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Jun 29, 2007
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Why is there no thread for this? Is turn-based strat really that much of a yawner these days?

Anyway wake up, just learning about this game today and it looks damn good.

Here's some old articles you may or may not have read - http://www.gameinformer.com/p/xcom.aspx

couple of previews from IGN - http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/122/1220089p1.html

E3 gameplay vid -


other good vids on youtube, check 'em out.

ALSO, the original game is widely regarded as completely awesome and one of the best games of all time. I have never played it but you can get it for Steam thru Amazon for $2.99 - http://www.amazon.com/X-COM-Collection-Online-Game-Code/dp/B00846E6X4

Screenshots -






I want to play this ****er RIGHT NOW.
I've been fallowing it on my own for a while now, (yeah there's a lot I don't put up ) it's turning out very well.

I'm also interested in the shooter one that was pushed back as well. One things is for sure though, when this was made it made all those that were dumping on the shooter one happy. so each one will have it's own set of a fan base and there shouldn't be conflict of genre fan here. If only they(the companies) did the same for syndicate that they were doing for this game series . They wouldn't have had such Grief .
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Aye I remember some ragging on the shooter last year but then it went quiet. I'm surprised there isn't more talk about this one, thos earticles from GI I posted were from back in January.

The more I read about it the more excited I get. I like that you can create and personalize all these little soldiers and then lose them through permadeath rather than making little invincible action heroes that automatically survive until the very end. Love the ant farm look of your base too. And all the global managment stuff that comes with trying to keep all the member nations happy at once. October suddenly seems a long way away.
yeah I as said they went quiet only cause those that were complaining wanted a updated version of the strategy game which is what this is.

It's kinda like what i feel like that news about the prequel game to Arkham city & AA and those complainning about wanting a third sequel in the AC thread. if you remember i asked the others there if the prequel to Batman AA and AC that Features the JL was to be Released after the sequel would they have different view of the whole thing ? to those those would other be ok with that and some actually answered yes, while other's kept quiet or were just stubborn.

I think the answer to this is to be smart about this and solve the problem easy for the nay Sayers is to still do both and take care of the thing that'll give you problems immediately. which is what they did with XCom.

So all Rock steady will have to do is take "q" from what the makers of XCom did and their problem will be solved as well which what the people that were doin the shooter for syndicate should have done. but failed see it.

back on topic yeah I'm sure this will be awesome for those that like the strategy genre.
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Why there's no thread for it? Modern gamers do not like intelligent games although I think this remake will be pretty much watered down. Wait for Xenonauts, the real thing.
Why there's no thread for it? Modern gamers do not like intelligent games although I think this remake will be pretty much watered down. Wait for Xenonauts, the real thing.

And there we go, getting to the reason we can't have good things.

Original is an iconic game, but it did not age all that well. Things like "intuitive controls" and "learning curve" are *features* not bugs. I thoroughly look forward to the new game.
Yeah I've never equated immense difficulty with intelligent gameplay and I've played plenty of games that were deep and complex without being frustrating.
I think they need to realize the fans will make or break this game based on a mix of the old and innovation with the new.

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Why there's no thread for it? Modern gamers do not like intelligent games although I think this remake will be pretty much watered down. Wait for Xenonauts, the real thing.

Watered down? How so? Having read up on the game and seeing the videos and interviews, it seems to be not watered down at all.

It retains all the core elements of the original X-COM:

-Tactical turn based combat
-Management based base building
-Fog of war
-Various enemy types(Sectoids, Mutons, Chrysalids etc.)
-Fragile soldiers
-Customizable soldiers
-Destructible environments
-Line of sight
-Researching technologies
-Injured soldiers taking time to heal
-Capturing aliens and studying them
-Randomly generated enemy positions
-Having to please the nation's governments to keep consistent funding
-Chrysalids are annoying
-Difficulty levels(Though not entirely the same as the original: Easy, medium, Classic and Impossible. Easy being made to be in the player's favor, medium being a straight game, Classic being along the lines of the original's difficulty and impossible being more like Dwarf Fortress in that it's about how long you can survive)
-Terror missions
-Something akin to Aliens invading your base, if not exact.
-Looking at a globe in real time and intercepting aliens or protecting cities

While changing a few thing things:

-Time units replaced with a more simple "run far or run short and shoot" system(The developers have said that the prototype was pretty much an exact copy of the original and they have been thinking of adding time units in a collectors edition or something of the sort)
-One base(The decision was made because the developers felt that in the original by the third base, they were pretty much getting handmedowns. they wanted to centralize the base management)
-Interceptors are now more gameplay focused yet "Will not surprise players of the original" in how they were changed.
-Squads now being 4-6 people instead of the much larger squads in the original(I don't know if they gave a reason for that one yet although it has been mentioned that it will help people get even more attatched to the soldiers)

While adding others:

-Glam cam(optional)
-Soldier voices(optional)
-Cover system(has it been confirmed what that shield means. it looks like it means half cover and full cover but I'm not sure it was ever said)
-Stuff like suppression fire
-Classes with unique abilities
-New mission types
-Memorial wall in the bar of the barracks that will show pictures of the fallen and list their names and where they died on and the date of their death. As the death toll goes up, shot glasses are added to the bar
-Soldier's nationality stitched on to the back of their uniform

I don't know, I think they're on the right track. Their love for the original is blatantly obvious, they seem to get what made people love the game and so far they kept all of what makes the game XCOM while adding and changing things for actual reasons rather than trying to dumb it down.

Here's some really good articles.

On attachment to the soldiers:


Special attention to the PC version:



How a huge fan of the original XCOM became the designer of Enemy Unknown:

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yeah it's pretty clear from the stuff I've seen that the devs hold the original in high regard and aren't just out to make a buck with the XCOM name.

