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    Here's a trailer for a fan-fic I'll be working on coming soon:

    'Venom' Trailer:
    Eddie Brock slams washroom door shut and falls up against the wall as he begins to slide down it, jump to the same thing but when he was a kid as he places his head in his hands. Young Eddie Brock(10 years old) walks into kitchen and kneels down beside his father, honouring his mother through her picture. Eddie's father, Charles, gets back to his feet and looks up at the ceiling. Eddie looks down to the floor in depression. Eddie Brock(18 years old) looks at college from the front steps of the school. "What's your major, Mister Brock?" guidence counciler. "I was thinking athletics... if you couldn't already tell," Eddie Brock. Eddie Brock gets hit in the gut with a dodgeball and falls to the ground, then jumps to him lifting weights in the weight room. Eddie Brock watching TV when he sees a report on television, he looks in awe. "I think I want to change directions(guidence counciler grins at Eddie Brock), I think I want to pursue a path in journalism," Eddie Brock. Eddie Brock writing in a binder full of paper. Girl in Eddie's journalism class(Alicia) looks back at Eddie and winks, he winks back at her then smiles. "Herman Schultz," Schultz shakes Eddie's hand. "I saw what happened to you the other night...", symbiote grasps onto Eddie Brock's backpack from a tree. "I'd like to take back what you have in your possession". Eddie looking at the jar of symbiote. "You're not getting nothing back, it found me," Eddie Brock. Herman looks at Eddie in anger as Eddie walks away from him. Symbiote begins to climb up Eddie's jeans, "Want are you hiding from me, Eddie Brock?" Alicia. Symbiote then reaches Eddie's waist, "I finally understand(Herman working on gauntlets, picks one up and carefully examines it) why I have this... not for power... for nothing, but what I make it do," Eddie Brock. Symbiote reaches Eddie's chest. Eddie Brock compares the arm covered in symbiote to his regular arm. Symbiote crawls up Eddie's neck. Screen black; Venom screams, Venom revealed as he pulls his arms back and yells. 'There is...'; Schultz slips on mask, and activates his jet-boots. ' light...'; Venom tries to punch Schultz but he flies out of the way and winks at Venom as Venom leaps towards him and they both fly down the building and into another floor. ' be found'; Venom launches symbiote at wall and vaults himself to the other side of the building where Schultz flies towards him. Eddie and Alicia about to kiss. Venom on roof of car with Schultz on his tail, Venom turns around towards him. Schultz charges up gauntlet and is about to punch Venom in the head but Venom throws his forearm in the way of the attack but then the symbiote screams and moves away from the spot of the attack. Venom runs up along the wall towards Schultz as he turns around to notice Venom, Venom tackles him and he flips over Venom's head. Venom leaps towards Schultz but Schultz falls backwards and blasts Venom through the ceiling with the fully-charged gauntlets. Screen black, fades back; in the shadows you can see Venom's eyes glowing; the white glow grows brighter then jumps to 'Venom'. End of trailer.

    I'll be writing the fan-fic soon so stay tuned.
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    I look forward to it. :up:
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    Thanks, Mr. Wooden Alligator:yay:

    'VENOM' By: thejon93
    PART 1:
    Ambulance sirens sound, ambulance comes speed down road while trying to avoid other vehicles driving to the side of the road to make room for the ambulance while avoiding ones who didn't.

    Pregenant mother, Fritha, screams in pain as her husband, Charles, grips her hand tightly while trying to calm her down.

    It's going to be alright, hunny... it's going to be alright... - Charles

    Charles began to cry a bit and Fritha wiped away the tear from his eye, he smiled down at her.

    ...I know... - Fritha

    Ambulance driver and passenger open doors in hospital and begin to sprint Fritha down the hallway with Charles helping as she screamed even more so. Charles revolved to other opposite side of the hall to open the door to their registered room. The two ambulance drivers picked Fritha up and put her down onto the bed in the room.

    Push!... push!... - Doctor

    Fritha screamed and her heart-rate began to rise then fell to zero and she stopped screaming. Charles looked at her in awe as the heart-rate monitor made a frightening buzzing sound that rang through-out Charles's ears.

    Young Eddie Brock(10 years old) opens his eyes while lying in bed and discovers his alarm clock is ringing, Eddie reached over to turn it off and fell back into his bed and gasped.

    Charles opened Eddie's door and peered behind it at Eddie.

    Get up, get dressed - Charles

    Charles shut the door and walked down to the living room. Eddie gasps again.

    ...what's the point?... - Eddie

    Eddie picks up lunch from counter and puts it in his backpack, he quickly peers over at his father in the living room and opened the cupboard and pulled out a pudding cup and quickly slipped it into his backpack. Eddie walks towards the door while his father reads the newspaper.

    See ya, Dad... - Eddie

    You wouldn't say that unless you were up to something, or already were - Charles

    Charles pulled down his reading glasses and stared blankly at Eddie.

    You know those are for special occasions?... - Charles

    Well... it's a Friday, so I consider that the only occasion - Eddie

    Eddie opens the door.

    The least you could do is pay your respects to your mother... and maybe get a haircut - Charles

    ...maybe I should. Did you? - Eddie

    I think you know the answer to that, boy - Charles

    Yes, sir - Eddie

    Eddie sarcastically saluted his father and walked towards a table in the living room with his mother's picture sitting on top of it, he bent down and payed his respects to his mother then stood up and left the house. His father gasped as Eddie left the house.

