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Watchmen 2?

no self respecting artist or writer will take on Watchmen, as a sequel series or spin-off. I'm not worried.
yea if its anyone will probably be some newbi looking for chance.
If they use let Grant Morrison write the script I'll go watch the movie.
From Weekly Crisis:

The Multiversity - Grant Morrison, Watchmen 2, All-Star Captain Marvel & More!
Kirk Warren said:
In an interview in this week's issue of Wizard, Grant Morrison confirmed he will be writing a new Multiverse-based comic, tentatively (at least, I hope it's tentative) titled, The Multiversity. We'd already known about Morrison's desires to do a Final Crisis followup that explored the Multiverse, but this is the first time we've heard any details on the book, it's tentative release schedule or concrete facts on what Morrison had planned. Hit the jump for some juicy quotes, a rundown of what to expect from The Multiversity and everything else we know so far.

What Is The Multiversity?

The Multiversity is a seven-issue series of one-shots, written by Grant Morrison, that will establish seven different Earths from throughout the Multiverse. These seven issues, while telling separate stories, will link together to reestablish the connection between the DCU and the Multiverse. In Morrison's own words,

I've started a series called The Multiversity, which will pick up a bunch of strands from 52 and Final Crisis. Back when we laid out the return of the Multiverse in 52, I asked if I could establish some of these books as potential ongoing series. We wanted to set up each universe as its own franchise. [...]

So this is my big project for the next year, and I'm working on books for seven different parallel universes. Each one is a first issue with a complete story and series bible. Each one spotlights the major superhero group of a different alternate reality. And they all link together together as a seven-issue story that reimagines the relationship between the DCU and the Multiverse.

Watchmen 2 - Watching Harder

The only other Earth mentioned was the little known Earth-4, home to the Charlton Comics characters, best described as 'the Watchmen Earth' to comic fans. Morrison had all kinds of things to say about this story.

On the reasons behind choosing to do a new Watchmen,

I thought it would be interesting to pick up on that sort of crystalline, self-reflecting storytelling method, so the mad notion I came up with was to do the Charlton characters in a story I'd construct as an update on that ludic Watchmen style - if Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons had pitched the Watchmen now, rooted in a contemporary political landscape but with the actual Charlton characters instead of analogues!

But, wait, it gets even better. He goes on to talk about several of the characters involved, particularly Dr Manhattan and Rorschach. Dr Manhattan will revert to Captain Atom, but with a twist. This Captain Atom will actually be Captain Adam from Morrison's Final Crisis: Superman Beyond story.

Rorschach will return to being The Question again, but, instead of the black and white, right and wrong viewpoint of Rorschach, Morrison described his Question as someone who's Randian viewpoint had been "shattered through the prisms of his experiences as a crimefighter so that he sees the world through the multicolored lens of Spiral Dynamics."

For those wondering what Spiral Dynamics are, I did a quick Wikipedia search and came up with this brief explaination:

Spiral Dynamics argues that human nature is not fixed: humans are able, when forced by life conditions, to adapt to their environment by constructing new, more complex, conceptual models of the world that allow them to handle the new problems. Each new model includes and transcends all previous models. According to Beck and Cowan, these conceptual models are organized around so-called Memes: systems of core values or collective intelligences, applicable to both individuals and entire cultures.

Basically, we can expect him to be an 'I can haz cheezburger'-meme spouting, 4chan user. Okay, okay, I admit, I might be a little off on my interpretation of Spiral Dynamics. It does sound like an interesting take and very Morrisonian-like in nature, though, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on who you ask.

Like Final Crisis, But On Crack

What will further divide fandom into love/hate groups in regards to Morrison's work is the so-called description of The Multiversity and the Watchmen followup, in particular. Speaking about the murder scene from the Watchmen issue, Morrison described it as such (emphasis mine),

There's a very different kind of murder mystery at the heart and the whole thing can be read backwards, forwards and sideways.

