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Apr 17, 2008
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NYCC 2012: Transformers Universe trailer unveiled

(3 hours ago)
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Jagex has been keeping details about the upcoming Transformers Universe MMO on the down low until today, when the Jagex team took advantage of NYCC to release the game's first official trailer.

Transformers Universe will be free-to-play with microtransaction support. Jagex has announced plans to keep the game running for at least 10 years, allowing for exploration to take players to the stars -- even to Cybertron itself.

Skip below the cut to feast your eyes upon the glory of Transformers Universe!

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Transformers Universe now accepting beta sign-ups

(5 hours ago)
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If you've always wanted to turn into your favorite evil or heroic robot and destroy or save the universe, your time is now! Transformers Universe has just begun accepting sign-ups for beta testing. To register, head on over to the official website and choose your allegiance.

Transformers Universe is a free-to-play title by Jagex that's aiming for a browser client release. Players will duke it out as Autobots and Decepticons. While Earth is going to be the original battleground, the game will eventually expand to the stars and beyond.

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More coverage: Official site
Transformers Universe: we get some prime time with the robo-MMO


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PC Gamer at 06:00pm December 26 2012
A new Transformers war is dawning. A new struggle between good and evil. And this time it’s a conflict that once started, can never end – or at least, not until the servers close.
Jagex Games Studio are no strangers to long-running epic battles, having run the online RPG RuneScape since way back in 2001. Now they’re set to launch their second large-scale MMO. Transformers Universe describes the face-off between altruistic Autobots and sneering, pantomime villain Decepticons. It might be based on a toy property, and it might be a free-to-play browser game, but it isn’t just for kids.

source: Pc gamer
Quite interested in this...any update on release?
The graphics are nice, and I am a TF fan. I'm just not sure how I feel about it being browser based. Being that it's free to play, it won't hurt to try it out to see the end product though. Also not sure how I feel about it mainly being PVP. I do like PVP in MMO's, but I also like PVE. From what I've read, this is mainly revolving around fighting other players, and not NPC's.

Also curious on the customization. As a Gameinformer article said you can collect models to play as. Like, you have a stable of playable characters, and can collect new ones to play as. I wonder if that hurts customization, or if we'll be able to customize those too?
I'll try and keep up with it as much as possible.
Transformers Universe launch window narrowed to fall 2013

(3 hours ago)
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Love MMOs but disappointed your wizard or elf or whatever can't turn into a car or tank? If your answer is, "Yes, I am absolutely tired of my characters not turning into vehicles," Transformers Universe might be the game you've been waiting for.

The browser-based title, developed by Jagex with a little help from Hasbro Gaming, is currently slated for release in 2013. And while we still have no official launch date, comments by the Hasbro brand team at this year's Botcon 2013 have narrowed the release window down just a touch, confirming that the game is due this fall.

Jagex has kept the game mostly under lock and key, but you can catch a glimpse of it by registering for closed beta and hoping the key-gods show you favor.

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I had no idea this existed! Awesome looking forward to it!
Transformers Universe delivers trailer

(36 minutes ago)
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Yesterday we learned that Transformers Universe is no longer going to be an MMO, but a"MOTA" (massively online, tactical action game) instead. And delivering on CEO Mark Gerhard's promise that fans would see more about the game from here on out, Jagex has released a new trailer. Check out the action of Autobots and Decepticons battling it out in the clip below. The game, slated for release this summer, is accepting beta sign ups now.

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Meltdown and Duststorm roll out into Transformers Universe

(9 hours ago)
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The first two soldiers in Transformers Universe have been revealed, along with a glimpse of how the game will actually play. Meltdown and Duststorm are the new entrants, with Meltdown representing the Autobots and Duststorm arriving with the Decepticons.

Meltdown is a medical sort of 'bot, not dissimilar from Ratchet, sporting heavy weaponry along with a specialized repair beam for team support. He can repel enemies, fortify himself while attacking, and boost allies after a quick shot of repairs.

By contrast, Duststorm is something of a vampiric sniper. She sports long-range weapons that can leave bombs, stun targets, or tear through shields, absorbing the energy of enemies that she demolishes. In desperate situations, she can also accelerate projectiles in close-range engagements to take out approaching foes. Check out the videos for both robots just past the break, showing off their skills in action as well as a glimpse of the game's battlefields.

