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X-Treme X-Men #2 Preview: Ororo Munroe & Thor Odinson are a Couple


Ororo Munroe's Boyfriend
Nov 27, 2007
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Storm and Thor fans, bask in awe. : )

Storm and Thor are a couple from an alternate universe.

I also love the way they call each other: "Husband" and "Wife"




Thor getting knocked around like a ragdoll. What else is new?
That still kind of is. Prior to Avengers vs. X-Men, he was being portrayed pretty well.
I'll admit the concept of a God team is pretty interesting with the exception of Sawtooth - Lord of the Wild.....it sounds like a late night skin flick.

Eh, I've seen these alternate reality hook-ups been done to death. If it doesn't happen in the 616 it doesn't mean much to me. If it does, it needs to make sense too, look at what happened to Storm and BP.
I always imagine Storm showing off her powers and Thor just patting her on the head while he smiles and nods, knowing he could do more in his sleep. I just can't wrap my head around the two of them being a couple in the main Marvel universe. They have literally nothing in common except for their powers, and Thor has so many other powers that he doesn't even use his weather schtick too much.
It depends on who tries to pull it off and how talented they are as a writer. I remember Busiek did a lot of build-up towards a Thor and Firebird romance (during Kang Dynasty). Talk about two people from the opposite end of the spectrum. Busiek was doing a great job with it and it was an intriguing background story during the arc. Unfortunately, it never went further. Instead they used it to plant the seeds for the Standoff story.
I wouldn't mind an out-there pairing for Thor at this point. He and Sif haven't received much attention since Fraction revealed they were doin' it, and they break up all the time anyway.

Also, how much does Stephen Segovia wish he were Leinil Yu? I like Segovia's art, but I can never help thinking that when I see it. :D
great art, nice alterna-world glimpse, but ironically "fans" would prefer this as a "natural" coupling over Storm/Panther.. ah welll... :(
That's a little judgmental of fans reception considering the comic just came out yesterday. Ye of little faith....
Thor getting knocked around like a ragdoll. What else is new?

It's like they're punishing him for the fact that the last two events centered around him.

Thor and Storm as parallel universe battle couple... hmm. I've seen crazier pairings.
That Iceman <3

Can he please adopt that in the 616 universe?
Looks like a Frost Giant, heh

He did go monster-mode bad-ass in a recent Astonishing X-men if I recall...
Evil Scumbag Iceman could make a giant army of himself
Perfectly normal Iceman made an army of small versions of himself in Wolverine and the X-Men while fighting Beast recently.

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