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Whats the best way to stop smoking???


Nov 27, 2006
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To my surprise my dad has asked for help to stop him for smoking!!! Thank GOD!!! I've only smoked for 2 yrs and stopped it cold turkey but my dad needs a little more assistance. Has anyone ever tried those nicotine gum or patches do they really work??? Whats your suggestions???
The best way to stop smoking? Chop your fingers off so you can't hold a cigarette/cigar/pipe/whatever.
Drop one of these on your skull

Best way to stop smoking is to never start.


I guess nicotine patches can work.
But it's all dependent on the person.
If they really want to quit,
they'll find a way to do its!
I found the best way to stop was to just do it almost spontaneously without having it on your mind much before hand, stopping completely without trying to ease yourself off them with patches and wot not, done the job, chewing gum seemed to help also btw.
I like your sig.

Yes nicotine patches work! Today has been 1 year and 3 months for me. You don't necessarily have to have the patch on during the time it suggests, because I only wore it for 5 days, and at the last day I took it off to spend a day nicotine free, I only put it back on to take the edge off. The trick is to forget how to smoke. Part of the addiction comes from the nicotine but the other half involves the hand movement of putting the cig to your mouth.
I found the best way to stop was to just do it almost spontaneously without having it on your mind much before hand, stopping completely without trying to ease yourself off them with patches and wot not, done the job, chewing gum seemed to help also btw.


just stop!!! take it like if you had never done it before.
If that were the case the world would be a very edgy place.
The only people I know who were actually able to quit ( really quit) did it by going cold turkey .
My dad stopped smoking over 10 years ago and he said it was actually pretty easy for him. I find that odd since it's usually extremely difficult, he must be one of the rarer cases then. Maybe he just wasn't that big of a smoker, at least not a chain smoker, so when he wanted to quit he set his mind to it and did it.

I've also heard chewing gum helps. *nods* It keeps your mouth "occupied", you're less fidgety I've heard, and you think of chewing instead of getting a smoke. Sure it's hard at the beginning but I believe those who say that it can help. You have to find something new to do instead of smoking. Something that can replace smoking while you're trying to quit.

Sounds hard to do but it works for some people.
Some behavioral psychologists can make people kill the habit in a weird way. When you come in for an appointment, they will tell you to continue to smoke as many cigarettes as you can until you can't anymore, or get tired of smoking them. They will continue to tell you to do this while until you kill your own habit due to being tired of it. I've studied some of this in my psychology class.
Nicotine gum/patches never worked for anyone i've ever known. I stopped smoking by simply not buying any more. Once you get over the physical need to hold a cigarette, it's plain sailing from there. It's a case of breaking the physical habit as much/if not more so than the mental one.
No one quits until they really, truly want to. I quit over three years ago cold turkey and never looked back. Some people need coaching from someone who specializes in smoking cessation, some people need the patches or gum, some people need hypnosis, and some people even need something like Wellbutrin to help them quit. There's no one right way to stop. It just depends on the person. Some people can just stop and be done, other's can't. For me, I got really heavy back into my fitness and weight training. It gave me goals and activities that simply did not coincide with smoking at all. It was something I wanted more than a cigarette. A friend of mine took up running when he quit and has done several marathons in the last couple years (he quit right around the same time I did). But, neither of us would have stopped if we weren't ready to do it to begin with. Maybe your dad needs to talk to someone who's got experience in helping people quit? If he's been smoking a long time he simply may not know how to go about giving it up. It's too much a part of him and his psyche at this point to just stop, possibly. Most cities have groups offering smoking cessation programs, so you might look into that.

i keep getting sucked back into smoking. I smoked for about 15 years and recently quit about 3 months ago. It was going good but i've broken down and been smoking at partys and stuff recently. There are alot of triggers for smokers... being in the car, after eating, being at a bar, out with friends, there are alot of triggers in most everything you do in your daily activitys, its just a matter of finding something you can do when those triggers come up,. and being strong when they do lol unlike me ;) made it 3 months.. now, just the rest of my life to go.
My dad smoked for almost 30 years and took this stop smoking pill and hasnt had a cigarette for several months. I told a buddy about this and he tried it, he also quit.
We're all so cynical.
Cold turkey. No one's going to quit smoking unless they really want to. My grandmother went through patches and gum for years, always turning back to cigarettes in the end. Then one day a doctor told her that if she continued smoking, she was going to die. She stopped that very day, and hasn't looked back.
Just get some pure nicotine and administer it intraversely using a syringe, that will help your cravings :up:
It will probably kill you too but whatever, if you're not serious then I guess I can't help you
Or remember that smoking is an oral fixation, that's right for the ladies out there... Go to your man, he'll gladly give you a healthy alternative :p

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