Batman Begins will the scarecrow steal the show in batman begins?

Peter L Griffin

Aug 31, 2004
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in a similar way to that of vader in star wars, could the scarecrow steal the show in batman begins? after reading the script and seeing the pic, i must say, i think he could. why?
1)-hes in less scenes, but all the ones hes in are awesome(lighting batman on fire, kidnaping katie ect) thus the wanting more factor occurs MAJORLY.
2)-neesons "character" is a good guy for 3/4 of the movie. he doesnt ooze evil or posess the creepiness that the scarecrow does.
3)-the scarecrow is a big reason why the second half of the script kicks.
4)-the scarecrow looks a lot cooler then neesons.
5)-the scarecrow is more of the traditional villain type. its comparing Nicholsons joker in BATMAN, in that batman knows about him, fights him, has entertainign and funs scenes with/against/caused by him, vs. Hackmans Luthor, where he doesnt immerge as a VILLAIN until the end. nicholsons wins there, and i expect the scarecrow to win here. murphy is a fine actor and will be damn creepy, while neesons will be more like the teacher vs. the student.

looks wise there no comparison.



Scarecrow will be like Darth Maul....totally koo....:batman:
i agree, darth maul more then vader...then again to me, maul stole the show in espisode 1, i mean he is the one everyone talked about, and dressed up for halloween, ect. i expect a similar thing to happen scarecrow.
I dont think scarecrow will steal the show after all goyer and nolan said this is a movie about batman this time not about the villian.I do think he will be cool not darth maul cool but still good with some exciting confrontations with bats.
by the way whered you read the script?
the movie is about batman, but because its batmans show, he cant steal it. scarecrow could steal just because he looks, is written, and is cast, perfectly. You couldnt make him any scarier or any cooler.
we wont now the answer to who will steal the show- till we atleast see the real pics :up: *crosses fingers and continues looking at callender and now watch* 15 more hours
i live in the US too, but the up date will prolly come at around 3-4 tomrrow pm, i live in NJ :up:
Crane's character is going to have to be seriously "beefed-up" in order to steal the show. The only way to describe the effect his role will have, as written in the script, is a "Darth Maulish" "soldier" villain. He gets no background, no development, no motivation, and his full name is only mentioned once. I trust Nolan will develop him more. Frankly, I found "Scarecrow" in Goyer's draft to simply be a lame villain.
his motivation is that hell be "getting paid", and hes not th main character, its batman. hes just a character in his script. but imo he could be(when he is the scarecrow, not crane) the best bat villain yet.
peanut butter or whatever i steal from the girl scouts
Peter, you made some excellent points, i dont believe we'll have another villian stealing the show a la Joker, Batman is finally the central character which im sure you're aware of, but scarecrow will definitely be awesome
Well, first off, i feel that Joker didnt Steal any thing because the whole movie was his to start with
that said-

I think that Neeson and Bale will comand this movie, while Scarecrow will shock and scare us, he will be a GREAT (dont think for a second that i am underminding the character or preformance) but for me,
Ra's and Scarecrow are my favorite villains - lucky me.
so neeson is what i am looking forward to most- also after reading the script, i think that Crane will be perfect for this movie and perfect after the re-writes but with the amounts of screentime, Bale and Neeson will hold this movie, also i think that scarecrow wasnt meant to own it, if he is seen to often, his element will be lost, but he will be OUTSTANDING, no doubt in my mind :up:

btw does anyone think the pics will be emailed at exactly 12:00 am?
Peter L Griffin said:
looks wise there no comparison.




there is no comparison to the freaky factor but doubt count Neeson out, read my extreme spoilers "NEESON CAN DO IT" thread :up:
thats a good point, but comic book boy made a great point with episod one, which leads me to another. darth sidious was the main villain, and had more lines and screentime then darth maul, if i recall correctly. but the one everyone remembers is darth maul. when people look back on begins, the villain they mention willbe the one who came out the best, and i think theyll say "thats that great one, with the scarecrow."
nah, sidious didnt have that much screentime, and also fought no one, Neeson is the key fighter in this film
true...together (scarecrow and neeson) they combine for great villains...i just see people walking away from the theatre talking about the scarecrow more then anything else, apart from batman and how amazing the movie is.
yeah, i think that the will be like- WOW HE LOOKED AWESOME, but i think that he wont comand the movie, just be another great sticking point :up:

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