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Still A ThorFan

Aug 3, 2004
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I'm very bored so I decided to share with you a timeline regarding the progress, or lack their of, on the possible film on my beloved Thor. In case you're curious these are bits and pieces I collected from articles on other websites, with the exception of the first bit. I remember watching an interview with Stan Lee when he mentioned he tried to do a Thor film with Raimi, I just can't remember where.

1. Between 1998 and 2000 Stan Lee and director Sam Raimi (Spider-Man) worked on a possible Thor movie with the script written by Ron Friedman. It never happened, but script is out on the net.

2. In 2000 Avi Arad shot down rumors of a Thor movie being written by Walt Simonson and staring Kurt Russell as Thor. He said “If you give us 400 million then we’ll be very happy to do it. Right now we are a few years away.”

3. Also in 2000 Artistan had bought the rights to Thor and planned a possible TV show on UPN staring Tyler Mane, it would never be.

4. Around the same time frame a reporter asked Marvel comics Kevin Feige and Bill Rosemann about Thor and they said the following; Kevin Feige , “We would love to do a Thor move one day.” Bill Rosemann, “By Odin’s bristling beard a Thor movie would make the very heavens rumble!”

5. On December 11th, 2004 at the Blade Trinity premier Avi Arad announces that Thor is currently being written by Blade Trinity writer/director David Goyer.

6. January 21st 2005 Sony announces it is doing Thor, but David Goyer is not attached to the project, but he wants to be.

7. March 1st 2005: Avi announces on a stock report that a deal is just about done with Thor, and is considered a very big character yet to be touched.

8. March 20th 2005: Duringo some conference the IESB asked Avi Arad about the Thor project that was rumored to be in the works. He replied that David Goyer would be writing and directing. He also mentioned that the Thor film would be epic in scale and comparable to a Lord of the Rings film. A few days later, David Goyer at the LA Comic Book and Sci-fi convention was asked about Thor. He was surprised to hear that Avi Arad had already mentioned him as the writer/director and even sounded doubtful about his involvement.

9. May 2005: Avi Arad at a press conference says "Development is that Goyer is still involved and it is still probably the biggest saga out there and it will take time to develop it and right now we are in the stage of writing more of a Lord of the Rings style of film in between Goyer directing but we are in aggressive development on Thor."

10. June 2005: Goyer says he has no time to write Thor. “No way.”

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