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Jul 29, 2004
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Well, I guess we all know now...

Wait for it!

Uncanny X-Men 496 - Colossus, Logan and Kurt chill out in a Russian bar, just like in the old days, and discuss the fact that
Kitty Pryde is deaded.
So much for THAT timing of comic releases! Anyone who says delays don't matter as long as the art rocks should be beaten...WITH rocks. Solid issue, and the 60's thing with Angel and Hepzibah is pretty interesting.

Countdown 8 - Things are really ramping up now. Glad I stuck with the series. Oh, and a very offhanded remark on why Capt. Atom got turned into the Monarch, which everyone will hate.

X-Force #2 - First Bastion and now
! WHOO! Loving this book far more than I thought I would. Pretty art, too.

Detective Comics 842 - The story of the armor, which I didn't really care about...featured in a story I don't really care about :p

Green Lantern 28 - Everyone saw this coming, but it still ROCKED.
Laira becomes a Red Lantern
. Another law goes into the books for the Corps and things are going to get pretty nasty. Meanwhile, Sinestro eats it up!
Shocker of the year :wow:
Uncanny X-Men 496 - Colossus, Logan and Kurt chill out in a Russian bar, just like in the old days, and discuss the fact that
Kitty Pryde is deaded.

Do we really do spoilers in the b/t? Eh what the hell I'll respect it. Anyway
Mostly I'm just amazed that Whedon would use a character death as his big dramatic closer, when he started the book with the most outright example in recent memory that character death means nothing. Hell, they just killed Cyclops two issues ago, and brought him back in the issue immediately after that.
I was being kind, I guess. And I couldn't agree with you more, really.
ClanDestine #2

The second issue of Alan Davis’ new ClanDestine miniseries arrives, and is quite enjoyable. To a certain extent, he’s still reintroducing castmembers, but the cast is so big (and so obscure) that it’s an appreciated effort; we get the reintroduction of Newton, who lives on an idyllic alternate Earth with an army of beautiful android servants. Elsewhere, one group of villains plots to attack the Destines, and the other group of villains who directed the first group to the target continue to observe. The plot here is mostly focussed on Dominic and his increasingly hard-to-manage powers, which are making it impossible for him to live with all the noise in the world (not helped by high-frequency attacks from the bad guys). Davis’ writing and art are decidedly old-style, but in a way that works much better than his frequent partner Chris Claremont’s writing does today. Quite enjoyable, and Davis is clearly having a good time returning to the property he had to abandon in the chaos of the early 90s.

Green Lantern #28

The "Alpha Lanterns" arc comes to an end, and, despite the title, this really wasn’t much of a coherent story; Hal and John honestly do nothing in this particular issue, and not much else in the preceding one. The action is all focussed on the Green Lantern Corps as a group, particularly the Lost Lantern Laira, on trial for killing Amon Sur. She apparently believes that summary executions are a valid tactic in the war, which the Guardians (rightly) disagree with (as do the other Green Lanterns). She is convicted, but gets off rather lightly, all things considered, and is merely kicked out. However, a little red ring arrives with her name on it. There’s also a bit of foreshadowing for the next arc, "Secret Origins", which will get into Hal and Sinestro’s New Earth backstory and provide more information on the prophecy. Oh, and people like me who thought the Empire of Tears were behind the Black Lanterns appear to be wrong. Johns’ writing is good, although, as I said, this issue and the previous one largely lose sight of the title character. McKone’s guest art is good, but it lacks a bit of the visceral quality that Van Sciver and Reis brought to the preceding arc (much better than Acuna’s, though).

Justice League: The New Frontier Special #1

I’m one of those who finds the DC: The New Frontier to be quite overrated, but I decided to pick up this one-shot, and I’m glad that I did, because it’s quite good. Honestly, I enjoyed it a lot more than I enjoyed the original story. Cooke’s art, which I found kind of unsuited for the drama in the first one, works better here, especially for the lighter Robin story. Included here are three stories, the first of which focusses on Superman and Batman’s staged fight (which started out as a real fight); the second is a Robin/Kid Flash team-up that deals with the emergence of the Teen Titans (the name being coined by JFK, whose bacon they save) (poor Aqualad, though; left out yet again); and the third is a parody of MAD comics of the period, drawn by J. Bone, which stars Wonder Woman and Black Canary. All three stories are pretty good, although the parts of the first story that deal with the registration issue have the same problems I had with the original story’s handling (namely, associating freedom with being free to violate the freedom of others; the anti-reg side in Civil War did this too). Anyway, it’s a clever, fun book (with an intro by Rip Hunter that takes shots at the current DC multiverse and fans who obsess over continuity).

