The Dark Knight Rises What trailer(s) are they showing before 15/70 IMAX screenings?

Jheri Curl

Apr 4, 2012
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Like at the NYC Lincoln Square IMAX? I thought I read something about there not being enough reel space for trailers, but now I'm seeing comments on the internet about a Man of Steel trailer, a Skyfall trailer, a Hobbit trailer, etc. Anybody know for sure?
Since the film is under 165 minutes, there should be space for a trailer or two as the 15/70 platters are said to hold up to 170 minutes (when I saw Avatar: Special Edition, there were no trailers and sped up credits for it to fit that time limit, but usually there are 2-3 trailers otherwise when I go to Lincoln Square IMAX).

Though one issue, is that the trailer needs to be on an IMAX film-print, and Man of Steel and Skyfall may not have those ready right now (indeed, I'm not sure a film IMAX release has even been confirmed for those films as they could end up digital IMAX only like The Avengers did). The Hobbit will have a film-IMAX release and I have seen a 15/70 trailer for it so that would make the most sense, granted the 15/70 trailer I saw was in 3D but I'm sure they would be fine creating a 2D version to attach to DKR.

My guess is the current talk about the attached trailers may only relate to regular screenings, and the only way to know what will be at those IMAX theaters is to ask people who go to the film on midnight/opening day what they got; I'm not going to Lincoln Square but rather AMC Empire, which is a digital IMAX a couple of miles downtown, so I would love to see the Man of Steel and Skyfall trailers in a theater even if they aren't on the 15/70 version.
Yeah, there's a rumor going around the MoS board that the trailer won't be playing with the 1570 prints, and I'm starting to believe it. :(
They'll be playing Man of Steel for sure

I'm sure they would love to have a Man of Steel trailer attached and will probably do so at least with regular showings.

But remember to play a film-IMAX trailer the trailer would have to go through IMAX's DMR process which there may not be time for depending on how recently it was completed/DKR prints were shipped out. And I wouldn't be surprised if MoS ends up only having a digital IMAX release since it is 4 weeks after Star Trek 12, a film which uses IMAX cameras, and IMAX seems to like to give those films a long run in their theaters, particularly the 15/70 ones: for instance MI4 had 5 weeks before the next IMAX release which was digital only, and Dark Knight Rises has 8 weeks before the next IMAX release (Resident Evil 5, which is also reported to be digital IMAX only)
I have a feeling Man of Steel could be physically attached to the film.
Man of Steel for sure and hopefully a new Skyfall trailer as well

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