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Ultron Classic or new version for an avengers movie?


Feb 11, 2003
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I want Ultron for the Avengers villian! And if they base it on the new Ultron from Mighty Avengers then it will give the movie a different kind of villian than the standard evil robot or superpowered strongman. And it would also give the movie some sex appeal, having a nude woman as the main villain.

I thought i would bring this discussion to a fresh thread.

Personally i think using the nude woman ultron is a bad idea.If that is so why not have the sinister six as hot chicks? Or why not the avengers as nude women? It is ridiculous to me.

Quick question which is more threatening looking?




The nude woman look is so unoriginal and it makes no sense for the character. How do you have a serious scene where a nude woman says she wants to destroy all imperfect organic life? A robot saying that makes sense and is threatening. A naked woman saying that is laughable and silly, i mean a naked woman is as fleshy and organic as you can get.

Besides being a woman the avengers would never be allowed to beat her up. Watch the charlies angels or lara croft movies to see what i mean. You couldn`t have cap smack her in the face with a shield could you? You`d just have a load of unrealistic martial arts and the censors would dictate that the avengers would be unable to attack her in any vicious way.

Also you could not have a nude woman in a pg-13 flick.

Also the origin would just confuse a lot of people. So Hank Pym built a robot with his brain patterns. And this robot looks and acts like a woman. Disturbing revelations about Pym`s sexuality anyone?

Classic ultron is scary and imnteresting. His belief that all fleshy organic life is inferior makes him a potent threat. He cannot be reasoned with and he will stop at nothing to kill all mankind and replace us all with souless machines. The features of his face are emotionless and lack in any hint of sympathy or compassion evoking our fears of where artificial intelligence could lead.

Mighty Avengers ultron is a stupid stunt to get pervy teens to read the title.

I personally don`t want the entire avengers franchise to be crafted simply to supply superhero porn. Which is what i think the nude female ultron would simply be.

I mean give me one good reason how nude woman ultron fulfill`s the character`s core principals more than the classic ultron. I can`t think of a single one.
Really I think Kang is a much more interesting antagonist...but if we're going to do Ultron, go classic.

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