    Eddie sat down in the back row of his class room and pulled his hair in-front of his eyes and put hands under his chin to make it look as if he was paying attention. He then noticed one of his classmates, Alicia, sat down. He pulled back his hair and she looked back at him and smiled, he winked back at her and the teacher walked in and he put his hair back over his eyes. Alicia laughed and Eddie smiled back.

    Pay attention please students... that means you as well, Eddie - Teacher

    The teacher looked at Eddie and Eddie pulled his hair back.

    That's better - Teacher

    But when I let it go(Eddie removes his hand)... it falls back down to my eyes - Eddie

    Then it's time for a hair-cut - Teacher

    You know, that's the second time I've heard that today, maybe I'll take it under consideration - Eddie

    That you should - Teacher
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    A nice little entry. Eddie is Catholic, right? I'm a Baptist myself, so I'm not familiar with that denomination's practices--Why did Eddie's father gasp as Eddie left the house? One more thing: do your damn best to make Eddie a character that we can sympathize with. Some of Eddie's dialogue with his teacher makes him come of as an ******* from the get-go.
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    That's my idea with the character but I want the audience to see that this kid is a joker himself but as he grows up he starts to matter, Eddie's father, Charles, is trying to hide his rage towards Eddie, he is angry towards his wife's death and belames Eddie for it even though he knows he shouldn't, we'll see more on that later-on. Trust me, Mr. WA, I will make Eddie a great character we can sympathize with. I've always liked the character of Venom himself but he had flaws and in this I want to try and clear them all up, I struggled upon choosing a villain for Eddie(in this case, Shocker since his abilities would best suit facing a character like Venom) but I think I'm happy with the chose made because Schultz and Brock's characters in the comics, they may make great villains but as characters, they aren't really at their prime, but in this I look to try and develop background and what-not. Also, another thing I had to think of is where the symbiote would come from and how would I further tell it's story? Well, the concept I came up with is based off 'War of the Worlds', the symbiote doesn't mysteriously come in a crater and immediately locate Eddie Brock. In this, I wanted the substance to already have been planted underneath the surface in the form of a tree which sprouts symbiote life-forms. I found that would be the best way to introduce the alien-substance but I'm still trying to come up with a convenient way for the symbiote to find Eddie and to not make it seem less you know "Ohh, the symbiote finds Eddie and here comes Venom!". I'm sure I'll come up with something but the main idea is for the symbiote to test other possible hosts before it finds Eddie himself.
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    PART 2:
    Eddie leaves school and looks over to the playground where he sees Alicia sitting down watching her little brother on the playground. He walks over towards the playground and sits next to Alicia on the bench. She looks over at him. He looks over at her.

    So... how was your day? - Eddie

    Alicia laughs and Eddie smirks and looks down at the ground.

    Alright, I guess - Alicia

    Good to know, this kind of information is going to come in handy later on in life - Eddie

    Alicia smirks.

    Oh, really?... - Alicia

    Really, who knows you can be a movie star when you grow up - Eddie that's not the career path I want - Alicia

    Eddie looks at Alicia in awe.

    Well look what we have here, Little Miss Alicia is worried about her future career already - Eddie

    Well, it's good to be prepared, Eddie. Maybe you should learn to take that advice - Alicia

    What does that mean? - Eddie

    Come on, Eddie... everyone knows you're failing, we could all see the mark through the paper - Alicia

    Oh, well that's good to know... good to know that the whole class; including you, can't worry more about their own buisness, instead, they have to focus on mine - Eddie

    ...sorry for bringing that up - Alicia

    Eddie looks up to the sky, takes a deep breathe then gets up from the bench and looks down at Alicia.

    Don't be - Eddie

    Eddie walks away.

    Eddie opens the door of his house and throws his backpack to the floor. Charles was sleeping on the couch holding a picture of Fritha in his hand. Eddie snuck over towards the living room table and put a progress report on the table that consists mostly of failing grades.

    Eddie opens fridge and pulls out a bottle of water, opens it and drinks it as he leaves the fridge door to close on it's own.

    Eddie falls onto his bed and goes to sleep.
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    "Oh, well that's good to know... good to know that the whole class; including you, can't worry more about their own buisness, instead, they have to focus on mine" - Eddie

