bit:yay:
So has superman:cwink:

Not on the same level that Thor has. Way I see it, the two are more or less equal in alot of areas, having advantages and disadvantages in different areas. A fight could go either way.
Ok ill agree that it could go either way depending what factors were added to the mix:cwink:
Imperiex, doomsday and the hordes of apocalypse are no push overs so i think superman has faced just as great a challenge as thor over the years :yay:

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