Superman Returns USA Today on Superman Returns

Reeve was brawny and bulky in Superman III, but definately no more than Routh in Reeve's first 2 films.
NeoQuaker said:
That's a good point Buggs. Sex appeal was also a factor. And contrary to some guys' belief, most women don't like huge muscled guys.

Thats a really small minor tiny factor, the majority of viewers/enthusiatics of this film are males who just wana see it because its :supes:
Gogo Bananas said:
Meh...who cares either way. I prefer my Superman depicted as skinny anyhow, cuz really, hows a dude who can bench press a planet gonna workout enough to be buffed up? Really, his strength comes from the Sun, so it doesn't matter how muscular he is.

It works for me because kryptonians have superior genetics to us pitiful humans. Maybe having well toned muscles is the weakest a kryptonian can appear?:confused:

maybe he'd actually look something like this if he did some body building with planets or something like that.
The irony is Zod is supposed to be an uber powerful kryptonian and Terrence Stamp looked like a scrawny stick
Maybe older kryptonians show their age more than the younger ones... I wonder how old zod is.
The Incredible Hulk said:
the suit doesnt do him any justice, that high neckline and short shorts gives the visual impression of being slender. If they opened up the collar like on Reeve's suit you probably wouldnt be hearing people say things like this.

co-signed :up:

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