Northlanders #4

I’d been wondering for the first three issues of this whether Wood was planning to carry through the entire story with a rather unsympathetic protagonist, but this issue seems pretty clearly to indicate that he’s not. Sven has been mercenary and completely self-interested throughout, but here he starts to crack a bit, especially when they deliver his girlfriend’s head in a sack (express-ordered from Constantinople). The Hunter’s Daughter gets a name (Enna), and she and Sven are now basically in league in order to survive the winter. Thora, meanwhile, betrays Sven to his uncle in order to survive, and the kindly old couple from two issues ago are murdered (there’s a good bit of philosophy here relating to the Viking afterlife, since the old man died without a weapon and so "for want of a sword" doesn’t get to go to Valhalla or whatever). Good art and good writing.

Uncanny X-Men #496

Ed Brubaker’s post-"Messiah Complex" arc hits its second issue, as Scott and Emma head to San Francisco to inquire about the hippie situation, which is apparently the result of a psychic going on an unintentional "acid flashback" or some such thing, rather than a deliberate act of villainy; and the three musketeers, Logan, Kurt, and Piotr are in Russia, hanging out in a bar and commiserating about Colossus’ many dead relatives, before, at issue’s end, finding themselves in the sights of the Red Room, who are looking for some mutants to play around with. Choi’s art continues to be beautiful, and Brubaker’s writing is very, very good here; he’s improved dramatically on the X-Men in the last several months.
Of course, what everyone will be talking about concerning this issue is the spoiler for Astonishing X-Men, to which I can say that I had already guessed it some time ago, and I’m glad they’re no longer letting Whedon and Cassaday’s lateness hold up the show.

X-Force #2

On it’s second issue, I’m still not sure about this series. I really enjoyed Kyle and Yost on New X-Men, but this just doesn’t strike me as especially good, though I enjoy the use of continuity. I think the issue may be with the art, which is really good in some instances but looks awkward in others (Logan’s hair, especially), and is a bit too muddy and dark for good storytelling. I do like how several of the characters are drawn, though, especially Wolfsbane (who gets a decent haircut here) and X-23. As hinted, Rahne’s archnemesis (such as she has one) Reverend Craig has joined the Purifiers, and has her in his power now, while the remainder of X-Force slashes their way through a small army to find Bastion and Risman. The issue ends with a new ally being sought out for the Purifiers to use in destroying mutantkind, which promises to be interesting (though it seems way over this team’s power levels).
I was being kind, I guess. And I couldn't agree with you more, really.

In a way I'm almost glad the time-delay spoiled it, if the book had come out actually on time and they'd got to the end of the arc and I'd just read it I'd have been like "Wait, what? Wow, what a crock of crap." If I'm gonna have an enormously disappointing letdown it's at least nice to know it's coming.

The Twelve #3
Punisher War Journal #17
Green Lantern #28
Casanova #12


-it's been so long since Cas came out,I need to re-read the past 4 issues again to get what's happening

-PWJ has been on a roll since #11,except for the horrid WWH tie in,this book is finally getting on track and sticking with one direction,I love all the c and d listers Matt is using

-GL never fails to impress,the Lost Lanterns take center stage again,I really don't have a problem with them being here like alot of other people,the Lost Lanterns have been supporting cast members since "Revenge of the GLs" so their presence is no real surprise,looking forward to the return of the Reis and Hal Jordan Year One

-Twelve was another great,yet depressing,read.I really hope things turn around for these guys,we're reaching Brubaker's DD levels of depression here!
Detective #842 - Average. Blah City. Hey look I'm Peter Milligan I'm going to have someone say The Suit twice every page. Still love the art though.

Buffy #12 - Great. I love this book mmmmmm I bought one to read and one to eat.
A somewhat-above-average week to kick off March in terms of quantity, but better than average in terms of quality. The only niggles were Vaughan dipping into another big franchise for sales and a little price-gouging by DC, albeit on a fun product.

