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Who has the best DBZ move?



Final Flash and Vegito's sword attack he used on Janemba would probably be my favorite. Big Bang and Bebi's Death Ball would be close seconds.
I always dug Tienshinhan's Solar Flare and Krillin's Destructo Disc.

Oh and the real name of Piccolo's move is the DEMON SCREW. They changed it for the kiddies.
The Kamehameha wave is always going to be my favourate ever since he learned it in dragonball. I do love the move where Broly does the head slaming thing. The Tri beam cannon is cool too
I always liked Tien's Tri Beam alot.


I also liked the Warp Kamehameha. (Instant Transmission Kamehameha)


My favorite attack(s) in all of DBZ has to be Janemba's sword attacks/teleporting.

I have to say. Top 5
Vegeta's Final Flash and Big Bang,
Goku's Kamekameha
Gogeta's Big Bang Kamekameha
Frieza's Death Ball
Yamcha's Wolf Fang Fist
Chatzou's suicide attack bomb or something because he didn't even kill Nappa:o :up:
Trunk's Finish Buster and Buster Canon. KameHameha comes at 2'nd

Super Saiyan 4 Goku- Kamehameha X10

Vegeta- Big Bang Attack
Kamehameha and final flash, calssic and deadly moves :up:
another favorite of mine is the Big Bang Kamehameha

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