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A&E's Those Who Kill


Definitely Not 40
Apr 4, 2004
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It’s Official: A&E Picks Up ‘Those Who Kill’ To Series For 2014 Premiere

A&E Network has given an official series pickup to drama Those Who Kill, from Imagine TV and Fox 21. The project, starring Chloë Sevigny and James D’Arcy, has received a 10-episode order to premiere in 2014. Production is slated to begin this fall. Based on a Danish crime series format inspired by the bestselling work of author Elsebeth Egholm, Those Who Kill centers on Catherine Jensen (Sevigny), a freshly minted and incredibly smart police detective who tracks down serial killers while also attempting to come to terms with her past by continuing to investigate her stepfather, who she suspects may be a serial killer, and her brother who went missing as a sixteen-year-old. Jensen enlists the help of Thomas Schaffer (D’Arcy), a forensic psychiatrist, to help her get into the minds of serial killers, all the while luring Schaffer into her own personal investigation. Both characters possess a deep psychological understanding that connects them to the killers’ victims and to the killers themselves. “Those Who Kill is not a crime procedural about serial killers – it’s a deep serialized character portrait of two compelling yet damaged individuals coming together through the revelation of their dark past,” said Bob DeBitetto, A&E’s President and General Manager. Glen Morgan wrote the pilot episode, which was directed by Joe Carnahan, and also serves as executive producer/showrunner. Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo executive produce for Imagine; Peter Bose and Jonas Allen for Miso Films. Those Who Kill was one of two drama pilots A&E ordered last fall. The other, Occult, recently cast its leads with Josh Lucas and Lynn Collins.
Sounds fairly Hannibal-ish, but having a former X-Files writer at the helm gains my interest.
I was just about to make a thread on this, I think it will be the antithesis of The Following, bleak and more grounded, could be good, might just be depressing psychoanalytical tosh.
Like A&E getting more into serials, will check it out.
This is some twisted ****, pilot ep was good.
Just watched it today and it was pretty good. Not Hannibal good but still worth watching a few more episodes. :)
It's on tonight. :)
Nice to see she's outlived her infamy from Brown Bunny, looks good.
Serial killing getting pretty popular these days.
Really digging this show. I'm glad that they won't neatly solve each case by the end of the episode. Chloe is doing really great work here (as she always does). Also, glad they gave her a better hairstyle in the second episode. That 1932 schoolgirl look she had in the first episode did her no favors, lol.

Also, really digging D'Arcy in this. He reminds me a lot of Cumberbatch's Sherlock, only a bit more realistic. Makes sense too, since D'Arcy looks like he could be Cumby's brother and he also played Sherlock Holmes a while back.

And of course, I love any show that's filmed in Pittsburgh. When the judge said "Go Steelers!" I couldn't help be laugh.
I like the slower pacing where yeah, it's not a case per episode. I hope they all tie in together into a fuller narrative. So far so good. :)
The overarching plot about her father is intriguing and I am curious as to what this new killer's deal is, stitching the person they attacked up, and then the girl with the baton like weapon near the end, the show certainly has a dark tension to it. The cheese dad stuff was corny though.
It just annoyed me because he was cheating on his wife. :( I hate cheaters. And it didn't seem to bother her any or maybe she just wanted an unavailable man?
Bingo. She said in was a one-time thing and wouldn't even give him her real name.
I love the psychologist. He's so creepy. He looked like he was having an orgasm when he saw Chloe's character locked in the box in the pilot.
According to TVLine, the show is being pulled from it's time slot and Bates Motel is replacing it.
It just annoyed me because he was cheating on his wife. :( I hate cheaters. And it didn't seem to bother her any or maybe she just wanted an unavailable man?

I guess that was it but it made no sense and didn't come off remotely believable to me. Plus if she just wanted no strings sex she'd have found plenty of single guys willing to oblige, the whole thing just made an already cold and vacant character unlikable.

According to TVLine, the show is being pulled from it's time slot and Bates Motel is replacing it.

Bad ratings?
They said it isn't cancelled and they are looking for a better spot but they basically replaced it with a repeat of Bates Motel so it's up in the air.
Well it just can't compete with The Following anyhow. They'd be better off putting it on Wednesday where there isn't a lot of competition.
Man, that sucks. I hope it doesn't get axed. I really like this show so far.
Episodes 3 and 4 were a bit meh, the psychologist guy is getting weirder and the case was a bit dull. The new case that starts tonight thankfully looks more interesting.

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