Guardians of the Galaxy Who should be th villain in Vol. 3

I just assumed it'd be Adam Warlock (for obvious reasons) but I've always wanted to see Annihilus in live action, thought he always looked cool.
I am hoping High Evolutionary will be reveled as the scientist who created Rocket - remains to be see if that makes him a villain or not...
How long does it take to grow someone in those pods?

We left the guardians 4 years ago (second film meant to be shortly after the first?).
Adam's not in infinity :(.
So where do we go? He emerges chases them, then they face a baddie and team up?
Magus might be a bit quick.
Warlock/Magus could be the villain or maybe somebody else. The High Evolutionary would make sense too.
I think its both of them. High Evolutionary to solve Rockets backgroundstory and Warlock, because he was already teased in both movies after credits
So we know based on the end credits in Vol. 2 that...

Ayesha and the Sovereign will be back, along with Adam Warlock being introduced.

But I feel that there needs to be someone in addition to that.

I know Gunn has mentioned wanting to use Annihilus, though obviously he's at Fox, but maybe they can work something out. The High Evolutionary strikes me as interesting possibility and would have some relevance in regards to the scene in question.
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