Further describing the book, Morrison was quoted as saying,

It's been fun to do that kind of style but rethink it and try to play a new version of that 'sound' without copying anything directly. We've got 12-panel grids and pages where you're seeing the events leading to a murder, the murder itself and the investigation all happening simultaneously across the same background. I'm right in the middle of that one, so it's fresh in my mind.

His use of the word, 'sound', might bring up bad memories of Superman singing Darkseid to death in Final Crisis, but it's hard not to feel Morrison's enthusiasm for the project throughout the interview. While it does not guarantee a 'Watchmen 2', as I doubt anyone could duplicate that level of work, especially in a single issue, it's hard not to be excited over the prospect of a Morrison written Watchmen.

It's still a long ways off, but use the words Morrison, Watchmen and All-Star anything to describe a project and I doubt there's anyone not excited on some level. It does raise some interesting questions, though.

From Bleeding Cool:
Get Ready For Watchmen 2

This is coming from someone who's read the comic several times, Watchmen and Philosophy: A Rorschach Test, and appreciates Snyder's ode (film) despite it's difference in execution and style to Moore & Gibbions Watchmen.

Morrison's idea sounds interesting in concept at least. Looks like DC is really pursuing with this entire expansion of Watchmen (or at least some of the characters).

Although this also sounds like a giant excuse to have a bunch of other more popular DC characters to interact with Manhattan and Rorschach. Sigh.
From /film:
Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison and Marv Wolfman Are Working on DC Comic Book Movies

From THR July 19, 2009:
DC Comics storms the film world
Borys Kit said:
This past fall, Warners quietly hired three of DC's biggest writers -- Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison and Marv Wolfman -- to act as consultants and writers for its superhero line of movies. The move involved taking back the reins on projects being handled by such producers as Charles Roven ("The Flash") and Akiva Goldsman ("Teen Titans").

The projects Morrison and Wolfman are working on are in the early stages at Warners, whose execs declined to comment.
Could Watchmen 2 be the movie Morrison was hired to write?
well main page has a story from that nikki finke lady saying a movie isnt going to happen and its like others have said more likely for some sort of sequel/prequel comics.
I don't think anyone is confused about that.

The original article relates this to the possibility of their being a film if the sequel/prequel comic sells well.

If its popular and liked (doubt it) WB/DC might want to adapt it into film.
WHAT THE HECK! If they do actually make a sequel to Watchmen, i'll seriously scream! And besides, how could they continue the story of Watchmen? It just does not make sense. GET YOUR HEAD ON TRACK PEOPLE!
well from what we know now its just for the comics and since the movie didnt do as hot as expected even if the comic thing they are planning to do goes over well its probably going to be a long time before they would do another film.
So really, what you're wanting is a sequel to Watchmen.

(Actually, that would be nice)
The Return Of Watchmen 2
Rich Johnston said:
A couple of years ago, Bleeding Cool broke the news that DC Comics was planning to return to Watchmen to tell new stories. Dave Gibbons would be involved as well as many of DC’s brightest stars.

The very concept was pooh-poohed and Bleeding Cool was accused to making the whole thing up, by some. Until Alan Moore confirmed that he had been approached to, if nothing else, acquiesce to the project, in return for subsequently being granted the ownership rights to Watchmen that he had once sought, at a later date. He turned the idea down, and the media attention seemed to kill the project.

For a while.

I was told before New York Comic Con that it might be back on and that DC were drawing up a wishlist of creators for a series of Watchmen prequel comics.. Well, I’ve now heard a lot more. Darwyn Cooke’s name is at the very top, linked to drawing two mini-series and writing another, followed by the likes of JMS, JG Jones, Andy Kubert and Brian Azzarello. Whether or not they have been approached, I don’t know, and no one’s talking, but it gives you an idea of the scale. I would also expect Dave Gibbons and John Higgins to be involved in some way.

I’ve also been told that there’s a creative meeting happening this week and the project has a secret name, “Panic Room” – as in that’s where the creators will need to go when the news breaks….

