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Xbox One Unveiled

Oh that is shiny. I didn't see anything about a price point though; I hope they come out with a number soon so I can start saving up.
It's ugly. Call of Duty Ghosts graphics don't impress me either.

(No, I'm not a Sony fanboy,and I've never owned a PS).
Uh, isn't the XBOX One the...first XBOX? You know, from back in the day? That is kind of a dumb naming scheme.

EDIT: Also I read you won't be able to play used games. So...yeah. Terrible ideas are all coming together into one jumble, I guess.

ANOTHER EDIT: Full disclosure, I do own a PS3, but I thought the PS4 press conference was equally unimpressive. At least Microsoft has an actual console to show us...
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Sony's PS4 unveiling showed a plethora of games and tech demos while M$'s XB1 conference talked about TV and Call of Doggy. I could care less that Sony didn't show the ACTUAL console, at least they showed what the console will be able to do besides flip channels with your voice. It's not like the XB1 is aesthetically pleasing anyway. They must have saved a ton of money on hiring someone to design it. It's absolutely the most boring design in the history of gaming consoles. Even the original NES is more interesting to look at.
The controller looks terrible. Seriously, the big bright letters make it look like it belongs in a kindergarden class. The console looks okay though.

I don't know, this whole new generation seems more like 7.5 than 8.

If anyone cares to know I own a 360 and a Wii. Basically, I own every mainstream console that isn't a PS3 or a Wii U (Xbox, Gamecube, PS2, etc).
Oh god, this thing.

I love the fact that you can watch TV from it, you know.. cause watching TV from your TV is just sad, right? :wall:

And the post above me is correct, the remote looks like utter poop.
They should have put a lot more thought into this.
The console itself looks like a toaster had morphed into an Xbox 360.
I know there's a creepy implication of a machine that can see you(even in the dark), recognize some of your words, and detect your heart beat and that is on all the time. But can we talk about how crazy your power bills will hike having a console turned on, all the time? And all over the vain luxury of being able to turn it on with voice commands.

Also, seriously, If you HAVE to have it into the internet to play games I payed for, then me and Microsoft are done. I cannot afford my local broadband prices. And if I fall into some serious hard times, I'd like my games accessible to cheer me and the other hobos up, thank you very much.

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