Which other versions of the Hulk do you want to appear in the sequels?

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Jul 29, 2007
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I'm all for the Grey Hulk/Joe Fixit & the Devil Hulk. If by some miracle we do get the Devil Hulk he should be portrayed closer to his Hulk: Ultimate Destruction incarnation where he's trying to break free of Banner's mind & come into the real world but the Hulk has to fight him & take him down. However, instead of winning, he should lose in which the Devil Hulk escapes but instead of being in possession of Banner's body he's in possession of his very own body.
The Grey Hulk. I love the Grey Hulk!!
If we do get the Grey Hulk he needs to be as witty as he is in the comics & in other media.
Well, the main thing that separates him from the savage Hulk is that he is more intelligent. If LL shows that, he's already different from the savage Hulk.
Having the Grey Hulk, well, grey and more intelligent is good.

Having him be something of a horndog, and working as a leg breaker in Vegas is another that would make him even more distinct from the childlike Savage Hulk as well.

If the Grey Hulk is to be explored in the film universe, I would want these aspects of his character explored as well in order to make him as distinct in character as possible.
I'd say that Banner could be on the run & at night he turns into the Grey Hulk & heads to Las Vegas. By day he tries to work on a cure & by night the Grey Hulk, as Joe Fixit, works as a bodyguard.
Grey Hulk could appear: I mean in third films superheroes tend to deal with their dark sides don't they? The first film is always the origin and the second is always the lifestyle struggle.
The Grey Hulk isn't really the dark side of the Hulk, he's just the intelligent Hulk. If you want to go with them dealing with the Hulk's dark side, they'd have to do with either the Devil Hulk or the Guilt Hulk.
Hmmm. But you could interpret him as just being a meaner, grouchier Hulk, whereas the Savage Hulk is actually quite friendly and child-like when not pissed.
Nah, they should just keep him as a bodyguard in Las Vegas & as a smartass.
Gravage is my favorite Hulk. He represents the best of all things Hulk to me. When Banner first transforms into the Hulk, he should have the wits, cunning and craftiness of the Gray Hulk because he is not engulfed in anger. But when his anger reaches a certain level, he should start to lose his intelligence somewhat and become close to what the Savage Hulk's mentality is, without completely going third person on us. His talking in third person should slip out every now and then.

My theory is that a trash talking Hulk would be just as accepted as big mouth anti-good guy wrestlers the Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin. As long as Hulk is shown being heroic he will not be looked at as the threat by movie goers, no matter how much crap comes out his mouth.
I'd like it if they explored the gray hulk persona but not mr.fixit, hulk in a suit as a bouncer would be very lame in a movie imo.
It would actually be better for us to get the regular Grey Hulk unless they set up a good enough story for him to be Mr. Fixit.
It would actually be better for us to get the regular Grey Hulk unless they set up a good enough story for him to be Mr. Fixit.

To be honestly, fixit worked in the comics but I don't see any story working in a movie without it coming across as corny or lame.
Well, you're probably right about that one.

Btw, anyone want to see Red Hulk or do you all think he just needs to stay in the comics?

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