Why Wii's success is a shot in the foot for the Big N

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Mar 9, 2001
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I posted this in the nintendo Forums but i want U guys opinions also

I want to see if some of you agree that because the Wii is a success is actually a double edged sword for Nintendo. First Put Fanboyism aside for a minute because I love nintendo as much as u. I own a Wii and a 360. But here's how i look at it. Microsoft and Sony have for all intents and purposes Future proof consoles. With Hd Tv's becoming more and more affordable the hd boom is either already here or its right on the horizon. More people are going to be gaming in hd or viewing movies on hd. The 360 and ps3 even though they are behind the wii right now in sales will continue to pick up speed. (not to mention you cant find a wii right now). That being said the lifecycle of ps3 and 360 is at least 4 0r 5 years or longer. But the wii even though breaking new ground with control will start to look really dated in my opinion in 2 years. When nintendo realizes that hd is going to be more profitable they're going to want to come out with Wii 2 in hd or something. This causes 2 problems. Everybody who bought a wii is going to feel jipped because they released a succesor so soon. and two when this new console comes out it will drop Nintendo's install base back to 0. While ps3 and 360 still have thier originall install bases. I'm sure they'll be at least 7 million ps3's in homes by then and even more 360's in homes. If you were a developer who would you support more. What do you guys think.
Shouldn't this be in the Nintendo forum and not the Microsoft one?
nintendo shot themselves in the game attachment rate with the wii.
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