Why do people act like comic characters have to be popular


Jan 22, 2005
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for a movie to be made about them and to be good and successful? A good movie is a good movie. Regardless of popularity. Not very many non comic readers knew about Iron Man before his movie. And if it wasn't for that movie's successfulness, we wouldn't have gotten Captain America or Thor. Much less Avengers. Captain America's previous movie was that awful 1990 film. And Thor's even lesser known than Iron Man.

I know Iron Man had a cartoon in the 90s, but how many people actually watched it back then? How many people actually even remember it? It only lasted two seasons due to bad ratings. It seems most people mainly remember the 90s X-men and Spider-man cartoons.

Blade also wasn't very well known before his movies came out and that's where most of his popularity comes from. Beforehand, I doubt many non comic readers gave a damn about him. Hell, it was the first Blade movie, that pretty much jumpstarted the Marvel movie craze. Movies like Green Lantern, the Ghost Rider, and the Punisher films didn't do too well, because they weren't very good. Not simply because they weren't as popular as X-men, Spider-man, or Batman.

And I'm not talking about people on these forums, I'm talking about on other forums. People are using this against GOTG. If they get a good director, a good cast(maybe some well known actors), and if the trailer makes the movie look interesting to people, they'll go see it. Regardless of they know the characters beforehand or not. And if the movie turns out to be good and gets postive word of the mouth, then more people will go see it.
Well, if we want to keep getting great movies based on them they have to be popular, don't they?
Because its probably easier to sell the movie to the mainstream audience?
And this goes back to what I was saying about Blade. And there's also Hellboy whom had no exposure to any other media outside his comics before his first movie.

How has "previous knowledge" of a property ever mattered at all? Did people know what Star Wars was before the movie came out? How about Avatar? Alien? The Matrix? People will go see it if there is a good trailer. Period.
Blade, John Constantine and Hellboy were pretty obscure to audiences but were successful.

It helps if a comic character is popular but what matters really is if the movie is good and its marketed well.

Its not impossibly to make successful movies out of less popular characters its all about the vision and execution.

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