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WANTED: Partner in making fan music videos

Alexia Dark

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Sep 24, 2004
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I'm pumped and rather frustrated. I love making connections between songs and things that I'm a fan of, especially when the music is awesome and I can already picture situations that fit with the song.

I want to make fan music videos, but there's a little problem; apparently, my computer can't use Windows Movie Maker, and I can't install anything because I'm not the admin.

So, I need some help. Is there anyone else out there that shares a passion for fan-made music videos and has the technology to make them?

Here are a few projects I had in mind:

Anything For You ( Evanescence) - Harley Quinn/The Joker (Batman: TAS)
Numb (Linkin Park) - Harry Osborn (Spider-Man 1 and 2)
When I'm Gone (3 Doors Down) - Peter Parker aka Spider-Man

And also some other stuff that's not superhero related from Phantom of the Opera and so forth. If anyone's interested, post here or give me a PM.
Gee, thanks. You're really nice (sarcasm).
I love making fan music videos. So far I've made a kingdom hearts, Final Fantasy and Dr Who videos. I would love to make some for you, but I have a problem myself.
So far, the ones Ive made were done by just re-cutting ones I have downloaded off the net. I done know how to get bits of movies off DVD's, or however you do it. If you can find out, it'd be great. :)
I use Windows Movie Maker by the way.
Hey what's up? If your still looking for a "partner" (I think that's the funniest thing in the world) for making music videos let me know. I've made a few. I have some on youtube just go there and where it says search type in Tec101. They should come up. I'm also working on a protector mv, and supernatural.
Quick update, I'm such a dumda##. When you go to youtube type in
matrix no light, or matrix fly from the inside, or the last stand the end ( scroll halfway down to find that one) They'll say from Tec101. Those are mine.

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