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Your First Time

Byrd Man

El Hombre Pájaro
May 25, 2006
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We all can talk about how cool we are now. But what was your very first IC post like? I mean your very first one on these boards? How bad was it, do you roll your eyes and think of how stupid it was? I do. Here are my first two IC posts. One in Marvel, and one in DC.

Colossus: Season V, Marvel RPG


The Riddler: Season I, Ultimate DC RPG


God...I'm so glad those days are over and I've got atleast a little bit better. :csad:
Karem-Knight, PLEASE get your Osborn post up dude. :p

Meanwhile, let me find my n00bie Electro post.
616 Marvel season 1.


Ult Marvel season 1.



Damn I don't remember those posts being so ****ty. Luckily I discovered a little story enhancer and my posts got better.

It was the summer of 96 I was young and foolish....
I can't find mine anymore, because apparently Season I of One Universe has vanished from the face of the Earth. Anyway, it was me as General Zod, and I really screwed with a lot of the details regarding the Phantom Zone. OU Zod was really more suited to Ultimate DC, since I just kinda made stuff up as I went. I'm disappointed in it when I look back.



Finally taking that Sunday loophole, eh? :o
..."but can't find nething"? :dry: :csad:
You saying there's something wrong with that? I don't find nething wrong with it.

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