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Nov 17, 2005
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Gotta register to read it but I'm running out the door. Just wanted to share link:


Thanks! But you don't have to register - just click "here" at the link and it takes you to the home page with the headline. But here it is:

Ice Blacks training interrupted by Wolverine
by Tracy Roxburgh
Thursday 10th January 2008

QUEENSTOWN may be preparing itself for Hollywood fever as filming for Hollywood blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine nears, but one group of Queenstown residents has been left high and, quite literally, dry, with the production studio renting the Queenstown Fun Centre.

The Otago Daily Times understands the ice was taken off the rink recently and the surface will remain dry possibly until March.

Rumours are circulating the Fun Centre may be earning as much as $4000 a week for the rental.

While it may be an excellent business decision, Queenstown’s ice hockey players and management are miffed at the call.

Ice Blacks manager Charlie Reid, of Queenstown, said he was told before Christmas the ice would be taken off for up to three months.

There are 10 Queenstown ice hockey players due to head into their final training camp in Auckland at the end of this month, vying for selection in the New Zealand ice hockey team to compete in the division 2 World Championships in Australia in April.

The Ice Blacks last year won the division 3 title in Ireland.

Mr Reid said the decision to rent the rink to Wolverine meant a planned training camp in Queenstown for February had to be moved to Christchurch.

While some squad members would have to travel regardless of where the camps were held, the biggest issue was the lack of valuable ice time the Queenstown players had heading in to the selection camp, Mr Reid said. Although he was angry at what happened, Mr Reid could empathise. ‘‘ . . . if I were the rink, I’d probably do the same thing.’’ The lack of ice meant players were concentrating on off-ice training, but they would need to make trips to Dunedin or Gore to get any ice time, which was ‘‘not ideal at all’’.

All the costs associated with that and the training camps had to be met by players, Mr Reid said.

‘‘I’d like to think that the rink will be nice and generous and sponsor some ice time for the Southern Stampede the regional ice hockey team.

‘‘I could have been difficult and said ‘you said February was OK and the flights are booked for the training camp’, but I want to try and work with them.’’

Mr Reid said there had been an indication the money made from Wolverine would be put back into the rink facilities, which was ‘‘easy to say’’.

If the ice did go back on in March, it would be ‘‘too late’’ for the Ice Blacks, who would already be in a pre-tournament training camp in China, before heading to Sydney and then Newcastle.

Simon Glass, the 2007 Ice Blacks captain said yesterday while it was ‘‘a bit of a shame’’ he understood why the Fun Centre made the decision.

‘‘The rink said they’re going to put proceeds back into the facility, which is going to be good for the rink . . . it will benefit us in the long term.

‘‘We’re a little bit disappointed but such is life.’’

In the interim, the squad would be spending more time in the gym and playing roller-hockey which was not quite the same as having ice time, but followed the same principals, Glass said.

It is unclear what theWolverine production will do with the building.
Oh those Aussie/NZ expressions (jandals??? chilly bin???)!


X Men e bro
Updated: 07:27, Thursday January 10, 2008

The US writers' strike is having some unlikely benefit for film projects in Australia and New Zealand, and Queenstown looks set to become the next big-budget movie site.

New Zealand's reputation Hollywood offshoot, has been given a boost, with filming on the fourth movie in the X-Men series, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is expected to begin in the land of the long white cloud soon.

Studio officials have refused to reveal the exact date for filming.

Gavin Hood, who directed 2005 Academy Award-winning foreign film Tsotsi, has been confirmed to direct the movie, while Australian Hugh Jackman will return as the title character, Wolverine.

It is unlikely though that Wolverine will be getting around in any jandals, or using a chilly bin in the film.

But the news is choice for the locals...eh bro!
A bit more info in this one:


Wolverine production takes hockey players off ice

Thursday, 10 January 2008
Wolverine takes hockey players off ice

A Hollywood film starring Hugh Jackman that is using an ice rink in Queenstown has forced top ice hockey players to practise elsewhere for upcoming New Zealand team selections.

It was reported today that ice had been taken off the rink at the Queenstown Fun Centre to accommodate the film company for the fourth movie in the X-Men series, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which start Hugh Jackman.

Ice Blacks manager Charlie Reid, of Queenstown, said he was told before Christmas the ice would be taken off for up to three months.

He said the decision to rent the rink to Wolverine meant a planned training camp in Queenstown for February had to be moved to Christchurch.