As always, spoilers are underway.

And yes, I did flip through UXM where Piotr lets it slip that "Katya" is dead, confirming the rumor that has spread for, oh, the last 2-4 months. Thus, AXM ANNUAL is now completely worthless from a content perspective unless you like Cassaday art, which I do, or truly care what happens to the most generic alien species in 10 years, the Breakworlders, which I don't. And it also seems he will be in THE LAST DEFENDERS and UXM at the same time, becoming yet another X-Man who teleports across books, alongside Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops, and even Emma Frost at times. Eh, that's life when you approach B-List.

Onto what I actually did buy and read. By the time I buy next week's comics, I will be a year and a few days older.

Dread's BOUGHT/THOUGHT for 3/5/08:

When this spin-off was solicted my first reaction was disturbance that the simple INVINCIBLE title was branching out into spin-off's, a feat that has stretched thin nearly every comic book franchise you can think of into market oblivion. Having finished this and then the interviews in the back, I will admit I probably overreacted (something I think I inherited from one of my parents) and that at the moment there seems to be no rush to suck the well dry. Heck, Kirkman's tried to make INVINCIBLE and some other books, such as CAPES, BRIT, WOLF-MAN, and ones he doesn't even write or edit such as NOBLE CAUSES, DYNAMO 5 and SAVAGE DRAGON tie together, so in a way this feels natural.

This 2-parter took about 2 years to be published between script re-writes and finding the right artist, but in the end I think it is better that it was released NOW and not in 2005, because of where INVINCIBLE is right now. In that book, Mark is finally going to collide with the truly dark and ugly side of government, and as Eve's story unfolds, her whole life has actually been part of that. In this issue, Ericson & Rodgers, the spooks from the Pentagon, send out their genetic experiment kids out to capture Atom Eve, and one of them lashes out about how they've suffered by being compared to her, "the perfect experiment". Naturally Eve knows little about this other than what her "father" the Doc said. It results in a bloody finale where the Doc is murdered and Eve's full potential is unlocked. The fact that she wears no mask as an older heroine is given more significance, although after all this I wonder why the heck Eve would have kept some ties with the fed via working with the Global Guardians for as long as she did. I know, a lot of it was getting close to Mark, but still, damn, she goes through a ringer here.

I do appreciate this look into a key INVINCIBLE character and it will play out well in the long run once Mark discovers Cecil's Reanimen project. I can easily see her joining him, or at least supporting him and understanding. It may even bring them closer. Benito Cereno naturally was able to capture enough of Kirkman's voice that it flows well and I liked Nate Bellegarde's art, least for this. The Cory Walker covers were boss, too. Cereno has a Rex Splode story he hopes see publishing, and who knows. Allen the Alien is also a no-brainer. I am hesitant about expanding things but INVINCIBLE is nearing the half-century mark and these are only mini's. For what it is, a great treat for Invincible fans to get to know Eve better. Plus, in the interview, Kirkman and Cereno play, "6 Degrees of Phil Hester", which was cute. A nice addition to any INVINCIBLE fan.

DYNAMO 5 #11: A little late, but when Asrar was tapped to draw NOVA ANNUAL, I figured that would happen, even if that wasn't the reason. At any rate, the story continues on from the cliffhanger of last issue (Slingshot's father being held at gunpoint). The heroine is being ordered to free a stooge from prison lest her father (not biologically, but in relationship terms) be killed. The rest of her team wants to back her up, something Maddie is absolutely opposed to. The team, especially Scatterbrain, refuse to tow her line and back up their half-sib. In early issues it was hinted that Maddie was intentionally cold to get the team to unify, at the very least to rebel against her, but I wonder if sometimes the act isn't one and it goes too far. Visionary's mother is still none too pleased about her son being on the team and whatnot, when the aquarium is invaded by a team of villains, with the newest one on the roster of Bonechill, Voltage, Brains & Brawn being Widowmaker, a femme fatale who brags about having been the one who murdered Capt. Dynamo. The kids prevail against all forces, freeing Slingshot's father and starving off being killed by mysterious men, but the freed crook gets away (although he was about to turn on his masters at trial, who are the same mysterious figures now plaguing the Five) and the team has a VERY nasty reception waiting for them at home. Mrs. Chang turns turncoat, willing to sell out the rest of the team for her son's life, which I am sure will backfire because villains almost never honor promises (part of what makes them villains).

