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Jan 3, 2006
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Alright everyone I (with the help of sebita) have taken it apon myself to start all new fights of the Last Standing battles. The theme is
Young vs. Old
. Now anything goes, you must vote for one person per fight and include a good answer to why you picked them. Now here are the fights, enjoy :D:

P.S Everyone is in whatever current form that they are in no Angel with metal wings or stuff from the past, and no dead or depowered people.

Indra vs. Beast

Anole vs.

Surge vs. Havok

X-23 vs. Madrox the Multiple Man

Rockslide vs. Colossus

Stepford Cuckoos vs. Emma Frost

Hellion vs. Cyclops

Dust vs. Marvel Girl(Rachel Grey)

Icarus vs. Angel

Elixir vs. Lifeguard

Mercury vs. Boom Boom

Hisako Ichiki vs. Bishop

Match vs. Rogue(Sunfire Powers)

Bling vs. Pete Wisdom

Quill vs. Dazzler

Wolf Cub vs. Wolfsbane

Indra vs. Beast: Indra might have a retractable armor, but this is Dr Henry McCoy. His experience and cunning will make him win. Beast takes the fight

Anole vs. Mystique: Anole is a chameleon, he can hide himself, but Mystique invented the hiding in plain sight. All she needs is to get close. Mystique

Surge vs. Havok: I'm gonna go with Surge here. She can run fast enough to avoid his blast and discharge right in his face.

X-23 vs. Madrox the Multiple Man: Interesting interesting fight. I think X-23 wins, but she'd kill every dupe until there were no more dupes left.

Rockslide vs. Colossus: I'd love to see this fight, specially because of Santo's arrogance. Colossus will grind stone-boy to dust.

Stepford Cuckoos vs. Emma Frost: TEacher vs Students? It doesn't matter how good the students get, with Emma, you don't beat her (ask Monet, she's still reeling from Gen X 18)

Hellion vs. Cyclops: Tk vs puny concussion beams? Hellion wins the day

Dust vs. Marvel Girl(Rachel Grey): Rachel, hands down. Telekinetically scatter Dust into all the corners of the Earth. It'd take 2 seconds.

And btw, I didn't help a LOT with the thread, just a bit, this is Exploding Boy's show :D
Sebita you need to edit because there are more fights :D :D!! Thanks for giving me all the credit :p
I'll vote on the new ones here. It is true, I mean, all I did was answer some Dust questions :D

Icarus vs. Angel: Cool fight, but when the two chars have the same power, experience wins. Angel takes the cup.

Elixir vs. Lifeguard: What can he do? Heal her to death? Heather can fly towards him and crush him with her colossus-like armor. Lifeguard wins.

Mercury vs. Boom Boom: Cool fight, can Mercury avoid Meltdown's time-bombs long enough to skewer her? I think so. I gotta give this to Mercury

Hisako Ichiki vs. Bishop: Bishop absorbs energy, but Hisako's armor protects her. I say Hisako wins.

Match vs. Rogue(Sunfire Powers): No contest here. Match might be able to shoot fire, but Rogue can also fly and absorb his powers and mind. Rogue wins.

Bling vs. Pete Wisdom: Is Bling's hide strong enough to prevent Pete's knives from hurting her? I don't think so. Pete takes the bout

Quill vs. Dazzler: Alison needs only to dazzle him for a moment, then a solid laser blast takes him doen easily. Dazzler for me.

Wolf Cub vs. Wolfsbane: Same as Angel vs Icarus, when the same power is at fight, experience takes the cup. Rahne wins
Indra vs. Beast - No comment, I haven't a damn clue who Indra is.

Anole vs. Mystique - Ditto.

Surge vs. Havok - Wasn't Surge just Mystique in disguise so she could infiltrate the X-Corps? Or is that the girl in Academy X who used to be a homeless drug addict? Uhhh... Havok still. Experience over youth any day of the week.

X-23 vs. Multiple Man - The only thing I like about X-23 is her action figure. So I'm voting for Jamie. The guy's vastly underrated. A one-man army, you know.

