Iron Man What would you like the next trailer to focus on?


Jun 15, 2006
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Ok, the 1st one basically summarized the origin of Iron Man and all, but we hardly saw anything in the way of interaction between Tony and Jim or Pepper; nor did we really see anything significant from Stane. There's also the lack of much fighting scenes with the Mark III. So what do you want the next one to focus on? And yes, I know the International Teaser did have a little more of Tony/Pepper, but it's so tiny and hasn't been released in better quality.
This needed to be a multiple ticky poll, I would like to see more Tony and Rhodey interaction. I mean he got about 1 second of screen time in the first trailer. He should have at least a line or two in the trailer. Also a scene with Stane. More Mark III action definitely, but nothing to revealing I want to have some surprises. As an aside, I hope the movie will be alright to bring two 10 year olds with me. My nephews have been psyched up for this. :im:
I picked more fighting with Mark III. I don't want them to ruin everything in the trailers like some movies do but next year is going to be packed with a number of good movies and Iron Man needs to show the goods to get the people's asses in the seats.
I want more Stane/Iron Monger. We have not even heard a line of dialogue from his character yet. I want the next trailer to have some interaction between Stane and Stark.
I agree, more Stane would be great, seeing more of his relationship with Stark would be interesting.
nothing more from the actual suit, just the other stuff around it...

to be fair, the plot seems so straightforward that we are in danger of ruining the whole film by just watching a detailed trailer
More scenes with the armor couldn't hurt.
Repulsion blasts, different flying shots, some quick shots of some fighting, more funny times, tons more.
The next trailer should focus on action. Follow suit with TDK. Explosions, people and things flying around, general chaos and mayhem. They can show the same scenes of the Mk I kicking ass, and then a little more Mk III action, and random shots of stuff blowing up. Average moviegoers who don't know or care about the comics or the characters will usually respond to explosions, destruction, fire, chaos and so on...regardless of what the movie is actually about.
Trailer doesn't need interaction and storyline, but need more action scenes. Does people want to know first who Pepper is and what's his relationship with Robert Downey character? No. They want to know what Iron Man is, which is pound per pound the superhero with the most arsenals.

- Close up flying near a building.
- Repulsor shooting
- Lots of explosions
- Unibeam charging

Frankly, leave all dialogues, humor, plot inside the movie. People wanna know about Iron Man just like they want to know about Transformers. Action sells the movie, not sappy dialogues.
Is Mandarin still in this movie? If so then they've really kept him quiet. Then again if it's all Stane then no worries at all.
All Stane As I Understand It
I have heard Favreau say in the sequel he wants to make the Mandarin a physical threat so that sorta makes me think we might here about him here and their and won't see him.

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