    Oh wow that was me during high school. All I can say is that you've got another nice entry. Venom-related question: Regardless of whether or not you liked Topher Grace as Eddie Brock, what did you think about the rewrite Raimi and his guys gave the character? In regards to your villain selection, Shocker is a nice choice. Not because he is the village idiot, but because he is one of the villains in Spider-Man's lineup who poses the most threat to Venom. Theoretically of course, since his weapons are based on vibration-shockwave type things, right?
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    Yeah, I'm currently in high school so it's half based on my own personally experiences as well. As in regards with 'Spider-Man 3's Venom/Eddie Brock, I personally liked what they did with Eddie Brock's storyline compared to the comic-books because in the comics he's just a jack-ass who is given a taste of his own medicine and then becomes Venom. 'Spider-Man 3' did that to the character as well but I'm happy they didn't make him a big, muscular idiot, they had him at Peter's age but posed as a sort-of "opposite" of Peter Parker himself as Venom is compared to Spider-Man. As for Shocker/Herman Schultz, this was not one of my original villains I wanted to have in this, at first I wanted to have Scorpion but then I did some research on Shocker, I was going to pick Scorpion as the villain because he later-on bonds with the symbiote, then I came around to think that Shocker would make to be a more senseable villain because if he was ever in a 'Spider-Man' film he'd be showcased as a minor villain who makes an appearance in a 'Spider-Man' film at the beginning or whatever. I think Shocker stands as a better villain for Venom because Scorpion actually has comic-book history with Spider-Man that could later-on be used like: JJJ hiring Scorpion to kill Spider-Man, etc. Although I creating a new path for the character(s) of Eddie Brock/Venom, I'm still looking to the comic-books for support. Eddie's mother dying in child-birth, Eddie being ambitious towards athletics then turning to journalism, etc. Anyhow, glad you like the entries so far, I'll try and keep them good and if you wish, feel free to ask anymore questions because I do not mind to answer them:yay:
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    PART 3:
    Still failing I see, Eddie - Charles

    Eddie opens his eyes and sees his father standing in-front of him with his report card.

    I'll catch up - Eddie

    You said that last time - Charles

    Charles sat down on the bed next to Eddie.

    We're going to have to work on this, Eddie - Charles

    What's the point? - Eddie

    Eddie gets up from the bed and stands up as he looks out the window.

    Where is my life headed anyways? - Eddie

    Charles gets up from the bed too.

    It's headed in the direction which you choose to take it - Charles

    Eddie slightly peers behind at his father.

    I know I haven't been the best father, hell, maybe not even sub-par... but, Eddie, don't let me affect your life... just allow me to guide you. Ever since your mother died I've been... angry... with what I thought was your fault but it wasn't, your mother's death wasn't your fault and... I finally came to terms with that. I'm sorry for not being the best I can be it's just... when I was there... with your mother... watching her die in front of my eyes was... devistating, it was as if I lost myself... as she rose to the Heavens... - Charles

    Charles looks down to the floor as he tries to hide himself from crying. Eddie walks over to his father and stands in-front of him.

    I love you, Dad - Eddie

    Charles looks at Eddie.

    I love you too, Son - Charles

    Charles and Eddie hug each other.

    Eddie copies down study-notes from inside his classroom. The bell rings and he stays behind to get help from his teacher and to catch up on his missed/failed projects.

    Eddie recieves report card and all of his marks are above 60, he smiles.

    Eddie sits down on the couch next to his dad and shows him the report card, he smiles with his eyes watering as he hugged Eddie.

    Are you going to keep this up now? - Charles

    Psst, not forever - Eddie

    Eddie smirks at his father and his dad wraps his arm around Eddie's head as they both laugh together.

    Eddie running back and forth across the gym, his gym coach blows in the whistle.

    Eddie kneels down in-front of one of his classmates, in-between them was a dodgeball. The gym teacher blew the whistle and Eddie quickly grabbed it, rolled backwards away from the opponent, leapt up in the air and threw the dodgeball at the classmate.

    Eddie and Alicia walking down the halls together, talking about school classes.

    Are you studing for the exam? - Alicia

    Eddie sarcastically laughs.

    You know you're asking a nerd, right? - Eddie

    Alicia laughs.

    Eddie rides his bike back home and parks it in his driveway. Eddie opens the door to his house.

    Dad?! - Eddie

    Eddie took off his shoes, but when he looked up, there was a man in a black mask standing in-front of him, he saw blood on the floor in the kitchen. Eddie stared at the blood then slowly looked at the man with the mask in anger, he points at him.

    You... you killed my father... YOU KILLED HIM! - Eddie

    Eddie ran towards the man and speared him and began to punch him but the man threw Eddie off of him and stood back to his feet and leapt towards Eddie but Eddie caught him in the stoamach with one of his father's trophies. Eddie looks as if he's about to burst as he screams at the man and rolls away from the man's body. Eddie stared at the body in anger then looked over to the kitchen and ran into it and slid to the floor, holding his father; who had been shot, in his arms.

    Dad?! Dad, please.... NO! - Eddie

    Eddie sat on the floor with his dead father in arms.
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    PART 4:
    Eddie Brock sits in police station, in the middle of a crowd of others sitting in the chairs next to him.

    A woman gets pulled out of the room a few steps away from Eddie and shes screaming and crying at the same time.


    Eddie's eyes begin to shed with tears as he looks down to the floor, holding his head in his hands.

    The man next to Eddie looks at him.

    "You lose someone too?" - Man

    Eddie quickly peered at the man and then looked back down to the ground and wiped his tears away.

    "Why else would I be here?" - Eddie

    "Well I could've easily persumed that you were another one of those teen-junkies but judging by your tears I consider myself wrong" - Man

    "You sure have a lot to say for someone who looks like he just held up a convinent store" - Eddie

    "You sure are a little joker, aren't you, Kid?" - Man

    "Just doing my part for the community" - Eddie

    Man stands up and stares down at Eddie.

    "No matter who you lost, maybe you should work to make them proud of you. Don't lose yourself over this, not like me... live your life, without vengeance" - Man

    Man walks into room where screaming woman came out of. Eddie Brock breathes in and looks up at the lights in the room.