At this point as the title nears the year mark, it is almost review-proof. Asrar's art is great and Faerber's created a great new team of characters and offers great superhero action with plenty of twists and turns. The letters pages usually reveal at least one "fed up fan coming back to comics after years for D5" and it is easy to see why. There is also a preview for GEMINI in the back and I may get it. Anyway, D5 has become one of those titles I look forward to especially every month, and can't imagine my pull list without it. And yes, that cover looks "suggestive".

JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NEW FRONTIER SPECIAL: Ah, the realities of the market. DC has a DTV of the same name out and so pushed this out to capitalize. Yeah, it has more Cooke stories regarding that tale but the end purpose is to score some quick bucks while the iron is hot and to give an excuse to make another ABSOLUTE edition of DC:NF that will probably cost $5 more. For that purpose, charging $5 for this special seems a bit excessive, and the odd thing about prices these days is how there is no middle ground; if it needs to be more than $2.99, it has to be $3.99, and not $3.25, $3.50 or even $3.89. And if that isn't enough, $4.99, and so on. Marvel does this too but I am just commenting on it here. When a comic book costs as much as a pack of collectible card games, kids will chose the cards every time. But methinks both companies have abandoned the fight for new readers and are sucking the old. While the story the DTV was based on was called DC: THE NEW FRONTIER, the special has the title from the cartoon, even if the average buyer will not venture into a comic store and pluck down $5 for this. Only the comic fans will.

Anyway, the first page intro from Rip Hunter is cute and offers up the right tone. The first story is all Cooke & Co. and details how the Superman/Batman brawl was faked in the 50's, and how Wonder Woman actually kept the pair from killing each other for real (as well as how Batman got that "$70,000 sliver of meteorite" to use against Kal). It is the highlight of the special for me. Dave Bullock draws the Robin/Kid Flash story and it is fun but nothing terribly exceptional, and I thought the WW/Black Canary story was pointless. It also has some pre-production art from the DTV and that is alright. But that first story is what drew me in. Some people feel that DC:TNF is overrated and while it may be sometimes, I still enjoyed the hell out of it and the DTV was a labor of love, albeit a flawed one due to the short running time. This was also a fun special, but it would have been just as fun at $4.50 or something.

LOGAN #1: Or, Vaughan wanting to write something for Marvel that people will actually READ. It seems his highest selling comics have been ULTIMATE X-MEN and BUFFY, while his RUNAWAYS run needed digests to save it and the casual buyer foolishly ignored his DOCTOR STRANGE: OATH series (which was a better pitch for a Strange ongoing than any appearences in NA from Bendis). Sure, there is a story here and it is told well enough, but this first third of it is hardly anything I haven't read from a Wolverine story before.

You've probably read it, too. Logan remembers something from his past, in this case the 40's during WWII. He comes across a woman who he sleeps with who will ultimately die. He comes across allies and/or enemies that will be deathly important in this story and then have a 50% chance of never being seen again, mostly because Logan will murder them, or they'll otherwise die. It involves a lot of exposition about Logan talking about himself and the drawbacks of immortality and then being a bad-ass and stunning people. I can't even begin to rattle off all the stories from various ongoings, or mini's, or one-shots that all had this same exact plot line. To put it mildly, what BKV has written here so far is ANYTHING but original, at least for this character. There is the off chance that within the next 2 issues Vaughan will think of something, ANYTHING that hasn't been done before in a Wolverine story, but I really doubt it, even from a talent like his.

That said, what Vaughan does do is tell that basic story well enough, with good art from Eduardo Risso. He can draw the costume stuff to the WWII stuff to the Japanese landscape and it all looks good. Sure, Vaughan mentions how THIS is somehow different because Logan now has his memories back, but even that angle has been done to death right now (see: WOLVERINE ORIGINS). In many ways this is a fine enough story, hitting all the beats of a good Logan story that has the unfortunate reality of being but one of about 200 stories like this that have been done before. But, I guess with two solo titles that involve the Angel of Death and Way's ******ed origin storylines, maybe people need a basic Logan adventure, that offers no surprises but is by-the-book Wolverine formula, not unlike FIREBREAK was (although I'd argue it had a unqiue quirk to it). If you're too busy to go find some trades of 90's Wolverine stories and pick one at random, this offers much the same thing from the character. I see no reason why this is MK and why I need to pay $3.99 for it. It has nothing that a normal 616 comic couldn't have, and it reaks of price-gouging because this is Vaughan on Wolverine. But it doesn't deserve to outsell THE OATH, but it will. At least Vaughan is still quite readable even when he sells out and goes by the basics on a franchise, and that I guess is a talent unto itself. Still, damn, RUNAWAYS is drownin' here!

