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Yo Joe!!!! Original toon appreciation thread!


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Mar 5, 2003
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I LOVE the old toon. Even though the DVD sets went out of print and everyone wants a billion dollars for them, I managed to get Season 1 part 2 pretty cheap, and fell in love all over again. I hope the movie does well enough to get them to put out the season sets again.


Any thoughts? Fav episode? Fav character?
I absolutely loved this series as a child. And I vividly remember quickly coming home after school to watch the latest episode on weekday afternoons to check out what was happening in the world of G.I. Joe vs Cobra.

Of course like every other kid of the 80's, I also collected the action figures as well. And was even lucky enough to have an older cousin, who felt he was too big for toys anymore, give me a ton of not only G.I. Joe figures, but Star Wars figures as well (with SW, he kept all his figures in these two Darth Vader cases which he gave as well. Although one was shot up pretty badly with a BB gun, the other was fine. As well as the figures too). Needless to say, there was quite a few G.I. Joe battles played out over my youth.

Fav Episode: For some reason, the first time the Joe's encounter the Cobra B.A.T.S stands out in my mind as a favourite episode. I also enjoyed the final episode of the "Arise, Serpentor, Arise!" arc as well.

Fav Character: Admittedly, I was always more for Cobra than the Joe's. But thats just me. I was always a fan of the villains. No matter what franchise it was really.

So with that being said, I would have to say my favourite was definately The Baroness.
I probably had the entire series of figures at one point. I had a bad habit of melting them in heaters or blowing them up with firecrackers though. Not just to be evil, but because they got captured and were being interrogated. :o

I'd have to say my favorite character AND toy was always Zartan. As a kid his look and his echo-y voice just appealed to me, plus he had a gang of rock n' rollers. Plus his toy changed color, so I took him everywhere with me. Until I left him out in the sun for a week and he was forever perma-green. :csad:
You know Zartan was one of the few action figures I NEVER got the chance to run across in the local stores. Shipwreck was another, until years later I happened to find him in a garage sale. Unfortunately, I had a pet that had a habit of chewing my action figures, and I lost quite a few to that. But Zartan was cool. I always dug the voice from the toon, as much as the voice for Cobra Commander. And afterall, it was Zartan who took out Serpentor in the Marvel Comics as well. But it's just too bad that never got to play out in the toon ...
I used to LOVE this show. It was one of my first memories as a kid. I think I was like 3 when it first aired. Then yrs later it became a series and I remember all the kids having the action figures. But my a-hole parents never got me any so I had to steal em from kids I hated. :D
Major fan of the cartoon-they really dont make cartoons like that any more-from the story line to the action..plot lines were better then alot of movies

still watch the g.i. joe movie...i watch g.i. joe more then tranformers and i love them all!
My favorite characters are Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Scarlett, Hawk, Duke, Destro, Cover Girl and Lady Jaye.
i've got all the marvel-produced eps on VHS.. anybody know when a comprehensive dvd release will start?
How about...2009 with Season 1 in March, Season 2 in June and a new G.I. Joe toon on August 8th in conjuntion with the film. If we are lucky an actual G.I. Joe Video Game could be released then too.
Man I remember coming home from school and watching the hour cartoon block of Transformers and G.I.Joe only then did I realize that both shared the same writers, voice actors, animation studio and background music, being a kid in the 80's was radical (sorry that one slipped).

I have all the DVD sets but for some reason Rhino lost the rights and the last 15 episodes were not released that I had to resort to buying those as a bootleg.

Favorite episodes were the 2-parters Worlds Without End and There's No Place Like Springfield.
I love G.I. Joe. Not as much as TF, but it's a close second. My favourite character is definitely Flint.
I really hope the movie will spark some Joe season sets again. I still want the other 2 out of print sets, but people want $150+ for new, or about $100 for used. EACH. :csad:
Yes rhino really screwed over fans and the scalping prices for these are just flat out ******ed. Thankfully I have a website I go to where I can watch the old joe toons at perfect quality all for free :)
was the episode ninja holiday ever on dvd
Surprisingly, Rhino actually did skip over a few episodes for some reason as well as not release the second half of season 2.
Surprisingly, Rhino actually did skip over a few episodes for some reason as well as not release the second half of season 2.
Yeah, I thought that really sucked. Especially for the people who might have been purchasing the sets as they came out.
Man, I'll tell you something right now. just like Transformers and Jem, G.I. Joe was one of my favorite series of all time! One episode that stood out for me was "Cold Slither", where the Dreadnoks formed a rock band. Luckily, the Joes had their own group, the Average Joe Band, to perform at the end.

My favorite was Shana M. "Scarlett" O'Hara. Just think of her as Kimber Benton with serious martial-arts skills!

The rest of the ninjas, including Snake-Eyes and Stormshadow, all kicked ass!

Music, Magic, Monsters, Military action, and Mechanized warfare. Sunbow really ruled the 80's
I definitely have to say the two part "There's No Place Like Springfield" is a huge stand-out for me. Oh, and the episode about "The Viper", lol Classic! As a kid, my faves were Duke, Flint, Snake-Eyes, Storm Shadow, Zartan, and Destro. I have every issue of the Marvel comic book, and would love to get my hands on the new issues (can't remember off-hand who published them, I think it was something like Devil's Due or something). I recently started wating all the old episodes on Veoh, and wow...it sure brings back great memories!
it is devils due publishing
I was able to find the old cartoon on a torrents site, but I'm still kinda confused with the number of seasons there were.

I've found the Complete Season 1 and 2, but then what they call Season 3 is only half there, and no Season 4, anyone know why?
Because they were essentailly a whole new series done by a different company (called DIC) and while yes the yare labled as seasons 3 and 4 they are also reffered to as their own series, G.I. Joe (1990).
I'm stuck to watching my bootlegs on DVD, as the sets were expensive when they were out and even more expensive now. As ****ty as most of them were, I'd really like to get my hands on the DiC episodes. I haven't seen them in years.

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