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Comics When do scott and jean wed?

Super Flight

Jan 17, 2006
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What part of time in the comics do jean and scott get married?
i havent been reading the comics so i have no idea about when it is. is it after the dark pheniox saga?

Oh, it's long after the Dark Phoenix Saga. That cover is from a comic made in 1994.
They got married right after the Fatal Atractions saga, Wolverine didnt attend the ceremony because he left the x-men right after Magneto ripped off the adamantium from his bones, so he just sent a letter to scott and jean wishing them the best
You have the name of the series, the issue number on that cover, just look to your top left...
Yes it was, I loved when Alex hugged Lorna from behind and she threatened to magnetically wrap a buick to the next person who asked when they would get married (which she almost did when they almost got married).

Also loved the fact that if Ororo hadn't created those weather conditions the wedding would not have been to happen where it did, seeing as it was January. :p
And Jean used her powers so she and Xavier and danced together
I loved that issue as well. Beautifully done.

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