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Jan 3, 2006
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Alright same rules apply:

Wolfsbane vs. M

Sabertooth vs. Colossus

Psylocke vs. Cannonball

Cyclops vs. Lifeguard

Dazzler vs. Havok

Iceman vs. Magma

Polaris vs. Emma

Nightcrawler vs. Bishop
Wolfsbane vs. M: Please, this isn't even a fight. M mops the floor with dog-breath Rahne

Sabertooth vs. Colossus: Is this adamantium claws Sabretooth? Because if he is then he wins, if not, I choose Colossus.

Psylocke vs. Cannonball: Can Betsy's tk withstand his attacks? Well since it was strong enough to withstand an attack by a Shi'ar fleet, I'd say yes. Heck, her tk can shatter mountains, I think Betsy wins.

Cyclops vs. Lifeguard: Lifeguard can adapt to anything, imagine her forming an armor of ruby quartz around her body and boom, Cyclops's beams no longer affect her. I gotta go with Heather here.

Dazzler vs. Havok: Didn't we do this already? Dazzler dazzles him and fires a laser bolt at him and boom, bye bye Summers.

Iceman vs. Magma: At last the one foe he can't overcome. Magma will bury herself deep within the earth crust to prevent him from darining her body and create a series of volcanos around Iceman, evaporating his water body into nothingness.

Polaris vs. Emma: Emma will try to take over her mind, as so many others have in the past, but in that crucial second, Lorna can skewer her with a piece of metal.

Nightcrawler vs. Bishop: Again, Kurt can teleport his head off :D
Wolfsbane vs. M- M has more abilities that will allow her to take her out.

Sabertooth vs. Colossus-Sabertooth is a beast although Colossus is made off RAGE! So is Victor, and he has a healing factor which is a major +.

Psylocke vs. Cannonball- If he is in his field and she trys to control him there isint much she can do. Smacking him into walls wont do much since his invulnerable. So if he he can then overpower her TK.

Cyclops vs. Lifeguard- Lifeguard could just form some protection from he beams.

Dazzler vs. Havok-Alex can blow her to shreds before she Dazzels him.

Iceman vs. Magma-His Omega Class wont do him much good against molten lava.

Polaris vs. Emma-Her mind could mess Emma up then Lorna has her choice of how to kill her.

Nightcrawler vs. Bishop- Kurt can always take off a leg or head.
Wolfsbane vs. M: Just to be contrary, M holds back at first being her snobby self and Wolfsbane gets lucky. Wolfsbane

Sabertooth vs. Colossus: Sabretooth is a vicious animal...but Piotr is made of RAGE! Colossus.

Psylocke vs. Cannonball: Psy has her TP back doesn't she? I think so...Psylocke

Cyclops vs. Lifeguard: I'm sensing a problem and it's name is Lifeguard.

Dazzler vs. Havok: Didn't we do this already? HAVOK GO BOOM! Havok

Iceman vs. Magma: Magma super hot, Iceman super cold....most places are a bit warmer so Magma

Polaris vs. Emma: Polaris is crazy...not too much Emma has to do with her TP. Emma

Nightcrawler vs. Bishop: Poor Bishop...down ya go champ. Nightcrawler
See? IF there is no Storm, this threads are boooooooring...

Wolfsbane vs. M: Man, Wolverazio, how I want to vote with you. The problem, however, is that M has superhuman invulnerability. Wolfsbane ain't touching that.

Sabertooth vs. Colossus: Assuming Colossus can get his head out of his backside and stop moping around long enough to actually punch

Psylocke vs. Cannonball: If she smacks him enough times, he'll flop out of his blast field and she'll drop him. She can guarantee that he doesn't get in contact with her.

Cyclops vs. Lifeguard: Just voting out the deus ex machina. She'll win, of course, in which case, I wonder - it'll inevitably come down to Lifeguard and Nightcrawler, so can she set up a defense to prevent her head from being teleported off? (Considering that is, you know, the way Nightcrawler wins every fight.) :rolleyes:

Dazzler vs. Havok: Wait, this is serious? Melted Dazzler, folks.

Iceman vs. Magma: I'm inclined to agree. Melted Iceman, folks.

Polaris vs. Emma: Bleh. Polaris can always start smacking her with stuff, and Emma can turn to diamond form. Heck with it. Polaris has sucked lately, but Whedon's Emma rocks.

Nightcrawler vs. Bishop: Nightcrawler carves him up.
sebita said:
See? IF there is no Storm, this threads are boooooooring...


Naw, it's just without Storm we don't get to hear your ridiculous rants how Storm could defeat God Herself, which tend to up post count and draw attention.
But they do draw attention and they do make things more interesting, which is the exact purpose of said rants :D
sebita said:
But they do draw attention and they do make things more interesting, which is the exact purpose of said rants :D

Sure....sure they are.

Like I'm poking right now to try and draw interest...
Then poke away... this sort of thread only gets attention when there are tons of posts... how many people voted on the old ones? We need to start those baseless rants to keep the thread going and the people interested. If they see a lot of posts they start thinking "hey... what's going on there?" and they come and they vote. It's quite simple
I didint put Storm, Kitty and Jean in because of their superpowerfull-ness, perhaps I should have

I suck at this stuff
Don't be too hard on yourself...

Kitty? Superpowerfull?? I have a dozen ways Ororo can defeat her. Rachel could too, and so could Betsy, dunno who else though
That's why I changed it back... it didn't look like it was supposed to, which is like this
It is, Ororo in her "Maethyr Galad" outfit. Maethyr Galad is sindarin for Warriors of the Light, which is an order of warriors that serve Lady Galadriel in an RPG of mine. Ororo is the leader of said Order.

This is the costume:


The black stone in her arm is a palantir, and that thing hanging from her belt is a lightsaber. Oh and on her finger rests Vilya, the ring of Air (one of the Three Rings of the Elves)
Yes, as in jedi, she is a jedi in that game, taught by Yoda himself. Recently she had to choose wether to remain a mutant or to continue her jedi training. A fellow sorceress helped her create barriers for her mutants powers, so she's basically just a jedi for now (of course it's not going to last)



There is not a single X-Men that could defeat Magma!
Jazz is dead.

Ororo could, and maybe Kitty, and any telepath...
Well, in some long forgotten issue Wolfsbane kicked Havok in the face and Havok can go boom, so Wolfsbane can beat anyone that Havok ever went boom by...

I just don't have the singlemindedness for this.
Wolverazio said:



There is not a single X-Men that could defeat Magma!

just pick her up. There, she's done. :p
I wasent serious that Jazz could be Magma, I just like how in the 198 files his powers are "being blue"

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