The Amazing Spider-Man A question I have regarding the costume


Jul 29, 2011
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I wasn't sure if some of this info is already out, but does anyone know that the texture on the costume is made out of? I've tried looking online for an article that talks about it, but I don't think one exists.
Probably some type of plastic.
Would I be correcting in thinking those two high students were having a conversation over the Youtube video about how wind resistance is effecting the swinging and Peter overhears this conversation which gives him the idea for creating a full costume rather than just a mask? Right?
Seems to me like they were trying to figure out how it is possible that this guy in the video can swing over buildings like that, when it should be impossible for any normal human (he is not any normal human, but they don't know that). Is it the effect of momentum? Velocity? But gotta factor in the wind resistance...

Don't take my word for it though, my physics isn't up to snuff enough for me to be sure I caught everything they were saying.

As for OP84CC82's question: maybe look up what luge atheletes wear? Because that seems to be the inspiration for the costume.

It remains me of the texture of high-tech wicking fabrics used in sportswear:

Of course those are not necesscarily spandex. More of a polyester/nylon blend. And often the fabric texture isn't that obvious unless you look at it very closely.

I really like how they used texture on the suit. The suit looks tougher and grittier. Like the kind of thing you wear for extreme sports, not like the kind of thing you wear to cos-play. Makes it look less like Spidey escaped from the set of Power Rangers, which is how some of the costumes in the old trilogy looks to me.
In the video Spidey wasn't swinging over buildings, he had a web attached to a building and he was running along it, and then he jumped from the wall and shot a web at the next building and turned a corner.
A lot of fan costume designers use lycra fabric and raised silk screen printing for such effects.
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Again, puff paint was used.

Well, this is from a fan made suit, but it's the only thing that I've seen that looks exactly the same as the movie suit.


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