Good post and thanks for those articles.
You know I was about to put up videos of other places that showed otherwise when I saw that comment. But I went to my self "you know what? let him hear about the reviews and what other posters say, and for him to buy the game for him self and he'll have to eat his words. cause he mostlikely won't buy any of that until he hear's about the latter stuff and it say it's the most overwhelmingly awesome game ever. which is kinda what I'm doing. The game will be awesome when it comes out. So i'm not worried.
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XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Building the Battlefield Interview

Taking the classic game icons into a new generation has its challenges! Find out how the developer crew brought XCOM battlefield into the next generation in this Interview with Art Director Greg Foertsch!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Hit Points: Multiplayer

The first-ever multiplayer footage is revealed as we detail the aliens and soldiers that will battle it out with a wide range of weaponry, science, and gadgets.

source: GT & GI
How weird is it that I think that other XCOM game looks like ass, I have zero affinity for the old games, but I'm super excited for this one?
How weird is it that I think that other XCOM game looks like ass, I have zero affinity for the old games, but I'm super excited for this one?
do you mean the original xcom ? or the shooter that was set for next year? if you mean the original I kinda heard that a few times but its still a loved game. the shooter wasn't finished yet and it's aimed at different target audience, which fire Axis is still kinda backing to branch out medium wise. I still lookin for ward to that one as well.
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I don't think it's that weird. I never played the original and couldn't really get into it recently either but I still think the new one looks slick as all hell. In fact a lot of the comments I'm seeing under various articles are made by either fans of the original or Xcom newbies who just think it looks awesome. I've seen very little negative reaction at all come to think of it.

well as I said on the shooter that one wasn't finished. we just saw the initials. but i'm still looking forward to it. Besides they were showing it as an origin story there, so all the cool tech wasn't shown in full, yet. And it's set some what in the past. compared to this which more present day. As I just said up top of ya, i'm looking forward to this and that shooter as well.


XCOM: Enemy Unknown – Art Director Interview

Shaun takes a look at the visual style of the action RPG XCOM: Enemy Unknown with art director Greg Foertsch.


August 23 – EP Daily – Full Show

Miri investigates paranormal events with The Apparition director Todd Lincoln; Jose heads to legendary visual effects studio ILM to find out how it brought Battleship to life; we get the latest on Black Dynamite: The Animated Series from Michael Jai White, Byron Minns, and others; Briana has Premium Rush, Hit & Run, and more new movies in the Sonar; Shaun takes a look at the visual style of the action RPG XCOM: Enemy Unknown with art director Greg Foertsch; Miri and Ben fight their way into a deadly apartment block with the martial arts movie The Raid: Redemption; and finally, Jose finds out everything you need to know about the Doom 3 BFG Edition.

you can watch this on vidderler
RSS feedhttp://www.viddler.com/rss/Elecplay August 23 - EP Daily - 6

as an alternative too
New XCOM: Enemy Unknown Trailer Unleashes The Aliens

on Aug 24, 2012 at 09:04 AM

The clip shows some of the terrifying consequences from an alien invasion.
... More

source:EPD.TV & GI
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Watch 2K play XCOM: Enemy Unknown live

Comments 2
http://www.pcgamer.com/author/omripetitte/at 06:45pm August 27 2012
Members of XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s development team, specifically lead designer Jake Solomon and producer Garth DeAngelis, along with community manager Greg Laabs properly kicks off the week leading into PAX with a livestream of the upcoming strategy/action/alien-sniping title’s competitive multiplayer. Take a look at 2K’s official stream channel, and for more info on XCOM: Enemy Unknown, check out our multiplayer preview.

source: pc gamer
Here, watch this hour of XCOM gameplay
(3 hours ago)

2K Greg, Jake Solomon, and Garth DeAngelis are showing off BRAND NEW gameplay of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Monday 8/27 at 1pm Eastern

Were you looking to watch an overabundance of new XCOM footage? 2K Games and Firaxis are sure hoping so, as the two companies took to Twitch.tv yesterday afternoon for just that – an entire hour of XCOM: Enemy Unknown hosted by Firaxis' Jake Solomon and Garth DeAngelis.

What's that? You want even more XCOM coverage? We've got this handy, international-flavored podcast with the aforementioned Firaxis devs right here. You can almost taste the Gaffel Kölsch!

Dress up like XCOM's Thin Man, skip the lines at 2K's PAX booth

(3 hours ago)

The lines at PAX Prime can be the show's biggest pain. It's all open to the public, so playing a much-anticipated game like XCOM: Enemy Unknown can have you standing around for ages. Fortunately, the folks at 2K have cooked up a cheat to help you out: Just dress up as the game's Thin Man character and you'll get a VIP badge when you show off your costume at the show.

That badge will grant you access to play XCOM and Borderlands 2 without waiting, plus you'll be able to duck into the XCOM panel on Saturday. You can see what the Thin Man looks like above, and study some concept art on the official blog post, if you need it.

If you don't want to wear a costume but still want some quality hands-on time with Borderlands 2 (and some Joystiq staffers), be sure to stop by the PAX party tomorrow night. The bar is open there no matter who you're dressed as.

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Pre-order XCOM: Enemy Unknown on Steam, unlock rewards

(36 minutes ago)

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is available now for pre-order on Steam and it includes a nifty Ni No Kuni-inspired reward system, based on how many people purchase it before launch.

Tier one gives purchasers the Elite Soldier Pack, which includes the classic XCOM soldier, soldier deco packs and complete color customization option. Tier two unlocks three XCOM-related items for Team Fortress 2: crafty hair, the Pyro as a Badlands alien and the Vigilant pin. Tier 3 is a free copy of Civilization 5.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is $50 on Steam.

[Thanks, Ethan!]
Source: Steam& Joystiq

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