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Ultimate Marvel Your Way....

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Oct 22, 2006
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With speculation on what Ultimatum is, and what the outcome of it will have on the Ult. Universe. I thought what if it ends....so here is this thread. Lets say the Ultimate verse dies. But Marvel whats to reboot it, they come to you and ask you to lead the way, How would you do an Ultimate Marvel?

Be as detailed as you want.

I will post my ideas in another post.
I for one wouldn't have any Solo books. Only Solo Mini-series. For example, if Cap gets sent on a mission for Fury alone that would be done in a Mini-series and once it's done he be back with his Team-book Avengers.
Also everyone would age in real time.

The first book I would do is an Ultimate Invaders. I would want Adam Kubert.
It would star Steve Rogers, James Howlett, Bucky Barns, Jim Hammond(I wouldn't make him an Android, he would be a Heavy Artillery expert who favors a back pack mounted blow torch giving him the Nickname the Human Torch), and Isaiah Bradley.
The story would build the foundation for the Verse.
It would show S.H.E.I.L.D formation.
Super Solider Serum being created.
AIM would be the Villains Led by Baron Strucker.
I would also have Isaiah Bradley as a Nazi spy who under went surgery to alter his appearance, then gets the Super Solider serum, and eventually betrayed by Strucker which leaves him with a Skull like head that is coloured Red.
It would end with Bucky, and Hammond's Death, Howlett being ask to undergo an experiment. Cap being frozen.
I also throw in a cameo by a boy Erik Lensherr at a concentration camp.

Now the Ongoings would start.
Ult. Avengers would form and deal with Ult. Invaders fallout as a Terrorist emerges in modern Times calling Himself Red Skull who is Leading AIM.
Cap. America, IronMan, DareDevil, Wasp, and Giant Man would be the starting teams.
Artist for this book - A. Kubert

Ult. Fantastic Four would be about Three Teenagers who would be part of a S.H.E.I.L.D sponsored school for Gifted Minds. One Student builds plans for a teleporter which once built goes horribly wrong causing an accident that changes Three students and their two friends.
It would star Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grim with Dr. Doom as the Villian.
Artist for this book - P. Ferry

Ult. X-men would be about S.H.E.I.L.D creating a school to train super powered Humans. Xavier runs the school as he is a Genetics expert. The school mostly Houses natural Born Mutants, but allow any non-natural mutant to join. First Story would involve Xavier and Magneto's relationship, the forming of the Brotherhood.
School Staff would be Prof. Xavier, Bruce Banner, Hank McCoy, Emma Frost, Daniel Moonstar.
X-men Team - Ororo Munroe(Storm) 20yrs Old Leader, Scott Summers (Cyclops)19yrs, Jean Grey(Marvel Girl) 19yrs, Peter Parker(Spiderman) 18 yrs, Bobby Drake(Iceman) 18yrs, and Warren Worthington the III(Angel) 18yrs.
Younger Students - 17 year olds - Petr Rasputin, Kitty Pryde, Alex Summers, Lorna Dane.
16 year olds - Calvin Rankin, Sam Guthrie, Xian Coy, Roberto Da Costa.
Brotherhood - Magneto, Pyro, Blob, Mastermind, Arclight, Toad.
Artist for this book would be C. Bachalo

After the initail run I would stay on as EIC, and bring....
M. Carey to write Ult. X-Men
Brubaker to write Ult. Avengers
M. Millar to write Ult. FF4

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