DC declined to comment. Just as he did last time, Dave Gibbons would only say “hurm”.

Image by Todd Kogutt.
Squirrelling Out Details On Watchmen 2
Rich Johnston said:
Sometimes all you do is have to mention its name, and lots of bits spill out.

Two days ago, Bleeding Cool mentioned that Watchmen prequels at DC were back on the agenda, after the success of the New 52. That meetings were happening this week. That it had the code name “Panic Room”. That names mentioned included Dave Gibbons, John Higgins, Darwyn Cooke, JMS, JG Jones, Andy Kubert and more.

Indeed I am now told that there will be four Watchmen miniseries, all prequels. Working off an over-arching uber-plot by Darwyn, who will be writing and drawing on aa book or two.

I believe the phrase I’m looking for is “this **** just got real”. Sorry, I was in America for a few days, that kind of language rubs off on me. Let me try again. “Pip pip, that’s some bally cricket, what?” Better.

However a word of warning. There have been three names mentioned to me, Amanda Conner, Kevin Smith and Adam Hughes which have all proved to be false. It may indicate that the names were more of a wish list, people who would be approached rather than who actually signed on the dotted line.

But MTV Geek found a comment from Darwyn Cooke from earlier in the year when he said;
I have something coming up with DC, but I’m sworn to secrecy…there is a very big project on the horizon with DC, which we’re probably going to announce in October, as far as I understand. And that should be exciting, and infuriating, and all kinds of things to people. It should be quite a shock when they hear what we’re doing.”
And Little Bleeder chatting to Andy Kubert over the weekend discovered that;
“Mr.Kubert said that after his Action Comics job he was hoping to finish a Batman mini-series about Damian. This was a mini that he was writing and drawing and was originally planned before Flashpoint and the New 52. After that he said he has another project but it’s “Super Secret” and that he couldn’t give any details. The last time I spoke to Andy Kubert was at the Big Apple Con in 2009. When we spoke he said he was going to be doing a “Super Secret” project that he couldn’t talk about, turned out it was “Flashpoint”. So if Andy Kubert has a big job coming up and DC is saying that they’re doing an event for the next two years, then what is Kubert doing?”
What, indeed. DC declined to comment.
The Phone Call That Confirmed Watchmen 2
Rich Johnston said:
“How did you know? How did you know? I didn’t know. How did you know?”
That was the phone call I got at 3 o’clock in the morning my time, 10 in the evening in New York. It was clearly from a bar, it was from a DC editorial type, and it was clearly in reference to the Watchmen prequels I’ve been talking about that, post new-52, are back on the table with Darwyn Cooke taking artistic lead. And it had been kept such a secret that certain employees of a relatively senior level had not heard a thing. And, on reading the Bleeding Cool articles, had made some enquiries.

“A conversation I had with Darwyn back in March makes all the much more sense now. When asking him what he has going on he mentions that he can’t talk about it but it “would break the internet in half”.” – g_zatara, Bendis boards

What is also clear that a decent sized chunk of DC is not on board for this. That they love Watchmen as it is, and see these prequel mini-series as diluting that. But there are also those who see not doing this as blatantly laving money on the table at a time when they can least afford to. And from a moral and creative viewpoint, no different to what Alan Moore has done with the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Indeed, some relish the tas, especially with Dave Gibbons on board.

And with Grant Morrison creating his own Watchmen-styled Charlton treatment in Multiversity, it looks like there’s going to be a lot of cod-Watchmen going around next year.

I also had some more phone calls from NEw York bars in the last couple of nights. More on that to come later.
they will need a new director and cast tho since they all said they would'nt do sequel Zach specifically said he would never do a sequel

Thank Shiva.

I read somewhere that the cast grew to respect the novel quite a bit. Only one actor read the novel prior casting for the film, but the rest read it after being selected by Snyder and WB. Fantastic that the actors refuse to be apart of a potential sequel. I respect them a hell alot more.
I don't see a film coming from this prequel comic.
I've always been in two minds about Watchman continuation of publication.... wither sequel or prequel to the original story.

