Who here thinks THE FLASH cannot support his own movie?


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Dec 6, 2007
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I don't think Flash has the stories, and characters and ESPECIALLY powers (since he can only run fast) to support the action scenes and the entire story of a Flash movie. What do yall think?



By the way, The Flash has super speed. Running fast is not the only thing he can do.
I am unsure if its a good enought for movie. i belive a serie yes but not a movie.
I don't think he can support a $150-200 million movie on his own, no.

Something much lower I'd say is worth considering. A first Flash movie should be made for like $80-100 million.
I don't think Flash has the stories, and characters and ESPECIALLY powers (since he can only run fast) to support the action scenes and the entire story of a Flash movie. What do yall think?

He has enough of all of that to get decades of his own title, not to mention a live action TV series and a part in one of the best superhero animated series ever.

Hell, if Ghost Rider had enough of all that to support his (bad) movie, Flash certainly can.
Flash's biggest problem is that his rogue gallery absolutely sucks. Of all the mainstream superheroes, his rogues are possibly the worst. That being said, I don't think its impossible. Create an original villain, one who shares the Flash's super speed (because that is the only way you can have a real battle.
^^^^^You mean like Zoom.

I definitely think the Flash can hold his own movie. Very unique to other superheroes legacy is a big part of the Flash, I think he can have an interesting cool movie.
I always found that the Flash had good and over the top villains. I read the adventures of Barry Allen Flash, and I also enjoyed the 1991 series on CBS. Given the right director, writer, and actor...The Flash could speed up to the top of box office charts.
I think The Flash can support his own film. Like someone stated above, he can do more than just run fast. Although that is what he is best known for, a live action film could display what else he can do as well. Making him even more impressive than what he might generally be percieved as with the public. As far as his rogues gallery goes, some have potential to be great. And some dont. I kinda liked Captain Cold's revamp for the 1990's tv show. I'm sure he could be tweaked to a point where he would make for an awesome villain. Same goes for Zoom, and maybe perhaps others as well.
What are you talking about...Flashes Rogues Gallery is probably the second best next to Batman. Start reading some of his comics before you judge. Captain Cold is a hundred times more bad ass than Mr Freeze...
I've seen a number of people refer to the Rogues as substandard, only to find out that they're simply not familiar with them. Prior to delving into Flash's history, I wasn't that impressed myself, but Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, Zoom, etc. make for a more than impressive group of villains.

Making good use of Flash's powers, which extend far beyond 'just running fast' would be a spectacle that hasn't been seen on the big screen. The Scarlet Speedster can certainly support his own movie.
Flash's rogues can be great characters, that I can agree with. That doesn't mean they can sell a huge movie though.

But do you honestly think he can support a $150-200 million movie? I don't think so. I think that's aiming way too high for a first time Flash movie.
150-200M is too much for a character that the general public isn't that familiar with. That's more along the lines of Bats, Supes or Spidey. I do think Flash would do well with something a little north of 100M though. Perhaps less depending on how efficient the FX work is done.
Flash is a poor character period imo and considering he is one of DC flagship characters that is a major crime he is another DC character who has changed little since his conception 50+ years ago.
On the contrary, there have been 3 Scarlet Speedsters since he was first conceived, and has not had much of a rest unlike many other comics.

Not to mention they've actually killed one of them (Barry) and had everyone else deal with the repercussions.

So not changed? I don't think so. And this is from someone unfamiliar with these comics.
Why kill of these characters? another mistake from DC NEVER kill of one of your flagship characters its more then the powers of a hero we all like its also thier character and personality this is why if DC ever kill of batman and replace him i will never read the comic again. DC can kill of speedsters because they know they are one dimensional nobodys at heart they wont permanently ever kill and replace batman, superman because they know the fans will stop reading in droves.
In referring to the Flash as 'having little change since his inception' and 'one-dimensional nobodies', how familiar are you with the character's history? There are several distinctions between Jay, Barry, Wally and Bart, including their personalities, the villains they face, their connection to the Speed Force and even the tone of the stories they're involved in. They're hardly carbon copies of one another or empty shells bearing the same hero name.

The mantle of the Flash is handled as a legacy. It represents a different dynamic, especially when one or more of the Flashes interact. It's no more an indication of being one-dimensional than any of the various Green Lanterns. Besides, killing off or replacing a popular/flagship character is hardly limited to DC.
I could not disagree with the title of the topic any more. The Flash is a really interesting and dynamic character. If you think what he can do is just run fast you are not even touching upon the tip of what he can do. Read a couple Flash comics or the novel "Stop Motion" by Mark Schultz (one of the better Flash stories).

Loved the old series too, I was watching one of the episodes last night.
I think people just aren't familiar with him....his villains can be made serious threats, as they've been redone time and again over the years. His speed is his main power, but you've seen what he can do in JL, and Luthor did when they switched bodies..he can be a dangerous mother****er if he truly could focus. Add to the fact that he's a fun-loving non-angsty guy(except when it gets extremely serious) and it would make for a good film to be honest.
It also depends on the Flash we are talking about. You have Barry who's a great cop, scientist, devoted husband and always trying to live up to the other heroes (Superman, GL). Or there is is fun loving guy who does not take anything seriously in Wally. You could go serious or light with it.

Every time I watch CSI or any of it's spin offs I keep thinking how awesome it would be to just throw Barry in there.
flashes rogues are awesome. Especially after what Geoff Johns did with them
The Flash could easily support a movie. The Flash has a rich legacy concept, several great rogues, and great inner character conflict to mine for various stories. As well as fantastic powers that would make great visuals.

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