    8 Years Later...

    "NINER!" - Teenager

    Teenager and his group of friends chase after a ninth-grade young boy. The school bell rings and Eddie Brock comes out of a locker with his graduation uniform on, he looks around and then heads for the auditorium.

    Eddie Brock sits next to his best friend, Carl and Alicia in the auditorium.

    "See your all dressed up" - Carl

    "Hey, when ain't I dressed up?" - Eddie

    "...that I gladly can't answer" - Carl

    "Come on, guys. You're disturbing the peace" - Alicia

    "Whoa, when did Alicia become the peacemaker?" - Carl

    Eddie and Carl grinned. Alicia gave them an angry look.

    "Thank God, school's over. No more outrunning ass-chumps with sleazy ****es at their side, no more... school" - Eddie

    Eddie chuckles.

    "Cheers to that, Eddie" - Carl

    "Indeed" - Alicia
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    Not bad.
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    Yeah I'm liking this so far. Keep em coming
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    Thanks for the support, guys:yay:

    PART 5:
    Eddie walks into his apartment and throws his backpack down to the floor.

    Eddie then enters the washroom, turns on the tap water and splashes some in his face then looks up in the mirror at himself.

    Eddie fills up his hamster's food and water and puts it back in her cage and looks at the hamster who was sitting in the corner. Eddie smiled and pet her on the head.

    "Beautiful as always, Sarah" - Eddie

    Eddie close's Sarah's cage and walks into the living room and runs on the treadmill, Eddie grabs the remote on the treadmill and turns on the TV.

    On the TV there is a news report being broadcasted, Eddie quickly turned to see what it was about; someone was murdered in a fast-food restaurant. Eddie shows some interest in this story but then fell off the treadmill and was scrapped when he flew off the treadmill and onto the carpet. Eddie sat on his backside, examined his scrapes, then took a deep breathe and got up.

    Eddie leaves the apartment building with his stakeboard and skitches a ride off the rear of a near-by car. Eddie pulls off at the corner and continues up the street.

    Eddie turns a corner and then picks up his board and puts it in his backpack.

    Eddie walks into the front door of a convinient store but first unlocks the door. Eddie pulls off his backpack and picks up the work-apron from the counter and slipped it on and sat on the stool behind the counter but then relized he forgot to switch the sign in the window from "Closed" to "Open". Eddie sat back down and the store manager came in through the front door.

    "'Morning, Ed" - Store Manager

    "'Morning, Greg" - Eddie

    Greg threw his cigarette in the garbage, behind the counter, Eddie held the fire-extiguisher.

    "Night was hell" - Greg

    Eddie salutes Greg.

    "As you said, Greg" - Eddie

    Greg left to the back of the room and Eddie went over to the garbage can and extigushed the cigarette inside it. Greg came out of the back room, Eddie hid the extigusher behind the garbage can.

    "What was that?" - Greg

    "Outside; must've been a bus or something" - Eddie

    Greg nodded and went back into the back room.

    Eddie sat at the table in a bar and his friend, Carl, came to the table with a mug of beer for each of them.

    Eddie snarled and looked at Carl.

    "I shoulda' blew you off, Carl... you know I hate this crap" - Eddie

    "How in the world could you, or anyone for that matter, hate a simple mug of fresh, cold beer?" - Carl

    "Where's Alicia?" - Eddie

    "She couldn't make it, ran into her last night and she said she had to meet her parents out of town. Guess her mother's in the hospital" - Carl

    "What happened to her?" - Eddie

    "I don't know, 'licia seemed very upset when I ran into her and all she said was she had to go out of town, nothing else" - Carl

    "Why didn't she call? Or you at least?" - Eddie

    "You know how girl's are... right?" - Carl

    Eddie nods his head.

    "I agree, I should've called you but I was still trying to figure out what the hell was going on" - Carl

    Eddie nods his head again.

    "Anyways..." - Carl

    Carl holds up his beer to Eddie.

    "Happy Birthday, Eddie" - Carl

    Eddie holds up his glass to Carl as well.

    "Hey, come on, I raise my glass you leave your's down unless your drinking it" - Carl

    "I'm not drinking it" - Eddie

    "Oh, you better, Eddie. We are celebrating tonight, man" - Carl

    "Yeah, but I'd just much more rather've went to 'Chucky Cheeze's' then end up as a sex-doll in some creepy, old guy's apartment" - Eddie

    Carl laughs.

    "Look, I'll stay sober, I'll just have like... two... three..." -Carl

    "I think I'd much rather see a movie then end up in the washroom with my head in the toilet" - Eddie

    "Dude, look... the only movies that are playing now are either sappy "spoofs" as they'd call 'em, or mediocre Japense horror-remakes" - Carl

    "...good point" - Eddie

    "Thank you, now drink your beer" - Carl

    "Fine... but only one, I don't care if I have to tape my mouth shut" - Eddie

    "Fine... have it your way, Birthday Boy" - Carl

    Carl begins to drink his beer as Eddie tries a sip then coughs.

    Eddie carries Carl out of the bar and puts him in the car. Eddie gets in the front seat of the car and then realizes he needs the keys, he reaches over and tries to find the keys in Carl's pocket as he mumbles.

