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What is the timeline for Smallville?


Dec 30, 2007
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is this show set in sometime in 90's , present or not so distant future
It's....the present....
Clarks about 20/21 cause he was supposedly 14/15 when show started...
Season 1 was his freshman year in highschool, I think. He graduated in season 4, right?
Graduated in Season 4. He should be 20 right now going on 21.
His ship landed in 1989, he was about 2-3 at the time
And Lex was 9 when the meteor shower happened, making him 21 in Season 1, and therefore 27 now.
16th century
c. 1502: An ancestor of Kal-El's comes to Earth with several radiated rocks from the planet Krypton. He falls in love with a Native American woman, resulting in the start of the Kawatche people. This prophetic Kryptonian forged the prophecies in the Kawatche Caves, hiding several "parasites" from his homeworld within the cave walls and burying the ancient Starblade so that it would take at least 500 years to recover it. Knowing his destiny did not lay on Earth with the first of the Kawatche, Kal-El's ancestor bids them farewell, promising he (or rather his descendant, "Naman") would return to protect them all again. He then flies off, hides the sacred Kryptonian Stones of Power all around the world while building the reputation as a mighty "god" along the way. He then leaves for Krypton once and for all, swearing to the natives of China that he would return for what was his (the Crystal of Air) one day. (Sources episodes: Skinwalker, Talisman, Sacred)
[edit] 17th century
1604: In France, Countess Margaret Isobel Thoreaux and her two comrades Madelyn Hibbins and Brianna Withridge burn at the stake for practicing witchcraft. (Source episode: Spell)
[edit] 18th century
1775: The world-famous Metropolis newspaper The Daily Planet opens.
[edit] 19th century
c. 1840: Ezra Small, Lana Lang's biological ancestor, establishes a trading post in Kansas. From then on, mud and thatch huts are built, proclaiming the town "Smallville." At some point, Ezra is trampled, cursing him with the ability of foresight for the rest of his life. He is been known to foresee many ambiguous events that circle around Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, and the meteor showers, among many other things.
1861-1865: Many of the townsfolk of Smallville fight in the American Civil War or help with the Underground Railroad.
[edit] 20th century
c. 1907: The Kryptonian scientist Dax-Ur creates the Brain InterActive Construct, but when he learns that it has the power to destroy planets, he travels to Earth, uses blue kryptonite to strip himself of his powers, and lives as an ordinary human. His shield becomes lost, and ends up in a time capsule. (Source episodes: Fierce, Persona)
1935: Jor-El is born on Krypton.
1938: Lewis Lang's family moves to Smallville. (Source episode: Hourglass)
1957: Lewis Lang is born. (Source: Pilot)
1959: Laura Lang is born. (Source: Pilot)
June 15-17, 1961: A 26 year-old Jor-El comes to Earth to undergo a Kryptonian rite of passage. Unexpectedly, he falls in love with Louise McCallum. Louise is killed by Lachlan Luthor, and Jor-El becomes the primary suspect in her death. Jor-El meets Hiram Kent, who helps him escape. Soon afterward, he returns to Krypton. (Source episode: Relic)
1961: Jonathan Kent is born. (Source episode: Relic)
1963: Lionel Luthor agrees to an arrangement with a slumlord of the Suicide Slums district to have Morgan Edge kill his parents. Lionel only survives because he moonlights at a print shop during the incident. He gets his cut of the insurance money and plans to put himself through an Ivy League college, eventually starting up LuthorCorp. (Source episodes: Relic, Shattered)
1967: Kara is born on Krypton.
1980: Jonathan Kent graduates from Smallville High.
December 1980: Hiram Kent dies.
1980: Lex Luthor and Oliver Queen are born. (Source episodes: Pilot, Legacy, Reunion)
1985: Lucas Luthor is born. (Source episode: Prodigal)
1986: Lara-El visits the Kent Farm on Earth. Her niece, Kara, arrives and learns that Jor-El and Lara are expecting a child, whom Kara names "Kal-El." Zor-El finds Kara and Lara, and after revealing he almost killed Jor-El and got DNA from Lara and himself to create clones, erases Kara's memory. (Source episode: Lara)
1986: Kal-El is born on Krypton.