Reid said there were 10 Queenstown ice hockey players due to head into their final training camp in Auckland at the end of the month, vying for selection in the New Zealand ice hockey team to compete in the division 2 world championships in Australia in April.

He said the biggest issue was the lack of valuable ice time the Queenstown players had heading in to the upcoming selection camp.

Ice Blacks 2007 captain Simon Glass said he thought the centre was being used by Wolverine for storage.

He said it was an inconvenience to players because they would not be able to train on the ice.

However, Glass said it would be good for the team in the long run because the money would go back in to the arena.

Queenstown Lakes District Council said it knew Wolverine was using the Fun Centre for storage but did not know if the ice had been removed.

A person from Wolverine said no one could give a comment because they did not have a publicist yet. - NZPA

Did you guys see this???

Wolverine Shooting Update
Movie Wolverine Posted By: PuppetMaster / Source
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I love when readers write in with scoops. So thanks to a scooper who writes in from the set of Wolverine with an update on how things are going. They tell us quote;
Scenes out of the upcoming Wolverine Movie will be shot in Mosman (Sydney, Australia) at an Australian Naval Base, HMAS Penguin. I have sighted both location personnel and others checking grounds for possible film locations: as well as an orange and brown striped business card for "Wolverine Pictures Pty Ltd" - featuring a picture of our fave clawed mutant with the heading "He's the best at what he does.. and what he does isn't very nice". Great to be a fan AND work at ground zero!
I am very excited for the Wolverine movie and believe it will be the best of all the comic book hero flicks yet! Lets hope it delivers some serious ass kicking!
Not sure how true the New Zealand/four months part is since how much time will that leave for Fox Studios and how long will this film?


Little let-up for Hugh
January 21, 2008

Hugh Jackman is sharpening his claws for his next action flick, with the actor shifting to New Zealand to film Wolverine.

Jackman, who enjoyed three weeks' holiday with his wife Deborra-lee Furness and kids Oscar and Ava, will reprise his role as the hairy action hero from the X-Men films.

The spin-off film, which is officially tagged X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is in pre-production in New Zealand. Jackman, who had only a brief break between the end of filming Australia and the start of Wolverine, said he didn't mind having a short holiday.

"Most people get four weeks in a year so I don't think anybody will be crying for me," Jackman says. "I'm compartmentalising it in a different way - I'll just work on that [Wolverine] and then I'll take a bit of time off after that."

The involvement of actor Liev Schreiber in the film has prompted rumours Naomi Watts might return to the southern hemisphere with her young son Alexander to accompany Schreiber on set.

Speculation is also rife young Australian actor Kodi Smit-McPhee (who appeared opposite Eric Bana in Romulus, My Father) has scored a key role in the film, which will be a major Hollywood breakthrough for the child star.

Wolverine will be on location in New Zealand for at least four months. The film is due for release next year.


WILL HINE/Southland Times/Image ID 118672
PREPARING FOR THE PACK: Gabrielle Hine at the set for Wolverine, on top of Deer Park Heights.

Wolverine crew gets set for action in Queenstown
The Southland Times
Monday, 21 January 2008

Locations crew have begun building the sets for eagerly anticipated action movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine, giving rise to speculation that it will be lights, camera, action in Queenstown in the next few weeks.

Construction is under way on the set at Deer Park Heights, where crew can be seen creating what looks to be a log cabin looking out over Lake Wakatipu. A site office, security hut and portaloos have also been installed in advance of the crew's arrival.

The park's owners could not be reached for comment last night but a family member confirmed that the set is being prepared for Wolverine.

Deer Park Safari's operator Anthony Bush said that he was excited to see another film being made at the site. The company's tour of the park already features visits to locations from The Lord Of the Rings: The Two Towers and a Korean prison set built for Disney children's movie The Rescue in 1986.

"We're really excited to have another film happening on Deer Park," Mr Bush said. "Hopefully we'll be able to add it in to our tour." Mr Bush said filming at the new set, about 100m from the mock prison, will not interfere with his twice-daily tours to the site.

"The set from The Rescue is generally closed off to the public but we get exclusive access. We will still be able to visit the set while Wolverine is filming but you won't be able to see them working from our tour," he said.

"Not all of the areas we usually visit will be accessible to us the whole time, we'll move around as the filming does." Mr Bush said that he had no idea when the filming is due to start or how long it will go on for. "They are keeping all of that detail pretty private," he said.

Wolverine will be the fourth in the hugely successful X-Men film series. Australian actor Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as the title character.
Filming next week?


