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    Slowly the tide of the battle began to turn for the X-Men. The Sentinels were skilled soldiers, but, thanks in large part to Xavier's expedited training, the students were prevailing.

    Colossus roared as he charge a Sentinel head-on, ducking under a swipe of his blade, and rising up with an uppercut that sent the Sentinel flying back into the trees.

    Colossus looked around at his teammates, and saw that they were finally dispatching their foes as well. A smile crept up to the Russian's face as he began to think that they just might make it through this after all.

    Suddenly, the Sentinel's stopped their attack, as their leader barked out a command to fall back. And, as the Sentinels retreated back into the mists, Colossus breathed a sigh of relief.

    "Thank god that is over. Now, what say we press on and rescue the X-Men, yes?"
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    "'A full investigation is underway,'" Lois Lane sniffed derisively as she proofread her article on her tablet before uploading it onto the Daily Planet's news feed. "I'll be surprised if Turpin and his crew are even allowed within a hundred yards of the building, let alone find anything that could blemish the reputation of the great and powerful Lex Luthor."

    "Could be worse," whined Jimmy Olsen, beside himself. "They could get in the building and then get their camera confiscated. Again, I'm so sorry about that, Miss Lane."

    "Seriously, Jimmy, it's okay," said Lois, her politeness wearing a little thin as she accepted Jimmy Olsen's twelfth apology since leaving LexCorp.

    "No, Miss Lane, it's...it's not okay, I blew it," Jimmy insisted. "I had shots from deep in the heart of LexCorp--nobody gets pictures inside there-- pictures of Luthor and Superman staring each other down, of L-Sec teams taking Parasite into custody with gear that looked like they were planning on something like that to happen.....and then one of Lex's goons takes my camera away! Just like that, it's gone, and it's all my fault!"

    "First off, my name's Lois, not 'Miss Lane,'" Lois said. "Secondly? You're lucky that your camera was all they took from you. And third? If and when we blow the lid on LexCorp, it'll have to be for a lot more than just today's attack. Until then, we do our job and get as much truth out there as we can."

    "Getting the truth out there, huh?" said a snide voice from the next cubicle over. "Does that include the bit where you flagged down Superman and asked him on a date?"

    "An interview, Cat, not a date," Lois answered stiffly. "And yes, as a matter of fact, I did find Superman when he was unconscious. That's what makes me the best reporter this place has got-- I go where the story goes. And in Metropolis, Superman is the story."

    Cat Grant scoffed.

    "Sure thing, Lois," she said dismissively. "You managed to snag an exclusive with the guy who can bench press the Metro Tower. And I'm getting a sit-down with the former Pope!"

    Cat didn't notice Lois rolling her eyes, as she'd already gone back to her article on the Metropolis Monarchs' star pitcher coming out of the closet.

    "Whatever," she said with a hint of a sneer before looking back over at Jimmy. "Well, now that my piece is finished, I'm just about done for the day."

    "Really?" Jimmy said, his eyes brightening. "'cause if you're not doing anything, I was going to go take Clark to that new club that just opened up on Park Ridge-- y'know, Dimension 5? But he canceled on me, so I'm looking for someone else to go with...."

    Lois raised an eyebrow at Jimmy, who immediately wilted.

    "I said I was just about done for the day, not completely. I've already got a prior engagement tonight. Not that getting hit on by drunken strangers while obnoxiously loud electronic music blasts my eardrums to pieces doesn't sound like a lovely time, I'm sure."

    Jimmy hung his head in disappointment before Lois lightly slapped him on the arm.

    "Just busting your chops a little, Jimmy, lighten up," she said. "Oh, and speaking of Clark, how's our favorite farm boy doing over at the Star? He did a pretty bang-up job on the Bakerline story. Is he finally getting adjusted to life in the big city?"

    Jimmy shrugged.

    "Eh, he's doing all right, I guess," he answered. "As far as I can tell, he doesn't get out that much. That's the big reason I wanted him to come out to Dimension 5 with me: start getting social, meet some ladies, have a good time, y'know? Well, that, and to drown my sorrows about losing a thousand-dollar camera--"

    The Daily Planet newsroom collectively jumped out of their seats as a blur of blue and red swept through an open window into the room with a powerful gust of wind, scattering papers in all directions, before speeding out the same window it had come in.

    "......or not....."

    As the blue and red blur left surprise and shock in its wake, it had left something else on the desk in front of Jimmy Olsen: his prized camera, good as new.

    Lois blinked a few times, still startled, until she saw something taped to the screen of her tablet: a letter.

    Miss Lane,

    Sorry about the mess-- I don't really have another way to get in touch without being traced. Given the tragic loss of life earlier today, I don't know if a simple 'getting to know you' interview would be in the best of taste. That said, I owe people an explanation, and I know that you're the kind of reporter who will ask the hard questions. So if you're still looking for answers, don't pull any punches tonight.

    -A friend.

    Lois looked at the note incredulously, then back to Jimmy for a moment, then back to the note.

    "Have a drink on me tonight, Jimmy," she said a smile began to grow on her face. "Like I said: I've got a prior engagement."

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