The Wolverine A Rogue Return?


Nov 2, 2012
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I was thinking,
Appaantly Wolverine 2 movie takes place after The Last Stand.
Seeing Rogue and Wolverine are very very close friends, any of you guys think she might make a little cameo that her powers return and contacts or goes after Wolverine after her relation with Bobby takes a turn for the worst and might end up meeting Gambit?
I guess it's not completely unfeasible, since the film is taking inspiration from Uncanny X-Men 172-173 which followed on from the original Wolverine mini-series (presence of Viper and Silver Samurai) and Rogue features pretty prominently in those issues. I don't think it's very likely though, I think we'd know by now. I'd also rather they didn't include her really, better to keep the story concise and keep the focus on Wolverine.

So after a long answer, no.
I'd love to see some more interaction between Wolverine and Rogue, and it could be very cool to have her in this movie but... Anna Paquin had twins in early September last year.

They started filming in August, when she was heavily pregnant, and the babies were prematures (its said they have to stay in the hospital a few weeks) so I think is almost impossible she wanted to leave them in LA for a cameo in The Wolverine in Australia. In the end she only had a few months to enjoy maternity before True Blood started filming in January.

After watching the trailer I'm sure there're no room for Rogue in this story, in my optimist moments I dare to expect something like a phone call with a short chat between them, but I don't expect to watch her in this movie. I hope Bryan Singer works with Anna and Hugh chemistry in DOFP
I would love to see more screentime with the two in DOFP, but, not in The Wolverine, due to the Jean Grey cameo, and narrative: they are building up Logan's sense of isolation, and peppering it with students would dilute it. I am really sold on the idea of him being on his own, like we saw him in the short Alberta sequence in X1.
I think Fox would sooner have a cameo from someone like Patrick Stewart or Halle Berry than Rogue. Namely because I don't see how Rogue would fit into the story, get to Japan or know where Logan was whereas the Professor or Storm are much less restricted and plus they're played by two big stars which would have more of an impact as a cameo as opposed to Rogue who, apart from those that have watched the OT, will not understand. And she doesn't have the novelty of being played by a big star recognisable a global audience.

I'm sure I heard a rumour that Patrick Stewart is cameoing in this movie.
^Thats probably for the last scene of the movie and connecting it to DOFP.

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