1986: Krypton is destroyed by Zod. Before the planet meets its end, Jor-El and Lara place their infant son, Kal-El, inside a spaceship and send him off toward the planet Earth. Zor-El puts his daughter Kara inside a spaceship and sends her off on the same trajectory. (Source episodes: Relic, Kara)
1986: Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan are born. (Source episodes: Crusade, Spell)
May 1987: The birth date on Clark Kent's forged adoption papers. (Source episode: Oracle)
October 14, 1989: Oliver Queen's parents die in a plane crash, leaving their fourth-grader orphaned.
October 16, 1989: Smallville is assaulted with the first of two meteor showers in 16 years. Kal-El's ship arrives on Earth. Kara's ship arrives on Earth, but she gets stuck in suspended animation for eighteen years. Lewis and Laura Lang are killed in the shower. (See also: Meteor shower) (Source episodes: Pilot, Lineage)
November 1989: Clark displays his super-strength for the first ever time by lifting an old oak bed that weighs roughly 500 pounds over Jonathan's head. It was from this point that the Kents opted not to let Martha's father, William Clark, get involved in Clark's life, as temper tantrums would sometimes result in "holes in the wall." (Source episodes: Vortex, Leech, Redux)
1990: Lex attends Excelsior Academy. (Source episode: Reunion)
1992: Julian Luthor is born. On the day of his baptism, Julian is killed by his mother, Lillian. Lex takes the fall to protect his mother from the ruthless Lionel, eventually repressing his memory of this day, which nearly leads him to believe he actually did kill Julian. This event scars Lex for the rest of his life, as he not only witnessed his mother kill his infant brother, but his relationship with his father would never have any hope of love that his 12th birthday showed hope for. (Source episode: Memoria)
1993: Lillian Luthor dies. Lex, sent back to boarding school, spends his free time searching for the most advanced medical treatment he could to save his mother from the heart condition she had been carrying for years. Because of this, Lex never allowed himself to visit at her bedside before her passing. It was in a boarding school class when Lex learns of his mother's death, which occurred immediately after a final surgery attempt was made. (Source episodes: Crush, Ryan)
1993: Clark has his first experience with super-speed while playing tag with his father when suddenly he starts running faster than he ever had in his life, getting lost in Palmer Woods for nearly a full day. (Source episode: Transference)
1995: Moira Sullivan voluntarily leaves her family and commits herself to a mental institution. (Source episode: Progeny)
1996: Lex Luthor and Oliver Queen attend boarding school together. Oliver's bullying eventually leads to Lex's first true glimpse of darkness as he nearly pummels his best friend Duncan Allenmeyer to death to win Oliver's friendship. (Source episode: Reunion)
1996: A 10-year-old Lana Lang meets a 16-year-old Lex while on a trip to Metropolis with her aunt. Lana walks in on Lex skinny-dipping with a girl. (Source episode: Metamorphosis)
1996: Emily Dinsmore falls off a bridge and drowns while 10-year-old Lana looks on in horror (Source episode: Accelerate)
1998: Lex and Oliver graduate from high school. Oliver is stranded on an island for months after his crew steals his yacht. (Source: "The Oliver Queen Chronicles")
1999: An 19-year-old Lex accidentally causes chaos at the nightclub Ground Zero when he tries to take advantage of a situation with his first true love, Amanda Rothman. After getting her fiancé, Jude Royce, royally angry; Lex gets stabbed in the shoulder and witnesses Amanda kill Jude. Lex takes the fall of killing Jude so that Lionel would orchestrate a police cover-up with Detective Sam Phelan, sparing Amanda a life in prison. (Source episode: Zero)
[edit] 21st century (new millennium)
*2000: Gabe and Chloe Sullivan move to Smallville where she begins eighth grade in the fall with Clark Kent and Pete Ross, and Gabe manages LuthorCorp Plant #3. (Source episode: Obscura)

Clark saves Lex.Early October 2001: Shortly after beginning his freshman year, Clark saves Lex Luthor after he drives his Porsche into Elbow River. Jonathan reveals to Clark that he arrived in the meteor shower from outer space. (Source episode: Pilot)
Fall 2001: Clark develops x-ray vision, and uses it to capture a shape-changing metahuman, Tina Greer. (Source episode: X-Ray)
Summer 2002: Chloe wins an internship at the Daily Planet and meets Jimmy Olsen.