Rockslide vs. Colossus - A wannabe Thing knockoff who can detach his arms vs. Colossus? Please. Not even a fight. Rockslide's down in a heartbeat.

Stepfords vs. Emma - She taught them everything they know. She did not teach them everything she knows. That's crucial. Emma wins.

Hellion vs. Cyclops - A brash, cocky, arrogant, self-important newbie telekinetic vs. THE X-Man? No contest, Cyclops takes it before Hellion knows what hit him.

Dust vs. Rachel - I'm highly opposed to the thing that Rachel's become lately under Claremont's modern-day pen (telekinetically transforming herself into a dinosaur hybrid? Wha?!), but she still wins this fight.

Aacckk.... you know what? I'm seeing a pattern here.

I'm voting for experience over youth all across the board. These are adults who are very comfortable with their powers fighting a bunch of kids who have only just started using theirs. I don't see how they can beat their elders here.
yeh...anyone who is not biased is just gonna vote for the oldies..obviously..i mean not one of the young kids on that list has any chance.

so yeh i vote for all the oldies..because they are just better.
I'm definetely voting for all the olds, the only fights where I'm not sure about is Mercury V Boom Boom, but I still think Boom Boom would win.

Also, some of these X-Men from New X-Men I am not familiar with such as Anole, Indra, Bling, Match, Wolf Cub and Quill I only know of because of the relation to the Ken Leung's Quills character from X3.

I am also not very familiar with Rockslide, Hellion, Icarus, Dust, Hisako etc as I've only seen snippets of them in the other X-Titles and don't read New X-Men.
That's the problem. If you've read New X-Men you'd know some of this kids have it in themselves to fight the old dudes.
sebita said:
That's the problem. If you've read New X-Men you'd know some of this kids have it in themselves to fight the old dudes.

I read New X-Men regularly, and even read the Hellions mini, but I'd still vote for the older and more experienced characters.
Well good for you. Me, I'd like to think some of them, like X-23 or Mercury would win their fights.
That's... great. Wonderful. I'm proud of you?

You made the statement that if Mr. Whale read New X-Men, he'd know that some of these younger guys could beat the older characters. I responded as a reader of that title to say that I don't feel the same way.

There's a difference between know, a fact, and think, an opinion. :up:
I have read all 25 issues of New X-men[plus the year book and the hellion mini and all 13 issues of new mutants V2.

If you had read the last issue you would know that Colossus took out the entire team and made them look like jokes[which they are compared to the x-men] and without even breaking a sweat.

Sure the New X-men are capable of defending themselves..but every single x-man on that list could take out the entire team easily.

Oh and Josh can do a lot more then just heal people with his one issue i believe he made surges lungs fill up with blood.
^ Yeah. That was in one of the House of M issues.
I get my issues a month late regrettably, I purchase them online and they ship all together once a month.

Fine, maybe Surge and Mercury might fall... but x23??? She's been bred to fight. Few could defeat her.
Well young vs. old doesent really matter because even if all of the young kids get taken out now we will still have 8 older people to keep dukin it out.

Mercury is the only young kid to win in my opinion, the rest are the oldies.
sebita said:
Fine, maybe Surge and Mercury might fall... but x23??? She's been bred to fight. Few could defeat her.

Dont debate on the matter if you havent even read the issue...Colossus beat her in microseconds making her look just as bad as the other kids....oh and clearly you dont know Madrox that say the guy knows just as many fighting styles as Wolverine...remember he sends his dubes off to go learn stuff..and he reabsorbs everything they learn.

Im sure he could deal with x23 quite easily....i think anyone of those x-men..aside from maybe boom boom would beat her easily..she is FAR from being Wolverine.
Exploding Boy said:
Should i just make the secound roung with all the oldies.

Personally I think a reboot with "random" fights would work better. And if you're going to introduce some of these chars...maybe a synopsis of their powers at least? (I don't have it in me to look up 8 or so chars on Wiki just to vote on them)

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