MOON KNIGHT #16: Hmm. I'm still on MOON KNIGHT but it really doesn't "jazz" me like some other books, and at times feels like "Grim Hero 101", only it benefits from Marc being outright loco for Khonshu, who provides some much-needed dark humor. Texeira seemed to be rushing a but to me as sometimes the characters blend together too much and Benson at least is less decompressed than Huston was on scripts, although Slott he isn't. Khonshu continues to goad Marc into being a more brutal avatar when he continues to straddle that fine line between vigilante and barbarian, and the media is putting more pressure on why he is a Registered Hero. Granted, we've known this for 2 issues and no movement on this plot point comes. MK's status quo during CW was awkward at best and this seems like an attempt at catch-up, but it needs to be more fast-paced. Meanwhile, Carson Knowles, an ex-MK villain, is out on parole, but can't make ends meet and has to bribe a corrupt parole officer, so he snaps and decides to murder him, then kill his "friend" Killer Shrike in the hospital and frame Marc for the murder. He also appears to be talking to someone else and one wonders if Khonshu is now seeing Knowles as a better avatar, or plans to pit Marc against him. Granted, the "Khonshu organizes some dark crap to get Marc to go bad-ass" was done in the first arc and that would be cyclical. Knowles is even getting closer to Marlene, Marc's ex and now "friend with benefits", as Frenchie all but wants to cut Marc out of his life to spare him and his new boyfriend pain. Knowles at least is a better rogue than Midnight was (he was annoying) but in some ways this is a clear example of a middle-of-the-road book for me.

By the end of this arc I may be done, if it isn't canceled by then. The goal was to get MK back in the A-League and this title has failed. The only thing that seperetes him from Batman & Daredevil is his insanity/religion, and while that is more than the 90's, it ain't much.

PUNISHER: WAR JOURNAL #17: Another P:WJ story where the Punisher himself doesn't appear until the end when he has to save someone by shooting a crook. It is also another good P:WJ story, and the title has been on a roll since the "Cap-Punisher" arc ended. Fraction devotes a whole issue to Stuart Clarke, who has been Castle's supporting character and equalivent of "Q" since the start of the series. It goes over his history as Rampage and fighting heroes in LA and so on, and then ties it into a modern story where he is being pitted between his two old contacts, Sunset Bain (a.k.a. Madam Menace) and Parnell Jacobs. Apparently, Taskmaster decided not to kill Bain after she betrayed him back in his 2002 mini, which fits as he rarely kills for emotional reasons. It also involves black market Stark armor bits and the value they have. It seems obvious that both Bain and Jacobs are pining for Clarke's services against the other, and as a nerd, Stuart picks the pretty lady. Of course, Bain only used him to get a complete armor package to sell and brakes his nose in the francas. Unfortunately, she couldn't have counted on the guy having The Punisher as a pal. Another D-List rogue bites the dust and this time I actually doubt she will be missed, and I thought the one-shot tale of Clarke was damn good. Even Chaykin's art, which I usually don't care for, wasn't so bad this time. Clarke needed a tale like this to flesh out his past, present, and future, and Fraction was the best man for the job. Thumb's up, and he's made this book a very unexpected, and good, surprise.