X-Men cameras set to roll down south
The Dominion Post | Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A big-budget Hollywood superhero movie is due to begin filming in New Zealand next week.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the fourth movie in the popular X-Men series, stars Australian actor Hugh Jackman as the mutant hero.

Plans for the film, believed to have a $100 million-plus budget, were announced in September – but 20th Century Fox and Jackman's production company would not say exactly where and when they will film in the lower South Island.

Pre-production and some filming took place at Fox Studios in Sydney last year and industry sources told The Dominion Post filming was likely to begin in New Zealand early next week.

A crew of more than 200 was being assembled in Queenstown and most filming would be at Glenorchy, 40 kilometres from Queenstown and next to Lake Wakatipu.

The lake recently featured in the Hollywood film The Water Horse.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which explores the origin of Jackman's super hero and how his character Logan became Wolverine, would also use locations in Dunedin next month, sources said.

Jackman told Sydney newspaper The Sun Herald yesterday that he was having only a short break after filming in Australia before coming to New Zealand.

"Most people get four weeks in a year so I don't think anybody will be crying for me," he said. "I'll just work on that [Wolverine] then take a bit of time off after that."

American actor Liev Schreiber, who has a part in the film, is the partner of Australian actress Naomi Watts, who spent several months in Wellington filming Peter Jackson's King Kong. The couple had a child last year and there is speculation Watts may spend time in New Zealand while Schreiber is here.

Wolverine is being directed by South African Gavin Hood, whose feature Tsoti won the best foreign film Oscar last year. He also directed the thriller Rendition with Jake Gyllenhaal.

The film, due for release in New Zealand in April next year, is one of several big-budget fantasy films being shot in New Zealand.

James Cameron's sci-fi saga Avatar is expected to finish filming in Wellington next month. Pre- production began this month on Jackson's The Hobbit, a two-film prequel to The Lord of the Rings.[/quote]
Intresting.. looking very much for this.
I have been following the blog of this sound guy since last April since he was working on Hugh's movie AUSTRALIA. He gave great insight on his blog about what was going on without giving anything away about the movie which of course he wasn't allowed to do.

His latest entry makes it sound like he will be working on WOLVERINE.


crossing the ditch...

this time tomorrow I'll be sitting in Queenstown, hopefully with some kind of beverage in my hand; contemplating the next month of location shooting...

photos may be posted; we'll see.


Queenstown gets ready for X-Men

5:00AM Thursday January 24, 2008
By Jarrod Booker

Excitement is building in the Queenstown region as it prepares to play host to the filming of a major Hollywood blockbuster.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, featuring Australian-born star Hugh Jackman as the title character, follows on from the enormously successful X-Men film trilogy, which has grossed more than $1 billion at the box office worldwide.

The Twentieth Century Fox feature is being partially filmed at locations around Queenstown, the wider southern lakes area and Dunedin, and sets have been spotted springing up in recent days.

"It's huge. And it will definitely be something that puts Queenstown's scenery on the map on a global scale," said Film Queenstown manager Kevin Jennings.

The filming is veiled in secrecy, to prevent crucial parts of the plot being leaked to die-hard fans of the X-Men, brought to the silver screen from the popular Marvel comic.

An Australian publicist for the film would provide only basic details of the film when approached by the Herald, but it is believed the film shoot is imminent.

"I'm not at liberty to say when, but it's getting very close," Mr Jennings said.

About 250 people are being employed for the New Zealand leg of the shoot. The Herald understands it will take six to seven weeks.

Hotels, bars and restaurants in the Queenstown area had been filled up in recent weeks with overseas visitors involved in planning the shoot. Local businesses were expecting to do well from the visiting moviemakers, Mr Jennings said.

"They are all very accomplished people, and they spend money and they like good food and good drink."

Along with other features being shot in New Zealand this year, such as James Cameron's Avatar, the Wolverine feature showed the country was still very attractive to international moviemakers, said Film New Zealand chief executive Judith McCann.

New Zealand had shown with the Lord of the Rings trilogy that as well as great locations, it had the talent and ability to "deliver for large budget productions". A large budget grant offered to films spending more than $15 million, and the low exchange rate were also appealing, Ms McCann said.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, rumoured to cost in excess of $100m to make, is being directed by Gavin Hood, who directed Tsotsi - winner of the 2006 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

Jackman joins the trio behind the X-Men trilogy in producing the Wolverine movie, along with Australian colleague John Palermo.

Other parts of the film are being made in Australia and New Orleans.
It is due for release in May next year.

