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Sep 3, 2005
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!. If EXCELSIOR from RUNAWAYS had their own comic would you buy it?
2. Also, Is there anything you wish MARVEL would make?
I'd probably buy it. I would hope the same regular creative team on Runaways also did the Excelsior book. Anyway, I would like Marvel to do a Toxin ongoing and a GLX ongoing. Also, I would be quite happy if Marvel gave Thor, Silver Surfer, and Dr. Strange each thier own ongoing series again. I also think a book who's main character was a villian would be a nice change of pace. Like maybe a Dr. Doom book or something.
Yeah dude I wanna see a Dr. Strange series. I would also wanna see a Antman II and Deadpool one.
Excelsior to me could fill that void left by the New Warriors and yes I would buy it only if it was done by the creative team of Runaways, or give it to Dan Slott or Robert Kirkman.

I think Marvel is gonna miss the boat on this one, Plus why must every superhero live in Newyork? we got other major cities that could use some heroes Baltimore is basically Gotham city, and L.A. got more gangs and crooked cops than cockroachs. :up:
A new Thor series with Thor, not some teen as thor..

Also I would love a classic Avengers title.
BlackKnight1 said:
Also I would love a classic Avengers title.

Yeah. I enjoyed Spider-Man Classics and Classic X-Men back in the day and since the real Avengers have disbanded, it's high time we get some classic stories reprinted.
i'd love to see a Union Jack comic done again.

He had a brief cameo in the captain america tpb : Winter soldier.

It was nice to see him again!
Yeah, I'd buy an Excelsior on-going. I'd also like to see a new Heros 4 Hire series.
I'd like DeadPool to get his own comic back. That would be nice.

Iron Man would be cool to have a dependable monthly series.
I would definitely buy an Excelsior comic.

what I would like to see, kind of an off shoot of the "Give a villain a comic" idea. my idea "Brotherhood". you have some "evil mutants" get together (you have to include Toad and Blob) and you talk about them, it can be humorous, it can dig deeper into their personalities, make them real characters instead of just jokes as they are usually treated. also, have the Brotherhood come in contact, and get trumped by heroes that currently don't have their own series.
Blazing Skull from the New Invaders ongoing would be cool. He was friggin awesome in that comic.

A new Ghost Rider ongoing would be great as well. Maybe the Ennis mini will become an Ennis ongoing.
I'd check out an Excelsior ongoing. Hopefully Brian K. Vaughn would write that series as well. :o

I'd like them to make like a Bullseye ongoing series or maxiseries. Daniel Way and Steve Dillon would have to be the team. Though I'll be getting my fix of that with Bullseye vs. The Punisher. :up:
Funny how this came true, the loners. I was so young then. This can die now.

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