    "Damn, Carl. You must've dropped the keys... that God I'm still sober you lucky bastard" - Eddie

    Eddie got out of the car and ran back to the front door of the bar but as he was about to turn around the corner into the doorway, someone opened the door and Eddie had just avoided it.

    "Oh, sorry about that, Kid. Anyways, are these your keys?" - Man

    The man held up the keys in front of Eddie.

    "Oh, thank you... thank you so much, Sir" - Eddie

    "No problem" - Man

    The man holds out his hand.

    "Herman Schultz" - Herman

    Eddie shook the man's hand as well.

    "Eddie Brock" - Eddie

    "Maybe we'll meet again, Eddie Brock" - Herman

    "Yes, we may" - Eddie

    Herman walks away as Eddie heads back to the car.
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    PART 6

    Eddie opens his mailbox in the apartment building. He searched around in it and found two letters; one was for his neighbor and the other was from the college that Eddie registered for; 'Woodbrough'. Eddie smiled and ran upstairs to his apartment.

    Eddie reached his floor and slid his neighbor's letter through the door and went into his own apartment. Eddie closed the door behind him and opened the envolope. Eddie quickly scanned it then placed it back on the counter.

    "Happy Birthday, Eddie" - Eddie

    Eddie yelled in enjoy.

    Eddie walked into the living room and was about to sit down on the sofa when someone knocked on the door. Eddie answered the door, it was his neighbor, Reese.

    "Please keep down the noise, Mr. Brock. Some of us have work to do" - Reese

    "Oh, really?! Well, does that work involve your nickname, 'Jerk-off'?" - Eddie

    Eddie smiled at Reese and closed the door in his face.

    Eddie rides to work with his skateboard but once he turns a corner, Eddie hears a little kid scream in one of the apartment buildings. Eddie kicked up his board and ran into the apartment building.

    Eddie got up to the floor where he heard the kid scream and there was a door that had been opened across the hall, Eddie ran towards it but then heard another gun-shot. Eddie stopped dead in his tracks when he heard it, thinking back to how his father was killed. Eddie saw the man with the gun walk across the floor and Eddie ran back towards the apartment and snook into the room. He quickly peered over and saw a little boy underneath the couch, hiding in fear. Eddie put his finger over his mouth, indicating to the boy to stay silent. The shooter appeared around the corner and Eddie charged towards him. The shooter was about to fire at Eddie but Eddie hit him before he could and the shooter shot the ceiling and the gun flew out of his hands. Eddie tried to hold the shooter down to the floor but he rolled Eddie over to his back and began to choke him. Eddie gasped for air rapidly in fear and then lifted his legs onto the shooter's chest and used his legs to push the shooter out of the window. Eddie gasped for more breathe to enter into his lungs as the kid came running from underneath the table towards his dead father. Eddie grabbed hold of the kid and held onto him to try and get him to calm down.

    "I'm sorry!... I'm sorry!..." - Eddie

    "They killed him... they killed, Daddy!..." - Kid

    Eddie kept holding onto the kid and began to cry as others from the apartment building surrounded the room.

    Eddie held the kid in his arms and brought him out of the apartment as people began asking questions to them. A police car came by and Eddie put the kid in then came inside the car with him. The driver turned around towards Eddie.

    "We've got it from here, kid. You can go" - Driver

    "No, I'm not going anywhere. You're the one who can go now" - Eddie

    The police car drove off with Eddie and the kid in the back with the ambulance behind them.
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    I'm interested in seeing how you handle the symbiote. In my passing outlines for the 3 movies, I have it being discovered in some mountains at one of the poles as an homage to At The Mountains of Madness and The Thing.
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    The way I'm handling the symbiote has a lot to do with the reason for the College's given name; which is 'Woodbrough', the school's name comes from a tree that has been growing on their campus for quite some time. The tree in this story is responsible for sprouting the symbiote, so the symbiote in this story isn't so much an alien, it's like a plant that feeds off of peoples hate like a life-source, I like this idea a little better than the meteorite because I didn't want to make it seem like too much of a coinsidence that a meteorite just happens to land in his area and find Eddie himself. Non-comic-buffs will be able to understand the story of teh symbiote better without knowing where it comes from which is what most asked with the release of 'Spider-Man 3'.

    PART 7:
    Eddie and the kid sat down at the park bench. The kid looked down to the ground, trying to hide his tears. Eddie slightly peers at him.

    "...I know how you feel" - Eddie

    Eddie takes a deep breathe.

    "...believe it or not, but I've been in your shoes before..." - Eddie

    The kid slightly peered up at Eddie.

    "I've tasted fear..., I've tasted... anger... revenge..." - Eddie

    The kid looked up at Eddie.

    Eddie looked down at him.

    "Don't let this take your soul... don't lose yourself to... hate" - Eddie

    Eddie looked over at a woman who was running towards the kid and him.

    "I suppose that's your mother..." - Eddie

    The kid got up and his mother picked him up and hugged him. Eddie looked up at the sun and then looked down to the ground as the kid and his mom walked away.

    Eddie in the backseat of a car with his friend, Carl.

    "Can't believe you're off to college, man" - Carl

    "I can't believe you're not going" - Eddie

    "Come on, Eddie. You know I've spent enough time in school" - Carl

    Eddie nods his head.