Hugh Jackman and actress wife Deborra-Lee Furness leave their Sydney home on Tuesday to begin pre-production meetings for the forthcoming movie Wolverine at Fox Studios.

The 39-year-old actor is toting around his favorite eco-friendly “Garden Life” bag.

Hugh, 39, was also seen chatting with his dad, Chris. At the end of this month, Hugh is scheduled to travel to Queenstown in New Zealand to start filming.

I sent a story to the front page (can't find it now) about explosivs being stored in Queensland for this film and how the film company ignored the local oridnances. LOL

X-plosives out

By Anika Forsman and Philip Chandler 24 Jan 2008

MAKERS of Hollywood blockbuster X-Men Origins: Wolverine have been ordered to remove a cocktail of dangerous explosives from Queenstown Gardens.

Mountain Scene understands film crew were using the Gardens Fun Centre ice rink as an explosives workshop last week – after gaining approval from the Department of Labour.

According to a document sighted by Mountain Scene, the department allowed large quantities of detonators and explosives, including 5kg of Powergel, 5kg of flash powder and 30kg of black powder, to be stored.

Explosives expert Clive Pinkham of Picton tells Mountain Scene flash and black powder are not as stable as Powergel and should be stored in certified purpose-built explosives magazines.

“That quantity of powder could blow a fairly big hole – most probably a surface [area of] around 250sq m – it could cause a lot of damage,” he says.

“Powergel’s got maybe two or three times more grunt than the powders though.

“[Those quantities] could kill you all right – you’ve only got one chance with them.”

The explosives will be used to blow up a barn built on a set at Arcadia Station near Glenorchy in a final sequence for the X-Men prequel, starring Hugh Jackman.

On Monday, Queenstown Lakes District Council contractor Lakes Property Services told film crew to remove the store of explosives, saying the moviemakers had breached their Fun Centre sub-lease.

A QLDC subcommittee had earlier approved the sub-lease on the basis the Fun Centre would house movie crew vehicles overnight.

The Fun Centre is close to a bowling green, tennis courts, walking trail and car park – the entire Gardens is popular with the public.

LPS was alerted to the sub-lease violation by local activist groups Wakatipu Environmental Society and The Guardians, who spoke out against the commercial use of the Gardens in last week’s Mountain Scene.

QLDC boss Duncan Field responded by justifying the film company sub-lease as a special case, saying it boosted revenue for the Fun Centre which, although privately-owned, benefited the community.

The Guardians’ Neil Clayton was contacted last Friday by an inside source concerned about explosives being made and stored there.

“The person who approached us was given to understand these devices were fairly sensitive,” he says.

“I thought, no, this can’t be true so I got on the blower to [Lakes Environmental compliance manager] Tim Francis and he was quite open, said ‘Yes, that’s what they’re doing.’

“[Francis] felt it was strange they were trying to sell [the Fun Centre] as a storage area when they knew it wasn’t.”

Sydney-based Wolverine publicist Victoria Buchan says until a producer gets to Queenstown the film company won’t comment on its sub-lease breach – but she maintains the explosives were stored according to safety guidelines.

“I don’t know where [the explosives] are now but I do know they are being stored in a completely appropriate manner.”

LPS property manager Joanne Conroy has advised The Guardians and WES that it’s investigating to ensure there are no other non-complying activities at the Fun Centre.
I sent a story to the front page (can't find it now) about explosivs being stored in Queensland for this film and how the film company ignored the local oridnances. LOL

I bet the New Zealand ice hockey team is glad they're out of the building now!

Explosives are always fun, why not keep them in the Fun Centre?!?

“I don’t know where [the explosives] are now but I do know they are being stored in a completely appropriate manner.”

$10 says they're in the trunk of Hugh Jackman's rent-a-car parked behind the Fun Centre.

X-men film explosives moved
Wolverine watch
NZPA | Friday, 25 January 2008

The makers of the latest X-Men movie have moved explosives stored in the Queenstown Fun Centre after the centre's landlord, the district council, got upset.

Fox Studios had approval from the Department of Labour to store explosives but the use of the building for this purpose violates the lease with owner Queenstown Lakes District Council, Radio New Zealand reported.

"A member of the public made us aware of it first. We've raised it with the film crew and they've immediately removed the explosives," council chief executive Duncan Field said.

However, he did not know where the explosives had been moved to.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the fourth movie in the series, is scheduled for release in America in May 2009.
do we have any contact who live in the area who might be able to get us some up close spy pics?

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