What was your favorite superhero/comic book movie of 2007?


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Jan 25, 2008
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Vote for your favorite and rank your top 3 below.
FF: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Watched it 4 times in the theater, personal record. And in the first week :p

Edit: I haven't watched yet: TMNT, 30 Days of Night, Alien vs Predator: Requiem (30 days wasn't released here yet, and AVP:R just opened)
Stardust. Transformers, Spider-Man 3, 300 were all pretty good. 30 Days of Night kicked ass, too. But for now, Stardust.
spider-man 3, fanstic four 2 rise of the slivers surfer and , tmnt
Havent seen AVP:R or Stardust yet but i enjoyed all of the others at different levels. TF and 300 were far and away the best, with FF2 being the worst: in fact here is my list

3)Spiderman 3
4)30 Days Of Night
5) Ghost Rider
I saw FF:ROTSS three times :D Looking back, I'm not even as mad as I thought I was about Galactus.

But my rankings -
1. Transformers
2. 300
3. FF 2
Transformers for me then 300 and then TMNT I didnt see 30 days of night or stardust but all the other movies on that list sucked balls so yeah.
It was close between 300 and Transformers, but 300 definitely was better.
Spider-Man 3
then Transformers

(Ive wanted to see Venom on the big screen for a while)
I dont even consider 300 to be a CB/SH movie, sure its based on a comic, but a lot of stuff in the movie was from the actual story.

Also, if people read 'Gates Of Fire,' which is also about The Battle Of Thermopylae (and would have made an even better movie than 300 was), people would see that a lot of what was in 300 was in that book, which is based heavily on the real story.
Transformers, hands down. It was fun and action packed. The special effects were great, and although it wasn't one-hundred percent faithful to the source material, neither were Batman Begins or X-Men 1 and 2, and I praise those movies, so, you know, whatever. Optimus Prime and Megs were badass, Shia LaBouf did a great job, and Megan Fox might be the sexiest chick on the planet.

300 would be a close second... but that "Freedom isn't free" line still irks me. I suddenly felt like I was watching a goddamned Toby Keith video.

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