    "Besides, I've got a life to live" - Carl

    "Oh, really? You call getting drunk and making your friends carry you to the car 'living life'?" - Eddie

    "Well, you wouldn't have had to carry me to the car if you had only joined in" - Carl

    "Have you ever seen 'Saw'?" - Eddie

    "Two guys wake up in a washroom, psycho-path guy, yeah" - Carl

    "Well, that could've been us" - Eddie

    "Ah, give me a break. The least place we would've been in is some guy's apartment" - Carl

    "Yeah, no thanks" - Eddie

    "I agree with that but, it could've been a girl's too" - Carl

    "Yeah well, unlike you, I don't feel like getting gang-raped" - Eddie

    "Alrighty then, Eddie" - Carl

    Carl pulled over at the steps of the college.

    "Well... I'll miss you, buddy" - Carl

    Eddie smiled.

    "I'll miss you too, Carl" - Eddie

    Eddie and Carl shook hands and then hugged one another.

    "Now, go in there and please... kick some ass" - Carl

    Eddie laughed and left the car.
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    PART 8:
    Eddie walks up the steps of the college.

    "So, Mr. Brock... what are your interests here at 'Woodbrough'?" - Guidence Councellor

    "Well, I think where I shine most of all is in athletics so I guess my interest in any college, whatever is... athletics" - Eddie

    Eddie looked at the name plate on the guidence councellor's desk.

    "...Mr. Torries..." - Eddie

    "Well, I can see that you can also read as well, Mr. Brock" - Mr. Torries

    "...umm..." - Eddie

    "Forget about it, Mr. Brock. But please, swing down to the attendence office to get your schedule" - Mr. Torries

    Eddie gets up from the chair and nods at Mr. Torries, he heads for the door but Mr. Torries stops him before he can get out of the room.

    "And please, young man. Don't be a slacker" - Mr. Torries

    Eddie looked back at Mr. Torries.

    "If I was a slacker... I wouldn't be here" - Eddie

    Mr. Torries smirked.

    "Next!" - Attendence Lady

    Eddie walks up to the desk.

    "Hello, Mrs..." - Eddie

    Eddie looked around for a name plate on the desk.

    The lady stared at Eddie with an angry look on her face.

    "...ahh, Eddie Brock..." - Eddie

    The lady began typing on the computer, she clicked the mouse and then clicked it again.

    She directed Eddie towards the printer.

    Eddie walked over to the computer and pulled out a piece of paper from the pile and it didn't belong to him. Finally another page printed out which was his and he grabbed it and left the room.
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    PART 9:
    Eddie sits down at bench in gym.

    A group of larger guys(Randell, Ian, Mac) walk into the gym.

    One of them spotted a smaller kid sitting near the back of the gym, he and his friends walked over towards him.

    Eddie kept his eyes on them.

    The group stopped in-front of the kid, Fred.

    "Whoa, look at this little guy. How old are you?" - Randell

    "Old enough to tell you to screw off" - Fred

    Randell punched Fred in the head and crawled on-top of him to hit him some more.

    Eddie got up and ran towards the three who were attacking Fred.

    Eddie leapt over Randell and pulled his head to the floor as it bounced off of it, Randell was bleeding.

    Randell got up and stared with rage at Eddie and punched him in the face where it had hit his cheek, Eddie fell up against the wall as Randell continued to punch him; with his pals surrounding.

    All of a sudden, someone broke through the attackers, it was Herman Schultz.

    "Break it up, BREAK IT UP!" - Herman

    Herman pushed Ian and Mac away and grabbed Randell to try and pull him off.

    "Get off of him!" - Herman

    Herman finally pulled Randell off and Randell punched Herman in the face.

    Herman looked up at Randell and slapped himself in the face.

    "Want someone to tango with?... well, you can come tango with me. In fact, we can take this outside like men if you like; since you obviously consider yourself to be a man" - Herman

    "I am a man" - Randell

    "Yeah, I bet you are. Real men are made of 'roids and pick on kids who aren't even their size. Yeah, that's a real man" - Herman

    "Who the hell do you think you are?" - Randell

    Herman walked closer near Randell.

    "I'm your gym teacher; but think of me as your drill sergent. Now give me 50 push-ups" - Herman

    "Hey, man. Why don't you go 69 a tree, you can't tell me what to do!" - Randell

    Herman sarcastically laughed as he quickly looked down at the floor then looked back up at Randell in anger and threw an uppercut at him which made Randell fall to the floor.

    Herman bent down in-front of him.

    "Make that 100" - Herman

    Herman winked at Randell and then got back up to his feet.

    "Now, as for the rest of you, 25 push-ups, and then run around the gym until I get back. Got it?" - Herman

    The students in the gym replied.

    Herman looked down at Fred and Eddie and helped them to their feet.

    "You boys alright?" - Herman

    Eddie had a bruise on his cheek and Fred had a bloody lip, they both looked at each other.

    "I guess so..." - Fred

    "I'm fine, Mr... Schultz, is it?" - Eddie

    "Sure is, Mr. Brock" - Herman

    Herman smirked.

    "Welcome to gym class" - Herman
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    PART 10:
    "I don't understand, Mr. Schultz..." - Eddie

    "Ahh, you can call me Herman now since I'll probably be fired by this afternoon" - Herman

    Eddie and Herman walking down the school hallway.

