X2 and Spidey 2 still the best Marvel films?

I never understood what all the fuzz was about with X2. It's an average action movie at best.

I remember seeing the trailer for the first time, and when Magneto said "the war has begun!", I thought "oh *****, this is it! The big battle!" And when I finally saw the movie... meh, I thought it was just okay. Nothing special. Oh wait, Jean died just like Spock in Wrath of Khan? Nope, I don't care.

I agree. Not much happens in X2. The "war" didn't happen. Wolverine went to discover his origin and finds little to nothing about it. Xavier spends half the movie under hypnosis. And that damn dam that takes forever to snap.
For me, I would replace X2 with First Class. I love Spider-Man 2 (and 1), but since I've seen First Class, it kicks the original trilogy in the rear. First Class and Spider-Man 2 are my favorite Marvel films because both of them are very character driven tales that have kept me, personally, on the edge of my seat in the theaters.
IM - 1: Great, 2: Below Average
Spidey - 1: Very Good, 2: Great, 3: Below average
FF - 1: Just OK, 2: Just OK
The two Hulk films are Average-Good

Your winner for overall best series
X-Men - 1: Good, 2: Great, 3: Good, First Class: Great
For me the best Marvel movies (at present) are THOR and X-Men: First Class, easily

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