Wii Will Rock You!--N5's Official Name [merged 2]

GoldenAgeHero said:
you have got to be the bumbest person alive, who really gives damn about saying nintendo wii? i can imagine the sales person getting the console for you, thats what i imagine! so stop acting childish about it.

Your new name is wii-tard.
Lackey said:
Touching is good.:up:
Lucy Pinder isn't the hottest girl around, so I can stand her covering up.
Addendum said:
Lucy never shows nipple, so it's no problem

guess you missed out on the Lucy Pinder/Sophie Howard happy fun lesbian beach party pictures. :(
Gammy v.2 said:
Lucy doesn't show nipple there either.
I checked :(

oh, I guess that was Sophie Howard, then... I'm sorry, I wasn't looking at their faces.
pinder has like one see through picture.

that's about it.
Weaving "Wii" jokes into pop culture is a practice that has officially died.
so, if someone ask me what system i have, i say i have a "WE". how corny is that???
Bah, Just say Nintendo :up:... Thats what we used to say 'back in the day' :(
Hahahaha!!! that one makes me laugh... I can just picture some kid standing in his living room with that stuff :D

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