    "But... Herman, why did you risk your job for me and... Fred?" - Eddie

    "Let's just say I've found what I'm looking for" - Herman

    "...and what were you looking for?" - Eddie

    Herman looked at Eddie and smirked.

    "You sure do have a lot of questions don't you, Ed?" - Herman

    "I'm sorry, I'm just confused" - Eddie

    "Ha, who ain't confused nowadays?" - Herman

    Eddie and Herman walk through the duel doors in the school outside to it's entrence where in-front of them was a unusual looking tree; it had black leaves and it's veins were black as the rest of the tree was crimson red.

    Herman stopped to stare at the tree, Eddie noticed and stopped with Herman, looking at the tree as well.

    Eddie noticed the principal walking quickly towards them, Eddie poked Herman but he didn't move as he was still looking at the tree.

    "Schultz, come to my office, now" - Principal

    Eddie looked down to the ground then looked at the principal.

    "Look, you can't fire him for defending his students" - Eddie

    "Well I sure as hell can fire him for harassing them, and also, Schultz. You'll be lucky if the parents of these kids don't press charges" - Principal

    Herman slightly peered at the principal.

    "Let 'em, but overall, I don't think the parents of those kids can give a damn about them" - Herman

    Eddie looked down to the ground again as he thought of his parents.

    The unusual tree's veins began to throw a pulse as it had found interest in Eddie.

    Herman walked away with the principal as Eddie looked back up at the tree and stared in awe as he noticed the veins had been moving.
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    Very cool!
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    Thank you, my fellow Canadian:yay:
    PART 11:
    Eddie walked into gym class the next day.

    Eddie noticed Herman and ran towards him.

    "Hey, Herman!" - Eddie

    Herman turned towards Eddie.

    "How are you doing, Ed?" - Herman

    "I'm fine, got a couple of bumps and bruises yesterday but I guess for now I'm just fine" - Eddie

    "Good, I see Randell and his crew aren't here" - Herman

    "Speaking of that, what's going on with this situation?" - Eddie

    "Well, like I said, those *******'s parents don't give a damn about what their kids do so... I'm fine, as well" - Herman

    "Anyways, it's good to see you're still our beloved gym teacher" - Eddie

    Eddie grinned and Herman smirked at the remark.

    "Eddie, considering you like going to bars. Would you like to go out tonight, I'll meet you in the parking lot if you want to go out" - Herman

    "Alright, although I think you exaggerated a bit when you sid I like going to bars but, sure" - Eddie

    "See you there then" - Herman

    Herman blew the whistle and Eddie formed a line with the rest of his classmates.

    Peering through the window on the door, Randell stared at Eddie in rage.

    Eddie walking in the dark, headed towards the parking lot, he stops to look at the strange tree and was about to continue but somebody tackled him to the ground, it was Randell as the rest of his crew surrounded Eddie.

    Randell crawled on-top of Eddie and began punching in the head repeatedly as Eddie tried to block them.

    Randell gave threw one more shot at Eddie and stood up.

    Randell looked at the tree and directed the crew to drag Eddie towards the tree.

    The crew picked up Eddie as he moaned in pain. When they were close to the tree they rocked him back and forth then threw Eddie at the tree.

    Eddie cried in pain and sat up but Mac ran up to Eddie and booted him in the head. Ian stomped on Eddie's chest and then stomped on his head.

    Eddie coughed up blood from his mouth.

    Randell pulled some rope out of Mac's backpack as Mac and Ian made Eddie stand to his feet and wrapped him around the tree.

    Randell tied the rope around Eddie and he was stuck wrapped around the tree.

    Randell kicked Eddie in the gut and Eddie fell down to the ground; still tied to the tree.

    Randell, Ian and Mac run off as they make gesters of going after "Mr. Schultz".

    Eddie coughed up more blood and began to cry in pain, and then screamed in rage.

    The tree reacted to Eddie's anger and the tree began to sprout a weird black substance, symbiote. It crawled down the tree as quick as it could then latched itself onto Eddie.

    Eddie took a deep breath and felt something at the back of his neck, he tried to reach his hand behind his head to grab it but he couldn't, he dropped his head down and opened his eyes when he relized the symbiote was crawling along him.

    " help!... HELP!... PLEASE!..." - Eddie

    Eddie screamed as the symbiote quickly wrapped itself around Eddie's body then made his way to his face, Eddie tried to move his head out of the way and screamed for one final time.

    Herman checked his watch and looked around for Eddie but instead, saw Randell and his two friends attacking Fred. Herman ran towards them and pushed Ian off and punched Mac in the face. He was about to attack Randell but Randell kicked Herman in the groin. Herman fell to the ground in pain and feld his groin area. Randell picked up a baseball bat that Ian used to beat Fred, he was about to hit Herman but then the lamp-post had been broken by something.

    A shadowy figure fell to the ground from the lamp-post and began to attack Ian and Mac, Randell relized this and quickly ran off away from the shadows, running as fast as he could.

    Herman opened his eyes and noticed Randell running away, Herman blinked and then all of a sudden, a black figure had landed on Randell.

    Randell cried in pain and peered up at the thing that attacked him, the thing screamed glory, looking high in the air and then looked down at Randell and screamed, intimidating Randell.

    Herman tried to breath but couldn't, as he was in fear of the black figure.