THE TWELVE #3: People complain about JMS' pace on THOR, and in some ways THE TWELVE also has a similar one. JMS is in no rush on things here. But in a way THE TWELVE is far more justified as it does have a dozen characters to have to round out, even if not all of them survive the tale. While Fiery Mask is on the cover and has his origin told, Mister E, Black Widow, and Laughing Mask also get a lot of key scenes, E especially. Mister E, or Victor Jay, changed his Jewish name so he could function in country-club society, a fact that his remaining family (an elderly son and a dying wife) torment him about. The fact that Victor is bald and hardly a muscle man sort of hits home his "average"-ness compared to some of the others (even Phantom Reporter, who has more looks and wit) and that helps hit home the aftermath of Victor's choices for me. Richard Jones is offered a position at the Bugle and the speach his recruiter gives about his perspective was very good, some of JMS at his best. The Fiery Mask's origin is full of 40's cheese like giant scientist zombies and all that, and basically he is a pryomaniac who is immune to all fire and carries a big mace, which is fine by me. Black Widow's demonic enslavement is shown in full detail and I still wonder if her "master" will be a named demon like Mephisto or Marduk Kurios or someone else.

Weston's art naturally is great at making these characters look "real" while still doing the fantastic elements right, like demons and fire-shields and whatnot (even if sometimes his flying scenes need work). JMS has a large cast and in that case if the pace was faster, some characters would be lost in the shuffle. As it is, some are, but not for lack of trying. The cover is also bad-ass. This has become a great new series dusting off some old wonders and I look forward to where it goes and how it ends. We may have a Marvel equalivent to the JSA someday yet.

As a freebie was SECRET INVASION SAGA, which recaps the Skrull stuff from the present stories to the 60's-80's to get everything in perspective. Because it deals in such things, Bendis doesn't write it. Yu's cover is alright although Thing is the only one who doesn't look "Skrully". Normally Marvel charges $3 for these things that are basically text recaps and reprinted pages, so it is commendable that they see the big picture, realize this is an advert for the event and made it free to get it into as many hands as possible. A good move. Haven't read it yet, but I plan to. I doubt Bendis will succeed where other writers may have failed with Skrull stories, as just about every story Bendis has rehashed to do "his way" as if it was never done before has always failed amazingly, but that is a niggle for another time. Saga being free = good move.
Biggest shock of this week:

Buffy and Satsu got naked.....together.

Unfortunately, most of these are the books I'm back up on, but here's what I was able to

COUNTDOWN TO ADVENTURE #7 - The adventures of this trio are pretty damn good. I love the character dynamic and it offers a good story. As usual, I skipped the Forerunner part because I just have no interest in her as a character. Moving on.

DETECTIVE COMICS #842 - I must've missed the part during the Resurrection of Ras where the armor Batman wore had some kind of significance. Well, this issue builds on that and is quite essentially pointless. The artwork wasn't even all that great.

INFINITY INC #7 - Considering dropping this book. So far, it started out as something other than I thought it would be and has been progressing into bland stories. This part was a bit choppy with all the action, leaving me confused as to what exactly transpired. Also, there's nothing remotely compelling about any of these characters.

INVINCIBLE PRESENTS ATOM EVE #2 - The origin to Atom Eve concludes. It read just like any other Invicible comic, which is good. It keeps the feel of the series and thus brings with it the appeal that the book has. Probably helps that even though Kirkman didn't write it, he edited it so he had a hand in maintaining the quality.

LOGAN #1 - Another new adventure that leads into a moment from Logan's past. Like Loeb's Wolverine run, this book comes in color or black and white. I opted for the black and white, because while the water color style looked good and all, I think the artwork (which isn't all that great) looks better without. So far it's all just the set up, and a fairly typical story. We'll see how it plays out and if it's worth the whole extra dollar per issue.

MARVEL ADVENTURES SPIDER-MAN #37 - Not one of the better ones I've read. Story was okay, but nothing spectacular.

NIGHTWING #142 - Seems like the Bats can't escape the Ghul family, no matter what the story. So far this story is a pretty good mystery, and the mysterious baddie is offering some interesting opponents for Nightwing in the form of reanimated corpses. So far, I'm enjoy it...plus it's a Dark Knight book that's not afraid to show a little light during the daylight hours for a change.

PENANCE RELENTLESS #5 - Penance vs. Nitro! So it finally ends in this confrontation that's been building since Civil War started. It wasn't a bad series or finish, and made the character interesting where otherwise he was just dull and emo. Wonder where he'll go from here, and if his new outlaw status will carry over into the other books he's in.

SUPERGIRL #27 - What the hell? I don't even know what went on with this issue, but I know there's yet MORE time travel stuff going on. Don't we have enough of that in several other books at the moment? Every time it looks like this series is picking up, it reverts back to a mess.

