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Batman Begins Which Batman Begins Toy

Batman, Ducard, Ra's Al Ghul(ken version), and Scarecrow. The small figures. I was thinking about getting a Tumbler.
The Battle Gear Batman, The Target variant, The Tumbler and The Scarecrow and Skull Strike Scarecrow.
I just got the Battle Gear Batman and The Tumbler. I didn't really have the time/couldn't find anything else that looked remotely good.
Battle Gear and Action Cape Batman. Broke the Action Cape one, I plan on turning it into a statue at some point. Would like to get the Takara 1/6 figure when it comes out If I can save up the dough for it.
Battle Gear Batman, Scarecrow, Ra's Al Ghul, Ra's Al Ghul (Liam version), and the Tumbler. (not the purple one)
Just the Tumbler and Batmobile Hot Wheels cars. The actual figures didn't quite do it for me.

i am saving up for this
The Hot Wheels Tumbler
Toy Fare Collector's edition and will be buying the Hot Wheels 1:16 Tumbler model shortly.
I don't buy toys anymore. Too much poorness.

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