Top fights in the DCU: By character

Batman vs. Joker in Killing Joke: A lot less one-sided than the beatdown in Hush, and a lot more poignant in my opinion. Plus, seeing Batman and Joker laughing their butts off in the end is just creepy to me.
The Golden Age Heroes vs. Hitler (The Golden Age Mini)

The Flash (Wally) vs. Zoom Rounds 1 & 2

Superboy vs. Superboy Prime Round 2

Superman vs. Doomsday Round 1

Superman vs. Darkseid from the animated series.
Wonder Woman vs. Superman in Sacrifice..
Superman vs. Doomsday...
Superman vs Batman-Sacrifice
Superman vs Batman-Hush - I picked the first two because it shows that Miller is full of it and Batman can not defeat Superman and told himself that

Superman vs Cap. Marvel - Kingdom Come
Superman vs Doomsday - Death of Superman
Darkseid vs Superboy and the Legion - The great darkness saga
TheCorpulent1 said:
Just because she's Asian doesn't mean she knows about DBZ paraphernalia. Bigot. :o
Superman v. Doomsday- I think this one really set the bar for the "all out, winner take all, to the death" fight. no comic had ever really depicted such a fight before and few have ever managed to match it since. just looking at those panels you really got a feel for the power in every blow.

along the same lines, the beatdown omni-man put on invincible came pretty close to demonstrating that kind of power. sure its image, but its better than most of the books out there.
Spectre722 said:
Superman v. Doomsday- I think this one really set the bar for the "all out, winner take all, to the death" fight. no comic had ever really depicted such a fight before and few have ever managed to match it since. just looking at those panels you really got a feel for the power in every blow.

I agree. To me, that was really the last time Superman felt inspiring. Actually, I take that back, when Superman took on Asmodel in JLA. That was serious.
I think the fight with Doomsday would have been much better if Doomsday killed some of the (then) JLA during it instead of putting them in a comma. Though if you remember FFAF#0 what Booster Gold said at the end has come true.
Okay, I know I'm a bit biased, but I have to say:

The Question VS. The Riddler. One of the best comic fights I've ever read. Want to know why? Neither combatant threw a single punch. It was entirely a game of wits. The two basically got into a "riddle off," and Q overwhelmed The Riddler with all sorts of Eastern and Nietzchien philosophy until The Riddler got freaked out and gave up. It was sweet.
thats a ***** fight..

wits are good in real life when you dont want to get your ass kicked, in comics, i wanna see blood :(
CM and Hawkman vs. Bats n' Supes.
Seriously, as much as I love Superman and Batman, I also kind of hate them. It's great to see SOMEONE can top them.

Batman vs. The Mutant Leader- You know damn well what I'm talking about. Unless of course you're dense, or ******ed.
i really sorta sometimes hate Batman, because cool as he is, he isn't rlatable at all. DKR remedies that in a pinch. The guy is, well, totally bat**** insane, and it's great.

"This isn't a mud hole... it's an operating table."
biggest letdown fight of all time...

Superman vs. Earth 2 Superman
Connor Hawke vs of the best scenes out of GA, hands down, and one of the best showdowns ever.

Batman vs. Superman in Hush...this pair is completely overdone to all hell, but I have to admit I really liked this fight. It didn't make either character look like a complete idiot and instead brought out the best qualities of the two.

Wonder Woman vs. Briareos...pretty much my favorite fight in the series. I mean, damn, chopping off heads and fingers and s**t.

Wonder Woman vs. Medousa...just a tiny bit less badass than the one above, imo.

Wonder Woman vs. Rama...came at a time in the series when everything was kinda boring and the character didn't feel like the character...but her praying to her gods to channel the Godwave through her was a neat new trick and resulted in much badassery.

JSA and JLA vs. Johnny Sorrow and Despero in "Virtue and Vice."

Green Lanterns vs. Parallax in "Rebirth"

Teen Titans vs. Dr. Light

Many, many more that I don't have time to think of right now.
The Spectre (Hal Jordan) VS. Paralax (Hal Jordan): Here's the deal. When The Joker commited another major crime, Hal finally thought to himself: "I'm the angel of vengance. Why is this guy still alive?" So, he reached into The Joker's head and tried to shut off his brain. However, he wasn't prepared for how utterly warped The Joker's mind was, and was sent reeling in pain and confusion all the way to the moon. There, he vomited. And that vomit grew into a very insane and somewhat Joker like clone that was the spitting image of Hal as Paralax. This was all of Hal's darker thoughts, negativity, anger, psychosis, and basically all of the things he pushed to the back of his mind after he became the Spectre incarnate. Paralax was back, baby. And he was going to paint the town red. What insued was a cosmic battle across the heavens. It was ****ing cool.
was that real or was that something you made up?
Superman vs. Captain Marvel ! Greatest comic matchup ever! Of course most of there epic battles were Pre-Crisis! Man, if you get the chance check out the Crisis on Multiple Earths trades; Supes and Cap battle is amazing!
titans and outsiders vs bald conner and brainiac indigo
Merlyn, the Monocle, and Deadshot vs Green Arrow, Hawkman, Flash, Superman and Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) in Identity Crisis.

Also from Identity Crisis: Jack Drake vs Captain Boomerang

JLA vs Avengers

Superman vs Earth 2 Superman

Bane vs Batman (issue 497 I believe)

Bane vs Azrael Batman (issue 500, I'm sure on this one)
Jim Gordon vs. Flass: First you see Gordon get the living **** stomped out of him, and then he comes back and utterly owns Flass. One of the many reasons that I loved Batman Year One.
Assassin said:
where did this happen?

It was in Hal Jordan's 2001-2003 Spectre series, by J.m DeMatteis, with art by Ryan Sook. I literally have the book sitting in my closet right now. I didn't really read it, since someone subbed for Sook, and I didn't like the art.

Speaking of Merlyn and the Monocle and whatnot, way to go DC. The Monocle could have been developed a little more before Manhunter killed him. why does she only kill cool villains? She's like Bizarro-Scourge of the underworld. Also killed Dr. Moon. Dammit.
"biggest letdown fight of all time...

Superman vs. Earth 2 Superman"

IMO only if you didn't read "This is your life Superman!" The IC fight was greatly abridged, the other wasn't.
Teen Titans versus Dr. Light, And Titans Versus the JLA

And Deathstroke Versus The JLA in Identity Crisis

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