TEEN TITANS YEAR ONE #3 - The Titans come together to take down their mentors. Not a bad little series. Cute, kinda funny, art leaves something to be desired but it fits the tone. Overall, an enjoyable book.

X-FORCE #2 - Variant cover madness. You know it's insane when the big difference between the two covers is ONE character's position and the amount of blood. Big freakin' deal. And you know there's gonna be some sad sack who bought BOTH covers. At least in the heyday of variants, they did ALL-NEW images. Now, you either get an enlarged inside panel or zombified retro covers. The book itself, not too sure if I'm digging the new, darker side of the X-Men. It's clear that Marvel, despite all the progress touted with MC, still has no clue what to do with the franchise. Probably eliminating every mutant on earth and straying from the basic premise was a bad move. But, I could be wrong.
Darthphere said:
I heard Buffy ate her out.
man i wish

buffy was all, "you did more things than me" and i'm all, pfft, weak. but then my brain's all, woah, smg playing buffy getting eaten, and then endorphins were released expressing cosmic satisfaction relating to this in-continuity act. word.
X-Force- PICK OF THE WEEK! Crain continues to impress! Man, this book is dark, gritty and awesome. Kyle and Yost are a perfect match for this guy. This just got pull-listed. 9/10

Daredevil- Woah. Seriously, bravo, Ed. I wasn't a huge fan of the whole "Matt in Europe" arc, but Mr. Fear's story really brought this back to the top of my "must read" pile. Brubaker has done with Mr. Fear what Bendis did with Purple Man. Awesome. 9/10

Punisher War Journal- It was nice to get some background on Clarke. I didn't really know any of that before this issue, but I enjoyed seeing Fraction's tale center around it. I don't really dig Chaykin's art, in all honesty. After so many great artists on this book, it's tough to get really into it. 8/10

Amazing Spider-Man- Not bad. A bit too old school, but the segment's in the bar (particularly the jokes about Phoenix), sold it for me. 7/10

Moon Knight- Sometimes I have a tough time remembering what's going on, but once I get going, I start enjoying myself. 7/10

Cable- Very much a "set-up" issue. We'll see how next issue goes. 6/10
Moon Knight any good? Like really?
Moon Knight any good? Like really?

Decent. Texiera's art looks great in some spots. It's really dark, and messed up. My biggest qualm is that there doesn't seem to be anything the book is really building up to. You look at books like Walking Dead, Cap, DD... they all have things that they build up to, but Moon Knight... not so much. I can see it not being everyone's cup of tea.
I used to love it, but I dropped it because of that same reason. It just really didn't have any direction. Is it a redemption story? Is he trying to become a real hero? Is he seeking justice by any means necessary.
I used to love it, but I dropped it because of that same reason. It just really didn't have any direction. Is it a redemption story? Is he trying to become a real hero? Is he seeking justice by any means necessary.
Basically, he ****s people up because Khonshu demands it.
I dropped MK after the annual. 12 issues + that and I still had no idea what the **** was going on.
The Annual was the only good read out of the whole run.
MOON KNIGHT is a decent but right now not-especially-exceptional book. Huston's 13 issue run was riddled by two arcs that were a bit decompressed; they could have each been a few issues shorter. Then issue #13 really shoe-horned in the registration thing and while Benson writes things a little faster, it isn't exactly my book of the month. In a way it has sometimes degenerated into DARK HERO 101 and you realize how alike they can all seem. Marc's gimmick is that it is fairly crazy and sociopathic. Yeah, Khonshu is real but even the most devout follower of a religion may not go half-way if their god spoke to them and asked them to maul people. Tex's art is good. But, I agree with the sort-of lack of direction. The first arc was about Marc's redemption from pre-mature retirement, but after that? The Midnight arc was bogged down by CW guest stints that really didn't go anywhere and a crude attempt to maintain Specter's status quo. This arc is finally seeming to get around to doing what should have happened a year ago, Moon Knight vs. the Fed, but even that angle is moving slowly (the media has been pressuring Stark to revoke Marc's papers for 3 issues now and it took an ex-con to frame him to get that ball rolling). I mean I like MK as a character but the book is meandering.
Yea,Casanova was awesome this week,probably one of the best issues of the series.

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