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What should the title of the reboot be?


Dec 14, 2006
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I expect a lot of people will probably say 'The Batman', I never really liked that for some reason. Dark Knight has been used up, Cape Crusader is too cheesy to use in this day and age I think.

Perhaps they'll just go with 'Batman' again since it will be around 25 years since the last one.
Although it's highly unlikely, it would be somewhat interesting if the title didn't include any reference to Batman at all (similar to how Bond films are titled)

For example, just "Hush" or "Knightfall" or "year One" "Long......"

Or something like Batman: Hush........Where eventually the film is just referred to by it's subtitle, but you'll still have the "batman" name listed above.
Batman: Beneath the Black Mask (as a reference to both Bats and the villain)

and perhaps running with the same theme for sequels:
Batman: Under the Red Hood (a reference to both Jason Todd and the Joker's unveiling)
Batman: Behind the Smile (A reference to Joker, and the Bruce Wayne persona)

(Oh, and I'm sure you can do something with "face" (for Bruce/Clayface/or Joker's cut-off face)!
or Batman: Below the Ice)

and if there's a fourth movie, with a Batman successor -- Batman: Beyond the Limits (as a reference to Batman Beyond obviously, both in name and in meaning (symbols carrying on, past Bruce Wayne)

K, I got carried away.

But I do sincerely like the title "Black Masks", just on its own like that.
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The Goddamn Batman :yay:

Just kidding. But I do seriously want to hear that line in live-action someday.
A few years ago, before The Dark Knight Rises was confirmed to the be the title, a popular hypothetical title for Batman 3 used on SHH was Shadow of the Bat. I never was particularly fond of that one, but I know a lot of people like it.

I honestly think The Batman is the most likely title.
Holy **** It's the Goddamn Batman.
"The Batman" is cool. But honestly I'd be fine with "Batman: __________" kind of titles that are more specific to the story. Eventually they're gonna run out of verbs.

Also, if the new film has Robin/Nightwing/a Bat-family...The Caped Crusaders. Kinda cheesy but just trying to think of something different.
If the movie is out in 2019, 30 years after the original...

1989 Batman
2019 The Batman :hehe:
Batman Beyond. Please, WB, just do it.
The Batman. Or if they want to give a new title for each Batfilm from now on, start the reboot off with Shadow of the Bat.
It's funny, because before we knew the title of TDKR, I had suggested The Batman as the title for film 3.

But for the reboot it might be more of a perfect fit. Either The Batman or The Caped Crusader would be a good place to start.
Gotham City

it was rumored for Nolan's third film and I liked it.
The Batman is probably the best. It's just so simple, fitting, and doesn't over-complicate anything.
The Batman. It makes him sound more Dracula-esque or like a creature of the night.
Batman: Shadow of the Bat

Batman: World's Greatest Detective

Batman: Legend of the Dark Knight

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