The truth is, i feel there is an unexplored past and a continuing future that needs to be explored... Because i kind of felt the whole Watchman comic and the movie you got a sense of what happend in the past effected there future. But you didnt get to see what happend in there future only just what happend.

See i've been re-reading the comics again and think there are several threads that need to be continued. For Example... The principle cast of characters.

Edward Blake is by far one of the most interesting characters of the comic. He fathered a daughter who turns out to be Silk Spectra... But thats not the only child he fathered... remember the pregnant vietnam lady he shot? she was pregnant... potentially that was Silk Spectra's younger brother or sister?

So think this what if in a sequel that child that you believed dead, had survived? (There is a million explinations you could give how it survived. One could be Jon removed it from the womb using his teleporting ability when he is questioning his own humanity if you remember The scene to which that was in Comedian was questioning his humanity) but think how messed up that child would grow up to be, knowing his father killed his mother? Look at how Silk Spectra handled the fact that her father was The Comedian... So as you can see, there needs to be more delving into the past, as well as the future...

I think the story is far from over. Night Owl and Silk Specra although said settling down, do you really think they would?

Then theres Jon... his mind has gone beyond scientific... although we have a problem here because of the story. The comic had aliens that caused the final scene, in the movie Jon... but if you had a sequel the comic would have to re-introduce him differently than as he would in the movie... maybe Jon could visit alternate realities... i mean nothing seems impossible with him... There is another solution... The goverment blames the alien invasion on Jon because of his radiation and visit to mars may have lead to attracting the aliens to invade. Something along those lines.

The only charcter you can explore in background is rochsarc - sorry forgot how to spell his name. he is dead, the onlything you could do is see is background. But i thought that was pretty much covered in the movie... personnally maybe just leave him out or just bring him back in one scene. maybe an afterthough.

Sorry, but bringing The Comedian back would be the worst idea ever, because it was his death that set off the dominos in Watchmen. Resurrect him in any form would just cheapen the entire story, although if they really proceed with a sequel, it would make it even worse.
Sorry, but bringing The Comedian back would be the worst idea ever, because it was his death that set off the dominos in Watchmen. Resurrect him in any form would just cheapen the entire story, although if they really proceed with a sequel, it would make it even worse.

This would be backstory though, Minutemen, Vietnam exploits, and so on, though, so I think some interesting things could be done with the character... again, perhaps in the form of Morrison on Peacemaker?

I will be quite surprised and concerned for The Watchmen, if this actually plays out.
A Watchmen sequel is pointless. The original story was created solely for the purpose of deconstructing the traditional superhero. The characters and the plot are secondary to this purpose. This isn't the kind of story that needs or should have any follow ups in any way, shape, or form.
I don't really see HOW they can take the story any further after Ozmodeus saves the world by killing all of new york.

Prequels about The Minute Men and other superhero bands that came before The Watchmen might be interesting though. Seeing the adventures of a young Comedian, the original Silk Spectre and Nite Owl. Maybe Silhouette and Mothman? Lots of potential there. I might like to read about that.
I don't really see HOW they can take the story any further after Ozmodeus saves the world by killing all of new york.

Prequels about The Minute Men and other superhero bands that came before The Watchmen might be interesting though. Seeing the adventures of a young Comedian, the original Silk Spectre and Nite Owl. Maybe Silhouette and Mothman? Lots of potential there. I might like to read about that.

I would guess that a Watchmen "sequel" would focus on whatever Silk Spectre and Nite Owl do next.

Maybe Ozmodeus will go in a Miracleman type direction and have to be put down?

And, yes... lots of 1940s & 50s flashbacks...
There's artwork of The Comedian and Nite Owl out there, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it as DC has taken it down from the site it leaked too, and is trying to get rid of any other copies.

Not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, I love the first book, and the characters, and on the other, I'm not sure this can really go anywhere good. We'll see I suppose.

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