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Transformers Universe promises that beta is approaching

(1 day ago)
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It's been a long wait for Transformers Universe hopefuls. The game has gone from MMO to MOBA to MOTA (which is still sort of a MOBA), its release date has been pushed back, and hopeful players could be forgiven for increasingly not expecting the game to ever come out. A new post on the official site confirms, however, that the game is approaching its next beta test in the very near future.

Players who hope to be taking part in the beta are asked to fill in their computer specifications, giving the development team valuable information about the game's performance on various machines. They should also keep a close eye on their email inboxes; beta invitations will be sent out based in part upon the specifications filled in on the official site. So keep the faith, and before long you too could be swapping forms and blowing up other Transformers all over the place.


  • Transformers Universe Is A MOBA In Disguise

    on Mar 31, 2014 at 06:52 PM


    Transformers Universe isn't quite a MOBA, and it's not an MMORPG. This new trailer helps explain.
    ... more
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Transformers Universe shows off Catapult and Shellshock

(2 days ago)
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Two new warriors are being shown off by Transformers Universe today. First on the list is Catapult, an Autobot sniper with a penchant for long-ranged abilities. Catapult's core arsenal depends upon her long-range sniper rifle and electro-cloud launcher, but she also carries a shotgun for backup in close-range combat. She also heals nearby Autobots slightly each time she manages to take a Decepticon off-line, making her ranged support that much more helpful to her allies in the fray.

On the other side of the coin is Shellshock, a massive Decepticon warrior covered in heavy armor and wielding a pair of cannons and an axe. His two cannons focus on dealing shield damage or spark damage, while his axe allows him to carve up and knock down nearby enemies. Shellshock also heals nearby allies when he downs an opponent, making this behemoth a force to be reckoned with in closer engagements. To see a glimpse of both characters in action, check out the videos past the break.

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Transformers Universe offers a peek under the hood

(3 days ago)
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It's taken a long time for it to approach launch, but Transformers Universe is closer to being ready for public consumption than ever before. It's got pre-launch bonus sales in effect, it's revealing Autobots and Decepticons alike, and it's showing off its gameplay. If you're excited to see more of what's going on behind the scenes, you'll be happy to learn that the development team has offered a peek into the development with a new series dubbed "Under the Hood."

So what's in the first episode? Aside from a text-only Q&A with vice president David Nicholson, the episode looks at the Founders program, a peek at voices, and a detailed discussion of what the game will play like and where it's going in the future. That includes plenty of footage of robots turning into cars and beating the tar out of one another, for the record. Check out the video and the Q&A just past the break.Continue Reading

Transformers Universe MMO Details New Game Mode Crisis. June 23, 2014 . 3:03pm

MMO game Transformers Universe is slowly letting more information slip out via its Twitch live streams.


MMO game Transformers Universe is slowly letting more information slip out via its Twitch live streams. The latest stream showcases Crisis Mode, previously called Energon Quests. If you just want to see this in action, jump to the 12:30 mark.

Crisis Mode appears to be almost akin to player-versus-environment missions. You’ll wade through several missions during a match, pitched up against progressively more and harder foes. In the live stream, they boast that by the end, it’ll be your fielded team versus as many as 80 or more troops at once. Seeing as how the minimap just completely fills up with red during their defend portion of the stream, it appears this is no joke.

When going on such missions, it’s pretty apparent you’ll need a balanced party. While there’s no “tank” per se, there are dedicated healer Transformers that players can opt for to keep each other healthy.

Also in the stream you’ll get to see the transforming of vehicles in action. While not all the animations are done, the transformations already look pretty slick. When waiting for a match or players, the home base will also throw mini-missions which you can do to keep yourself from boredom. It’ll also earn you some extra minor Energon resources.

Transformers Universe is planned for release this summer on PC in the West.
Transformers Universe launches open beta for the 4th of July

(31 minutes ago)
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The Transformers Universe MOBA, whose first beta event kicked off last March, will formally enter open beta this weekend because nothing says Independence Day like battle robots, am I right?

The open beta weekend will be marked by a double experience event, a 24-hour livestream starting at 11 a.m. EDT on July 5th, and "$75,000 in prizes to be won."

In a press release issued today, Jagex CEO/CTO Mark Gerhard said the game had seen almost two million battle victories during the span of the closed beta.

Transformers Universe Morphs Into Open Beta This Weekend. July 3, 2014 . 3:00pm

Massively online battle arena game Transformers Universe is celebrating July 4th by heading into open beta this weekend.

Massively online battle arena game Transformers Universe is celebrating July 4th by heading into open beta this weekend.

The MOBA has both player versus environment and player-versus-player modes, and sees the Transformers face off against the Decepticons. One of the newer modes they’ve shown off recently is Crisis, which is a kind of group dungeon mode.