Clark decides to tell Pete his secret c. 2002Fall 2002: Clark develops heat vision. (Source episode: Heat) Lana Lang moves in with the Sullivans after her aunt leaves Smallville. Lex meets Helen Bryce. (Source episode: Dichotic) Clark tells Pete about his true origins (Source episode: Duplicity) and discovers more clues to his origins. Lana learns that Henry Small is her biological father. (Source episode: Skinwalker) Martha Kent conceives. (Source episode: Ryan)
Winter 2002/Early 2003: Jonathan Kent is framed. (Source episode: Suspect ) Lex discovers his half-brother, Lucas. (Source episode: Prodigal) Martha and Clark become sufficiently ill; Martha's pregnancy is discovered. (Source episode: Fever) Clark learns to read Kryptonian when he puts the Key in the Kawatche Caves and meets Dr. Virgil Swann. (Source episode: Rosetta)
Spring 2003: Lex and Helen get engaged. (Source episode: Precipice) Clark and Lana get together. Lionel Luthor offers Chloe a deal to investigate Clark. (Source episodes: Witness, Exodus) Clark blows up his spaceship; Martha miscarries, and Clark runs away. Lex and Helen marry, and he is stranded on an island. Chloe accepts Lionel's offer. (Source episode: Exodus)
Summer 2003: Clark lives in Metropolis as Kal. Chloe interns at The Daily Planet. (Source episode: Exile)
Fall 2003: Clark returns to Smallville. Lex is rescued and also returns. (Source episode: Phoenix)

Lex is institutionalized c. 2003Winter 2003/Early 2004: Clark develops super-hearing. (Source episode: Whisper) Lex is poisoned by Lionel, kills Morgan Edge, and is placed in Belle Reve for a month. Lana is trampled by a horse and meets Adam Knight in physical therapy. (Source episodes: Shattered, Asylum)
Early Spring 2004: FBI agent Frank Loder kidnaps and tortures Pete to try and force him to reveal Clark's secret. Pete leaves Smallville and moves to Wichita with his mother. (Source episode: Forsaken)
Late Spring 2004: Lionel is arrested for the murder of his parents; he is denied bail and sent to jail. Clark and Chloe testify against him, and he is convicted. Chloe's safe house gets blown up. Lana leaves for Paris. Jor-El puts Clark in a pocket dimension and reprograms him as Kal-El. He also puts Jonathan into a coma. (Source episode: Covenant)

Lionel spends several months in prison c. 2004Summer 2004: Clark is presumed missing, Chloe and her father are presumed dead, and Jonathan lies in a coma. Lana meets Jason Teague in Paris. Lionel is convicted of murder and remains in jail. Lois Lane comes to Smallville to investigate Chloe's death. Kal-El returns and is restored as Clark, and Jonathan wakes up. Clark meets Lois Lane for the first time. (Source episodes: Crusade, Gone)
Early Fall 2004: Lois moves in with the Kents. Lana returns to Smallville and moves into the Talon.
Winter 2004/Early 2005: Lionel's conviction is overturned and he is released. (Source episode: Scare) Clark and Alicia Baker get "married"; she shows Chloe Clark's powers and is then killed by Tim Westcott. (Source episodes: Unsafe, Pariah) Virgil Swann dies. Clark, Lana, Jason, and Lex go to China to find the Crystal of Air. (Source episode: Sacred)

