Mutants Cameos for X3?


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Basically is a whole mess of threads to read so I might as well start a new one here (if this has been done, I'm sorry). There are supposed to be many cameos in X3 but most are just talk (ie Gambit.) So, who knows which mutan is actually going to be in it?

I heard Dazzler and Scarlet witch were but I doubt it. And also, wouldn't it look kind of bad for these mutants to be reduce to backround (Scarlet witch being the doughter of Mags.)

Just thought I see what other mutants other ppl thought or know are going to be in X3. If you have set pics to prove it, post them.
there already is a cameo thread, I believe... hang on I'll look for it.
Hot Flamer? Oy, I choose the wrong week to be polite.
why does this thread title have a question mark at the end?

i hate it when that happens
isnt it funny how anything with a question mark makes you read the sentance differently?


I love skittles.

I love skittles?

Mwahaha, power of punctuation. (im not high)
I think there isn't an official Cameo Thread, so it's interesting to have one don't?

Could you, Hot flamer, change the actual title?
What is the list of confirmed cameos?

- Omega Red
- Multiple man
- Callisto
- Stacy-x
- M
- Emma Frost
- Dazzler

Which more do we've heard, was rumoured or are possible?

Avalanche, Cannoball, Scarlet Witch, Marrow, Sunfire, Polaris...
Emma Frost and Dazzler aren't in the movie.
Omega Red is just a rumor.
OH! and Stacy-X is apparantly more then a cameo.
newwaveboy87 said:
OH! and Stacy-X is apparantly more then a cameo.

screw stacy- whatever!!!

omega red is sad news to me!:(

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