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Sequels A stellar 15 page Deadpool script written by David S. Goyer


Dec 13, 2008
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Does anyone have it?

It was posted on Latino Review in 2005, it's supposed to be a great 15 pages that Goyer was writing since 1999. But I guess when Wolverine got leaked, Goyer was pissed at the *****-factory that Origins was, and he stopped writing right then and there. He just gave up on it. I'm assuming cause he thought he had a better version of Wade's origins, when Wolverine Origins, including Wilson's part, was butt in comparison. (That's just the rumor on why he quit writing the script. But there was a 15 page script for Deadpool written by Goyer that got posted on Latino Review, that's no rumor.)

So Does anyone have these 15 pages? Anyone know of any other websites that are dedicated to the Deadpool movie where I can ask this question? I'm dying to see these 15 pages, so if anyone has any info, I don't care how useless you think it is, feel free to post it.
Some few interesting things about the script..

It had Cable in it, it was supposedly an amazing read, and it had Gerard Butler as Cable. I still like Daniel Craig as Cable, but Butler would be a great choice.
This sounds interesting, I think I'm gonna look around for it.
I like what goyer has done over the past few years. If Fox was smart they would really consider hiring him, to write a new script, deadpool.
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I gotta bump this, I reallllllly wanna read these pages...

I know 2005 was a long time ago, but if there are any Google-masters out there, pleaseeeee try to dig up these pages. Again, it's PART of a Deadpool script, just 15 pages long. It was posted at Latino Review in 2005. I guess, Latino Review post's scripts all the time for viewers to look at, which I think is *****in awesome. So, if anyone can...help us out.
I remember reading it once, was it latino review? sure i read it somewhere else...

If i rememer rightly didnt it start off with a fight between Deadpool and Ajax?
I remember reading it once, was it latino review? sure i read it somewhere else...

If i rememer rightly didnt it start off with a fight between Deadpool and Ajax?

I have no *****in clue...all I know is that I want to read this. But if that's true, and that Goyer chose Francis over T-Ray....I think it's safe to say that Goyer is a god amongst men lmao.

Seriously though, lol is that what you remember from it? Dig DEEPER you mining son of'a b*tch! Diiig Deeep'uh! :wow:
Right, this is a vague memory of it, there was three parts, the first part showed Ajax and he is on the hit list of deadpool... Deadpool and Ajax fought and i think Ajax dies. Then deadpool says something and the movie goes to Cable arriving at the scene... being a bit of a detective possibly bishop was with him, or he had an assistant i cant remember. I know that cables role was to capture Deadpool, he had been investigating it for some time. Third part of the script had you catch up with deadpool who speaks with weasle on intercom and he has a vision of the marvel character death... who he fell in love with.

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