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DBZ Appreciation Thread


King Littlefinger
Jul 4, 2005
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i truely think that BDZ is one of the greatest animated cartoons. i like the characters, the villians, the moves and the action. this is a thread for people to say why they like DBZ so much , and what parts work the best for them
You Silly Goose you typed DBZ wrong. I love pretty much everything about DBZ cept well Fat-Boo. :) :) :) :) :)
indeed i did , i am indeed a Silly Goose
Let's hear it for the great Namek race!!!!!
BY the way is piccolo like the strongest namek ever to live , because I thought he was.
He is. He's a SuperNamekian. They totally underrated him in that show. The only part that pissed me off was when they got off the Android Saga, the only way you could even have a seminal power level that almost put you on the radar meant you have to be a Saiyajin.
Hush said:
You Silly Goose you typed DBZ wrong. I love pretty much everything about DBZ cept well Fat-Boo. :) :) :) :) :)

fat buu kicks ace. dbz is a fricken awesome show.
Fat Buu rocked!!! But I loved the part where Buu reverted back a form because Gotenks' fusion wore off inside of him. lol
fat buu is so fricken cool, i love his voice, especially when he says do u like chocolate. lmao. its so cool.
at first I hated that attack. but I kind of like it now.
Well, it's technically one of the most powerful attacks. lol But I liked it because he just turned them into food and ate them.
Toys. It'd probably be better known as "Transformation Attack."

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