    "What are you?!..." - Randell

    The black figure grabbed Randell by the neck and held him high up in the air.

    "My origins... speak... for themselves... I... am... VENOM!" - Venom

    Venom screamed at Randell and then threw him hard to the ground where Randell hit his head on the concrete, his head had been busted open by the impact and was knocked unconsious.

    Venom screamed again then laughed maniacally then latched it's symbiote at the lamp-post high above his head, Venom looked back down at Randell and snarled and then pulled himself up the symbiote-tentical and leapt onto the schoolhouse and leapt back away.

    Herman stared at the last place he saw Venom in awe.
  22. thejon93

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    PART 12:
    Eddie sleeping in his bed, rolling around while having a nightmare caused by the symbiote.

    Man in black mask shoots Charles and then laughs manically.

    Eddie stabs the man repeatedly with a butcher knife and laughs manically as well.

    Eddie's father throws trophy at Eddie.

    "I never wanted you in the first place, you little bastard!" - Charles

    Fritha, Eddie's mother, dies while giving birth to Eddie.

    Charles holds Fritha's hand then it drops.

    Venom screams.

    Eddie finally wakes up and sits up on his bed in fear, breathing heavily.

    Eddie rubbed his face but then noticed that his hand was covered in a strange black goo, Eddie screamed.

    Eddie looked at the rest of his body and noticed it was all covered with the symbiote. He stood up from the bed and examined the symbiote.

    The symbiote began to move around Eddie's body.

    Eddie then heard a voice in his head.


    Eddie looked around, trying to find where the voice was coming from.

    " can have it all..."

    "...revenge for what?" - Eddie

    " know what, Eddie..."

    Eddie took a deep breathe.

    "...they took your life away, Eddie... your father could've still been alive... your mother... she could be at your side... she could be your strength... your whole family could've been happy, but that ended... because of them..."

    "This doesn't make sense! Who's "them"?! They didn't kill my family, okay?! Nobody's responsible for what happened!..." - Eddie

    The symbiote screamed at Eddie as it began to sprout tentacles at the stoamach area of Eddie's body.

    Eddie held his ears, trying to block out the noise.

    Eddie left his apartment with clothes on over the symbiote.

    "I don't want this... I don't..." - Eddie

    "You know you do, Eddie... you wanted us all along, together... we can be vengeful... we can be... Venom..."

    "...what is "Venom"?" - Eddie

    "Together... we... are... Venom..."

    Eddie stopped in his tracks.

    "What are you?" - Eddie

    "We... are what you always desired... and yet... we are more..."

    Eddie looked around then remember where the symbiote found him, he ran over to where the tree was.

    Eddie stopped when he saw the tree and continued forward but someone pushed him out of the way, it was Herman Schultz.

    "What are you doing?..." - Eddie

    The tree exploded, the symbiote inside Eddie's clothes screamed.

    Herman looked at Eddie, stood up and ran off.

    Eddie stood up as well.

    "Herman... HERMAN!..." - Eddie
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    PART 13:
    Eddie lying on bed, looking up at the ceiling.

    "...he's afraid, Eddie... we can make everyone else feel the same..."

    Eddie sat up from the bed.

    "He saved my life" - Eddie

    "...but he destroyed us... he destoryed our origin, our home..."

    "You came from that tree?..." - Eddie

    "...we found you... as you found us... together... we are one... together... we... are... Venom..."

    "I am not this "Venom"... I'm just Eddie, that's the way it's going to stand" - Eddie

    The symbiote tore through Eddie's shirt and screamed at him.

    Eddie stood up from the bed in fear and ran to the washroom.

    Eddie splashed water at his face but then th symbiote latched onto his face before he whipped it off with a towel, Eddie threw himself towards the wall behind him in fear and slid down to the floor.

    "...look at us..."

    Eddie slowly began to rise from the floor.

    Finally when he completely stood up, he looked at himself in the mirror.

    He looked closer at himself as his face was covered in symbiote; he had glowing white eyes and a large mouth with razor-sharp teeth. He brought his hand up to feel his new-found face but he realized his hand was also covered in the symbiote. He also examined it; it had razor-sharp claws at where the fingernails would be.

    "What am I?" - Eddie

    Eddie noticed he spoke with a much deeper voice which was almost monster-like.

    "What are 'WE'?... we... are... Venom..."

    "...what am I capable of with you at my side?..." - Eddie

    "We... are capable... of great things..."

    Eddie smirked at himself through the mirror.

    "I guess we are..." - Eddie
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    Quick little entry in case your all worried that I've already given up on the script.

    PART 14:
    Venom jumps into a tree and looks at the window to Alicia's apartment, Venom smirks and leaps to the building wall and crawls up to her window.

    Venom whips drool away from his mouth and peers through the window at Alicia.

    Alicia looks around in her drawer and takes out a picture of Eddie and her.

    Venom smirks again but then begins to misjudge himself.

    Alicia smiles at the picture and puts it back in the drawer and goes to washroom.

    Venom looks away and pulls the symbiote away from his face with his hands and holds his head in his hand over embarressment.
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    Hope you don't think I forgot about your story. :grin:

    Sounding good so far, though I do find Venom crouching outside of Alicia's bedroom a tad creepy. Which isn't a bad thing. :up:

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