Clark explains his origins to Chloe c. 2005Late Spring 2005: Clark, Lana, and Chloe graduate from Smallville High School. The second meteor shower hits Smallville. Jason comes unhinged and dies in the shower. Lana kills Genevieve Teague. Lionel is put into a catatonic state after being exposed to the Crystal of Water. (Source episode: Commencement) Clark is transported to the North Pole after he unites the Stones of Power in the Kawatche Caves, and creates the Fortress of Solitude. He tells Chloe about his true origins. (Source episode: Arrival) Jor-El strips Clark of his powers; Clark and Lana begin a relationship. (Source episode: Mortal)
Summer 2005: Clark and Lana's relationship continues, and they lose their virginity together. Lionel remains catatonic; Lex has him monitored at Belle Reve. (Source episode: Mortal)
Fall 2005: Clark's powers are restored after he is shot, and Lionel emerges from catatonia. (Source episode: Hidden) Clark begins his freshman year at Central Kansas A&M and meets Professor Milton Fine. (Source episode: Aqua) Chloe and Lana move to Metropolis to attend Metropolis University. Lois moves into the Talon. (Source episode: Thirst) Fine strikes Martha with a mysterious disease and is revealed to be Brainiac. Clark defeats him in the Fortress of Solitude. (Source episode: Solitude)

Jonathan Kent dies in early 2006.January 26, 2006: Jonathan Kent dies. (Source episode: Reckoning)
Spring 2006: Clark and Lana break up. (Source episode: Hypnotic) Lex and Lana's relationship begins to form. (Source episode: Fragile) Clark reveals his powers to Lionel by saving Martha. (Source episode: Mercy)
May 2006: Brainiac releases a deadly computer virus, leading to Dark Thursday. Zod possesses Lex, and imprisons Clark in the Phantom Zone. Chloe reunites with Jimmy Olsen. Clark escapes the Phantom Zone with the help of Raya; several Phantom Zone criminals escape with them. Clark battles Zod to eventually return him to the Zone with the Crystal of El. Power is restored on Earth. While playing basketball, a young man named Lamar becomes the vessel for Phantom Zone escapee Baern; after killing his friend, he sets out to find Clark. (Source episodes: Vessel, Zod, Fallout)
Summer 2006: Clark gets a new power: super-breath. Oliver Queen moves to Metropolis. Lana moves in with Lex. (Source episode: Sneeze)
October 2006: Lex and Lana become a couple.
Late October 2006: Lex holds the Dark Thursday Benefit. Lois and Oliver begin their relationship.
November 2006: Raya escapes the Phantom Zone and finds Clark; together, they fight Baern. Raya dies battling Baern. (Source episode: Fallout) Lana discovers she is pregnant. (Source episode: Rage) Lex asks Lana to marry him. (Source episode: Subterranean)
Winter 2006/Early 2007: Oliver Queen organizes the first version of the future Justice League. (Source episode: Justice) Chloe is abducted as a suspected metahuman. (Source episode: Freak)

Lex and Lana marry in early 2007.February 24, 2007: Lana finds out about Clark's powers and is threatened by Lionel Luthor to marry Lex or he will kill Clark. Lana and Lex get married. (Source episode: Promise) Lana "miscarries" one week later. (Source episode: Combat)
Spring 2007: Moira Sullivan emerges from her catatonic state for 24 hours for a short-lived reunion with her daughter, Chloe. (Source episode: Progeny) Chloe's meteor power manifests, Lana decides to leave Lex but apparently dies, and Clark fights Bizarro. Lionel disappears. Clark fights and defeats Bizarro. The Martian Manhunter takes Bizarro away. Kara is released from the dam and saves Lex. Lana is revealed to be alive in Shanghai, hiding from Lex. (Source episodes: Phantom, Bizarro) Lex and Lana divorce. (Source episode: Kara)
Fall 2007: Chloe and Jimmy break up. (Source episode: Cure) Lex finds Lionel, who reveals his captor to be Lana. (Source episode: Action) Lois gets a job at the Daily Planet.
December 2007: Bizarro returns. Lex purchases the Daily Planet. (Source episodes: Gemini

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