Venom of Carnage


Oct 21, 2014
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A fun Sat-AM 'fanfiction' of Venom: Let There Be Carnage (Tom Hardy). Happy Holidays,


Eddie Brock had become a special blood-diamond Earth-minerals mining/insurance infiltrations operationalist in the American Homeland, hiding his hideous symbiote-alien substance mutation chemical in his body that shifted him into the late-night prowling superbrute of undeniable force named Venom. This double-life seemed to be somewhat manageable, and meanwhile, Mr. Brock 'chose' to focus on this overground 'intelligence' life of gem-treasure swaps for street-insurance commentary, traveling to places like Louisiana for Mardi-Gras consumerism festivities and imagery.


VENOM: Swap the bloody stones with our glass-animals miniature figurines, Brock.
BROCK: Even while masked/operating with my water-gun filled with acid, I can hear your influence.
VENOM: Did you 'doubt' the quality of our symbiotic conscious bond (for capitalism-work), Brock?
BROCK: Let's keep this relationship our (dark) secret, for this bank-box swap-work's leviathan-chess.
VENOM: Perhaps we'll (somehow) find a 'worthy' challenger for our acquired commerce IQ society?
BROCK: Yeah (somehow).


Brock decided to lighten-up this double-life of 'James Bond' work with a careful comics-arts presentation on the Homeland cyber-highway and selected special youth-friendly doodles of great vigilante-flavor (or colored fun!) and depicted special characters with design/shape for the muscular daring he displayed while mutated into his 'alter-ego' with the talking symbiote in his brain-body (Venom) to throw vandal-cars for pure crime-world devastation. His comics vigilante avatars reflected a natural, even psychic, sense of daring-required physique (for beautiful materialism!).


VENOM: You've cast us rather nicely in these child-doodles of avatars of magic/muscle, Brock.
BROCK: Well, I've invented some new nice portraitures of 'beings' for varied companies and art-IQ!
VENOM: Seems we've become the 'being' form caricature 'pair' of storytellers in the Homeland, Brock.
BROCK: Someday, we'll part ways (and I'll be free), but yeah, these 'doodle-characters' are nicely fun.
VENOM: I've added spice to your human optimism chess-consciousness, Brock (with crayons).
BROCK: Maybe (thanx).


For every good story of 'normal' Earth action, there's that chance encounter with the force of mysterious darkness and chaos, and this came in the form of an escaped convict named Cletus Kasady who'd been kidnapped by mad-scientists who designed a special 'symbiote-like' serum to create a Homeland 'challenger' for Brock/Venom and named the abominable transformed super-villain Carnage.

CARNAGE: Wow, (Indian) luchi-bread thanksgiving-diner plate (chats), for American beauty.
SCIENTIST: When we release you to fight Venom, Cletus, you'll be our 'bread' winner.
CARNAGE: Sounds like Hell...good (for social media).


CARNAGE: Out of my way(s), Venom you toad of heavens!
VENOM: Who dares mock my work with a mutated modelization of fighting?
CARNAGE: I'm the fearful Carnage, made of synthetic magic and here to destroy you!
VENOM: I'm a combo of a good-guy and a real alien-consciousness, and you're an abomination.
CARNAGE: Hogwash; when we're through, the artists will render some avatar-hybrid in our name(s)!
VENOM: Weird...I suppose no one 'doubts' the value of American fighting/war...for materialism-IQ.
CARNAGE: Damn clarity for the 'art' of 'American' matter, eh?
VENOM: Return to Hell (someday).
CARNAGE: I'll take you with me, Venom (ha).


"Doing well is the result of doing good. That's what capitalism is all about" (Ralph Waldo Emerson).


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

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