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A Marvel Thing That Will Hurt Your Head


Jun 8, 2007
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If the TOAA (God of the MU) is ALL POWERFUL in every way (limitless strength, knows everything, etc...) and can do anything, well, if this is true, then couldn't he create something he couldn't lift? If so, then he can't do everything (he doesn't have limitless strength/power), but if he does lift it, then he doesn't know everything (and can't do everything).
Sure he could. Then he'd lift it anyway.
he would create something so heavy he couldn't lift it....then he would increase his own strength and lift it.....and the cycle starts again
I firmly believe TOAA is actually Stan Lee........and there's nothin' he can't do.:cwink:
The TOAA is Jack Kirby, actually.

And Jack Kirby can do anything he wants to.
I've got one:

Explain Cable's origin is less than 5 words.
"He's a Summers."

There. That explains everything.
Cyclops' timetraveling son with guns.
Except Cable isn't an it.

"Rob Liefeld created him"

I WIN!:up:
That's not something you should be proud of.
Not seeing Cable's schlong? I'm definitely proud of that.
Cable is an it, considering he's not a living organism. He's just a few pencil strokes combined with ink and coloring on paper.
Sorry, I just think it's dangerous to personify literary character TOO much. That's how religious wars get started, you know?

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