Whats the difference between Jam and Jelly

Piper Maru

Jul 7, 2012
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I found myself at a crossroads the other day. I'm not sure which one to select. So I come before you today, humbled and humiliated. What's the difference between Jam and Jelly?
Jam has fruit pulp in it, Jelly doesn't. Otherwise they are very similar.
As long as you don't eat preserves like some kind of pantywaist, you're good.
What brand names do you guys recommend? Is Smuckers any good?
This is a big thing for you isn't it?
I like jam; jelly is nasty to me for some reason. The fruit preserves add texture.
This is a big thing for you isn't it?

You have no idea of the implications here. I want to watch Judge Dredd and eat peanut butter and Jelly/Jam sandwiches. I just need to know which one to select.
So I should go with Jam it seems. What's the best flavor?
Jam is more spreadable.Jelly sort of just sits there in a blob,waiting to fall out of/off of your bread.
I'm more of a Jam person
I kept using Jelly for Gelatin dessert about 7 years
Spider-Aziz, you said you kept using Jelly for Gelatin dessert for 7 years, why did you stop? Did something happen? Was it too messy?

So I'm going to go with Jam, it seems to be more user friendly. I'm thinking of strawberry, but raspberry also calls to me.
Yeah, it was messy

Any jam I'd go with has to be red
Now I just need to decide to which Judge Dredd film I need to watch. The original, or the new one?
You should let people on the internet make all your decisions for you more often. It would be extremely amusing. For us at least.

Though honestly, if you were a writer or blogger, that sounds like one of those projects they would take on. "Here's my article about letting people on the internet decide all my decisions for me."
smuckers for strawberry welchs for grape for me :)
It's been forever since I last had Welchs. I think I'm going to pick up a jar of it as well, I hope it tastes as good as I remember.

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