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Which mutants should have been in X3?

please post in this one rather than the other one. it was a mistake lol
If i vote for any of them.... SCARLET WITCH... with the abilty to change your luck of what might happen? NO NO NO NO NO never in a movie ever. I would like to see Maverick, Nick Fury, Sabertooth back, maybe gambit.... maybe. Paige, husk, penace, and the whole story about the legacy virus as a battle rages. Maybe shadow king done in an ULTIMATE rewrite kinda style. More personified and less lizard. Oh... and the white queen herself of course!
I would have liked to have seen Magneto's family. Perhaps in the Magneto movie will get to see Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.
I'd like to see Sinister, Gambit, White Queen and Deathstrike (I don't know, Sinister could make another clone of her). Somehow, they could combine the Mutant Massacre storyline with the Hellfire Club. And also, an army of Sentinels and Trask. I know they're not mutants, but whatever.
Oh, sorry, forget my last post. It's for X4. Anyway, yeah, Gambit should've been in this one in a decent-sized role. Nightcrawler-sized role.
Three blue mutants. Sounds good. ;) Yeah, Nightcrawler is next to Gambit on my list. I really loved those "bamfs".
They leaved him out for external reasons, so he should have appeared again, like an already established character, so bad move in my opinion
Yeah, I know. I would've loved to see some more of his moves and more of him with Mystique.
Nightcrawler hands down. He was a proven success, his uniqueness didn't overlap with other mutants, and he had a bit of a storyline going that could have been explored further.
Instead of Arclight, they could've put in Avalanche.
Which mutants should have been in x3... um... gambit, emma frost, apocalypse, mr sinister, forge, nightcrawler, and many more. lol. is that too much to ask? ;):p
Emma versus Jean..Jean would bust Emma's ass. :ghost:
Definitely Gambit, Emma Frost and Nightcrawler. I only want to see Quicksilver if he's gonna be as cool as in X-men Evo.
I'd like to see them exploring Magneto's history in the future movies. That would mean adding Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. I liked both of them from the X-Men: Evolution show.

They should've added Gambit instead of Quill, Avalanche instead of Arclight and Deathstrike instead of...erm...some Brotherhood member that will have a decent fighting time against Wolverine.
I voted for Gambit but I also think it's a shame that we haven't seen Toad or Sabretooth since X1.
The Toad/Nightcrawler fight posted in another thread would've been awesome to seen. It'd be great if we see them back again in future films.

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