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What would you do if the Hype Dropped the Products forum?


Aug 30, 2003
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Knock Knock

knocking on wood there. But what would you do?

Fwoosh and action-figure and various other sites just arent the same as the Hype.

I would probably find myself not coming here much anymore.
We'll, we could find a place in the Batman Products Forums
I would go back to the Justice League and Spider-Man forums from which I came I suppose ;x
Or we could talk at the Lost Souls HQ

ROugh has a link to it in his sig
If we lost the products forum, i'd curl back up in my hole and die. :(

jk, but seriously, i like this forum better than any of the others. even when we're off topic, i have more fun here. they haven't given you any reason to think they would drop the products forum have they rough?
hey Bat, i think i'm gonna join the lost souls. do i want a global account or a local one?
i already forgot my dang password apparently. maybe i typed it in wrong.
It took me almost five years to buckle under the pressure and finally register on these forums :p.... Yes.. I have been lurking here.. watching you all.. for like four years >D remember when it was only spidermanhype.com ... oh yeah...... oh... yeah....
Yeah.. I used to come here every....frickin...day. to that darned website.. man I was still in highschool :x I would get on before I would go to school... heh.. I remember the countdown clock for SM1 :p
this may sound odd but I like it here more BECAUSE there's less traffic. I feel like at Fwoosh there's 1000s of posts every day and I just don't have the time to even scan it and see what's worth reading or not. Here, I can check and know pretty quickly if there's anything anything here that interests me or not.

Fwoosh is useless. Well it's not, but I like the discussion here more....and the posters. There it's a bunch of useless threads about Stilt-man and Leap Frog.

I came here a long time ago (it was already Superherohype.com but I used to go tot the main page. I dabbled over at Comixfan.com (When it was just X-fan.com) but when I found out the Hype had a forum I was really happy. I was working the night shift and had a spare 6 hours a night. It was heaven.
I would Head back to the Comics section more often.

I am mostly always at the VG section though. I also signed up to lost souls and no one was there. :(
I used to be on the Spider-man forums alot.. and the Justice League forums. But over here is where I ended up raking in my post count :p.
go to fwoosh, im there more often anyway
this place just isnt as fast paced as fwoosh, and i get more info from fwoosh
Just wouldn't post on what toys I have bought.
XwolverineX said:
I would Head back to the Comics section more often.

I am mostly always at the VG section though. I also signed up to lost souls and no one was there. :(

It's been dead...But By Gum, let's fire it back up. I usually dip in once a month or so.

If you go to the writing seciton you can read the first draft of Roughneck #1 in it's entirety.
Kable24 said:
Just wouldn't post on what toys I have bought.

It's only ever Punisher stuff anyway.

That reminds me...Do you have the 90s Marvel Superheros Punisher figs....the second on had a jacket?
I collect all the Marvel Legends now too. I have the cap firing Punisher with the smile on his face. The one in the plastic jacket and the talking one. I also have the Spider-Man animated series one as well, but I don't have his lame ass gun.

I should post my Punisher collection. Believe me if I could afford all the other cool stuff I definitely would. I would love to have some of that Factory X stuff and Statues. I also like the Transformers Alternator line.
Take my own life.

If the Hype dropped the products forum, i'd probably go get a job.

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