Top 5 Linebackers in The Game?


May 26, 2012
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Who ya got? Within the last year, who would you say are the top five linebackers currently in the NFL?

Here are mine?

5) Clay Matthews, Green Bay

The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree (his dad played at USC and for the Browns). Clay is a pass rushing monster and has been known to pick a pass or two in coverage, while slicing and dicing through the line for some tackles for losses. Future hall of famer.

4) DeMarcus Ware, Dallas

Dude is a genetic freak. 6'5", 265 and can run like a gazelle. The guy is a force as a pass rusher, and also covers and plays the run well. He is Dallas' defensive star.

3) Lance Briggs, Chicago. A beast and contrary to popular belief, he Chicago's best linebacker. He does everything very well and is very smart.

2) Terrel Suggs, Baltimore. His abscense is being felt by the Ravens right now, particularly in the pass rush. He is force to be reckoned with on every play, particularly on passing downs.

1) Patrick Willis, San Francisco. The quintessential linebacker in the NFL right now. Agile. Mobile. Hostile. He is strong and fast. Can chase down any ball carrier and when he gets there, he gets there with a lot of hostility. He is the games best. He flys to the ball carrier. He covers well. He blitzes well. He tackles well. Numero Uno.

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