The game hopes to differentiate itself from other MOBA’s by sheer dint of cool factor: Every robot can transform into their vehicular counterpart and back anytime in a game. Each of the robots will also fill a niche in the game, such as healer, tanky frontliner or massive damage dealer.

Transformers Universe is on PC and headed to open beta this weekend.

[Source: Jagex press release& Siliconera]Via Massively
More coverage: Official site
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Transformers Universe : Beta Cash Prize Winners Announced

Posted Jul 18, 2014

Earlier this month, Transformers Universe celebrated a pair of open beta weekends. During each weekend, players were invited to climb to the top of the leaderboards to grab a share of the $75,000 prize pool. Today, Jagex announced the winners, each taking home $3,000, $1,500 or $500 depending on placement on the leaderboard.
We have witnessed an intense couple of weekends, with people around the world dedicating hours upon hours of gameplay to fight for their faction, and reach the top of their game.
The dust has now settled, and we can announce the winners from both the Skill Score and the Recruit-A-Friend competition.
Congratulations to all that won, and to all that participated these last two weekends. We’re extremely excited to be in Open BETA, and look forward to seeing you all in battle soon.
Skill Score – Final Result
The Skill Score competition took into account a player’s highest score throughout the duration of both Double XP weekends. We looked at the best Skill Score, and at what level they achieved it. This is to not penalize those who scored greatly in one category, and moved to a higher category afterwards. Commanders who won in more than one category will only receive the highest prize earned, and the next commander will be rewarded.
Check out the full list of winners on the Transformers Universe site.


Transformers Universe : Two New Bots Join the Fray

Posted Aug 20, 2014

Jagex has announced the arrival of two new bots in Transformers Universe. Blade wielding Macro is joined by counterpart Decepticon and very stealthy Firebreaker. According to Jagex, the game will continue to see new Transformers added over time that expand the game's diversity and the dynamics of battle.
"From Soundwave to Grimlock, Transformers has always championed diversity and we'll continue to complement this within our game. As such, the dynamics of the TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE battlefield will once again shift with the introduction of Macro and Firebreaker, thanks to their distinct combat skills and specialities. Plus, our burgeoning community has been clamoring for Macro for a while now, so it's fantastic to finally launch him into the game!" said David Nicholson, vice president of TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE.

Find out more on the Transformers Universe site.

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Transformers Universe : Wheeljack & Knock Out Confirmed as Playable Warriors

Posted Sep 08, 2014

Jagex has confirmed the next two warriors headed to Transformers Universe. According to press information, news of the inclusion of these two warriors based on characters from the TV show was leaked over night. While Jagex is willing to confirm that both Wheeljack and Knock Out are coming to TU, no further details will be released for the time being.
Mark Gerhard, Jagex CEO, said of the unscheduled reveal,"It's regrettable that such recognizable faces from Transformers lore should prematurely appear in the public domain without the rightful fanfare they deserve. On a positive note we're delighted that they're already resonating strongly with both our existing players and the wider Transformers fan-base. It's immensely encouraging to see this level of interest, especially as we look at our existing road map and the plans we have for the inclusion of many other signature favorites within the game later this year."
Find out the latest released information about the game on the Transformers Universe site.

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Transformers Universe rolls out Pandemic and Outsider

(1 day ago)
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Transformers Universe is currently attempting to make waves at Eurogamer Expo 2014 with tournaments, free play, and the addition of two new characters.

Now in the game's beta test are Pandemic and Outsider. Pandemic is a Decepticon sports car controller who has a flexible weapon set that can mess with enemies and pin them down. Outsider is an Autobot who can teleport to and from the front lines of battle as well as yank enemies around with a gravity well.

We've got the first look of these new warriors in a video after the break! Continue Reading


Transformers Universe : Jagex & Hasbro Agree to Close the Doors

Posted Dec 16, 2014

Jagex and Hasbro have agreed to shut down Transformers Universe on January 31, 2015. The closure comes about a month after Jagex announced downsizing of the development team, a fairly normal occurrence after a game is released. Jagex will focus on its existing IPs while Hasbro will pursue other game options for the Transformers IP.
"If there are any staffing issues that arise out of this additional level of restructuring, then we will discuss them with the parties concerned first and foremost," a Jagex representative said. "As ever, we will make any possible outcomes public, but only at the appropriate time."
Transformers Universe has entered a maintenance period, and will shut down for good on January 31 next year.
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